SysEx message from USB to MIDI out

I would like to send SysEx msg from the computer to an Eurorack MIDI module (Mutant brain) in order to change the configuration of it (CV and gate configuration of the outputs). I used to have an external sound card (Scarlett 2i4), of which I had USB connected to the computer and MIDI out to the module. Sending a sysex file to the sound card was received by the connected module.

But I can’t get this to work with the DT and ever since I sold the Scarlett sound card (in anticipation of using the DT as sound card as well for that job), I can’t change configuration of the Mutant brain module anymore.

Here is which settings I tested with:

  • DT USB cfg “Overbridge” and “USB Midi” (side note: this changes the MIDI device in SysEx Librarian from “Elektron MIDI” to “Digitakt out” :wink:
  • MIDI port config of the DT set to “Input from USB” and “Output to MIDI”.
  • with/out Overbridge Engine running on the computer

Any help and ideas are much appreciated, apart from buying an USB to MIDI adapter which would be the last resort if there is no way although Elektron states " * Make your Elektron instrument function as a stand alone sound card".

It will not work. Digitakt is not a MIDI interface.

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From Elektron’s website: (this includes the DT, DN, A4, AH …)

How can a sound card with Audio I/O, MIDI I/O and USB I/O not be a MIDI interface?
Wondering what that feature is, I list in the 2nd bullet point.

“sound” is not the same as “MIDI”.

Sound cards can have additional MIDI, a sound card does not imply MIDI interface - these :3lektron: boxes won’t ever be MIDI interfaces - there’s no bus between USB and DIN

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…furthermore, handling of SysEx messages is something that isn’t always available on MIDI capable devices as this is a bit more complex than MIDI CCs

Not sure exactly what is being asked here, but it kinda sounds like this realization below.
Never tried sysex msgs. HTH

USB midi to DIN midi convertor:
Just realized that DT can be used as a USB to DIN convertor. For example, in the midi config - channels page, set Track E channel to channel 11. That’s the channel to send data down from the USB. Then set Track E channel to 14. That’s the channel to send out the DT’s DIN connector.

I can use Pure Data to send midi notes out of the computer on the USB cable and pass those notes through the DT and into a 0-coast. The 0-coast only uses a midi DIN connector. It does not have a USB connection. The computer only has a USB connection.


Neat hack !


Thanks @Elektromatic!
We are going into the right direction. :slight_smile:

There is an Eurorack module called Mutant Brain by hexinverter which does DIN MIDI to CV & Gate. The configuration of the module is done in a web interface. Then it makes a sysex file of the settings for each CV & Gate port. This sysex file is then sent, e.g. using SysEx Librarian, to the module and permanently stored until you change the configuration again.

I don’t quite understand the change of channels [11 to 14, and when] yet. Or does PD do that job for you?

Maybe there’s a better way of doing this, but this is what worked for me.

Pd sends out on channel 11. Digitakt receives the Pd data on channel 11 in Track E (On the takt: Settings, Midi config, channels, Track E channel = 11).

Going to track E, set that midi channel to track 14 (SRC page). Now what comes into Track E on channel 11 (USB midi) goes out of Track E on channel 14 (DIN midi).

Why change the channels? It avoids a midi loop.

I tried that in all sorts of different settings, i.e. Overbridge Mode/ USB Midi Mode, Play/ Stop but no success.

Do you “only” use PD for sending MIDI data through the DT?
Is there any chance you can test this with sysex please? According to the MIDI standard, SysEx messages are independent from the MIDI channel tho.

Yes, I only use PD to send midi data. I have never worked with sysex files.

Pure data has a [sysexin] object, but no [sysexout].

I am having same kind of problem here, also with mutant brain. My interface use to be up to now a presonus 1810 with midi in/out…now I have moved to a sondcraft mtk12 (no midi) so I am using Circuit monostation and M:C to redirect midi to other synth.

I have been trying to send sysex to Mutant brain via monostation´s midi thru and out with no success, so…not possible to send sysex via usb thru these synths?

I reckon it’s a matter of time until it is implemented into the code, unless the hardware doesn’t even support it. Elektron promotes the DT with soundcard features, so that’s the least a soundcard with MIDI is able to do.

Because I didnt want to wait any longer for a solution on Elektron’s end, I spend about 13 Euro to get a plain USB to MIDI adapter, which does the job. Maybe, it comes in handy, if I wanna integrate my iPad into the setup one day.

It’s a hardware thing. The usb midi and din midi ports are not connected and the box functioning as a usb to midi translator just couldn’t happen.

Ok, understood. I will get one of those cheap usb midi adapter for these duties

Before buying I would do some research first. Some of the cheap ones have problems with / won’t support longer sysex messages like firmware updates.

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Thanks, I will

Which one did you get?