Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler

I love the some of lowfi sound of the speech, i hope @cuckoomusic will give us an example of how speech sounds with samples of music.

I nearly went for the 3x pack, but restrained myself to the sampler for my first P.O.

I argued with my GAS that the whole point of a P.O. was to have a tiny fun riff device in my pocket to play with and not spend a lot of money, or end up with three such devices rather than one.

My GAS listened, and then agreed to compromise if I also got the case.

Ordered with the case :thup:

PO cases must be the most overpriced silly piece of plastic ever created.


I’m looking foward to see the op of this thread getting permabanned for triggering my GAS :frowning:

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For anybody who like plexi, DichStudios has some nice cases (no advertising, just a hint).

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I’m seriously considering the metal x3 pack. I’m not a massive fan of the older PO’s - sound a bit shitty to me ears (or, at least, not what Im looking for at all!) but these two and last years tonic really look like a fun combo. CAsh is tight just now though so gonna hold off and see what the world makes of these and likewise with the D1 release.


*note: Due to shipping restrictions, customer must provide their own super glue.

MADE MY DAY :smiley:

It’s funny. I never had any interest in these but suddenly the metal three-pack looks really interesting. The vocal one is the least interesting on the surface, but I’m guessing people will come up with some really cool ideas for it.

For now, PO32 and PO33 look like very likely additions. If anyone has cool PO32 videos please post ‘em. I’d like to get an idea of what this thing is capable of.


Haha, yeah. I’ve ordered the 3PO case and had to assemble the buttons (they are two parts each) myself with super glue. But it was ok and my girlfriend and i assembled all of them, just to notice that not all are needed, DichStudios had send some more as spare parts. :laughing: But the “case” is very nice, robust and even the 3PO one is portable enough to put it in a backpack for regular use on the go and you have no hassle with cables.

Ah man, the PO33 doesn’t hit stores in Japan until Feb 14 and I leave for my two-week business trip on the 11th. I think I might grab a PO32 to hold me over until I get back. The GAS flare up is real. Lol.

WP & GG Teenage Engineering, MARKETING CAMPAIGN INTEGRITY LEVEL OVER 9000!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

So I caved. PO33 won’t be released in time for my trip, but I found a place that had a special New Year’s deal where they gave you a pro case for free if you ordered a PO, so I ordered a PO32 to give it a try. That most certainly means I’ll buy the Microtonic software and grab a PO33 when I get back to Japan at the end of February. Anyway, I had been craving some machine drum-style synthesis so perhaps this will hold me over.

Thought I would like the PO-35 the least, but changed my mind after this

also nice little interview about it


Time to start shopping for a case that will hold multiple POs and their batteries. Got the PO-32 and PO-20 - might add 2 more. I just want a soft case I can toss into a backpack.

I had a Nintendo DS case that would have been fine for them but I lost the case and the cartridges inside.

That guy is selling 25p coloured stickers as ‘skins’ for £8.

That is extortionate.

How did he do that rising pitch thing at 2:35 ? He doesn’t seem to be chaining patterns or triggering any effects there. This little thing seems to have some new tricks up its sleeve.

Probably automated the pitch parameter?

Maybe he’s using the effect no. 12 - 16 bar build up



I don’t have a computer to make full use of tonic, think it’s worth it to buy a PO32?