Teenage Engineering OP-1


Then we agree. My point was the whole time that TE is making huge profits on OP-1. Some here think they are selling it almost at cost when they ask 1399€ for it.


I’m with you here on the worth of the OP-1.
I bought mine for about £450 when it was near £700 new. Sold it a few years later for about £550.
I had a love/hate relationship with it. Loved it for little jams and sound design but hated it cos I could never use it for start to finish tracks. Sold it. Wish I hadnt as it was fun.
To me it was worth the £450. £600-£700 would be a push - I could spend that on something much ‘more’.
As for £1200 … lol!


reflecting on all that makes us realize that we have to think twice before we sell gear…

I got an OP-1 several years ago, roughly 600 US with shipping. Never thought about selling it, too much fun with it, even if I never made a full track with it. (sampled it countless times though)

however I must have had sold twice my sp404sx . (bought three times, as I finally realized I needed it lol)

all things considered a 500 $ raise is a steep price, however fun it could be. Truth is there is still nothing close to it as it has dope synth engines / dope fx / weird interesting sequencers / capable groove box / capable sampler…so maybe worth it after all :wink:


That is a lesson that can be very painful to learn the “hard way” (speaking from experience here)


Not quite. I doubt anyone makes synths for “huge profits” Sustainable margins yes, margins which may be anywhere from 20-80% net profit on return. Also I don’t think anyone stated that they think it is being sold almost at cost.


I regretted selling my MnM/MD combo so much, and for a long time. It felt like leaving friends to go work abroad for more cash, I started realizing my mistake after a few months, what a drag. That was until I bought the MD back, I feel much better now :smiley:

I bought the OP-1 when it was 800€. I thought the price was a bit steep, but not much. The OP-1 is an amazing product, its design is beyond good quality, all parts and the sum are incredible, so I thought the asked price was ok for a small company. Fast forward to today, I think this new price is just silly, and knowing the OP-1, I personally wouldn’t buy it at that price. Regardless of how much profit the company is making, I don’t care about that.


The great irony for me is that I sold the OP-1 to help pay for an ARP 2600 that I had the chance to buy after very foolishly selling off my previous 2600 many years ago. I didn’t want to sell the OP-1, but figured I’d eventually have a chance to get another. I was saddened when they seemed to be gone forever, so I am quite glad the OP-1 is back. I am not sure I’d pay the new price for another either, but I won’t swear to that fact.


I got that impression from this quote from AdamJay:

And there is a chance their margins might be even less than they were before the price increase due to the new part’s cost. They have likely absorbed some of the increase themselves as to not completely shock customers.

All manufacturers have some products with higher margins than others. There is a chance that pocket operator / modular / OP-Z sales are all helping the OP-1 stay alive for a bit longer.”


Well if you are going to quote me…

So my theorizing that there is a chance that their margins are lower now than they were before =

False equivalency.

Still waiting for your reasoned counter argument to materialize. All I see is a lot of bending other’s words around to make other’s posts appear to be antithetical to your narrative.


You state in the post I quoted that other products at TE are helping them keep OP-1 available. What do you mean by that?


I made no such declaration.
Again twisting my words. Like a true troll, you’ve pulled me back in. Bravo.

" There is a chance that pocket operator / modular / OP-Z sales are all helping the OP-1 stay alive for a bit longer.”

Let’s break this down so you can understand.

There is a chance = not a statement of fact that “other products at TE are helping them keep OP-1 available”. I did not say they ARE, I said there is a chance.

pocket operator / modular / OP-Z sales are all helping the OP-1 = if (and only if) the margins and sales performance of other products are good enough they could afford to reduce margins on the OP-1.

No mention about total profit was ever made by me.

So since I’m not in your category of “Some here think they are selling it almost at cost” then who exactly are you referring to?

Nevermind, that was a rhetorical question.
This is exhausting. Can we just put you down in the “not going to buy it” column and move on?


Irony indeed, talk about seller’s remorse… I have to admit I chuckled when I read the story, my apologies for laughing at your expense, but hey, the money’s been spent, right ? :slight_smile:

Sold my OP-1 a while ago, but it was after a long and careful introspection. No regrets, I moved on, but I keep a very happy memory of my time with it.

May the gods of the second hand market be in your favor :wink:


Nobody is arguing that they are producing it at cost. Yes, there are others that like you have voiced they wouldn’t pay up for one. So?

Why create such a fuss and let it bother you? If it’s not worth it to you, say you wouldn’t buy one and leave it at that.

At the end of the day, the value of an item is entirely subjective to the user. Whether or not one has money spare in order to do so (if they don’t it’s idiotic) is really none of your business.


Ifixit ran out of parts when i had my OP-1. They put their prices up really high after. Im thinking now that parts are limited. But buying old tech when things have moved on should justify a price reduction not an increase. I can see your argument quite clearly.


So you’re saying there’s a chance they are selling it with low margins (= close to cost) and thus possibly need help from other product sales to be able to sell OP-1 at the price point of 1399€? Is this correct? Or am I still bending your words?


Yes. Please stop.

Lower margins than before does not necessarily equal “low / close to cost” margins.
Those are your words, not mine. Please stop.


Quite literally! But no apologies necessary - if it makes you smile or laugh, then it can’t be all bad!


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