Synthstrom Audible Deluge [inc. Open Source development]

Some preliminary info from a thread on Muffs:

Soon to released sampler+synth machine.
Has SD card for samples and built in FM synth and analog synth engine.
32 voice polyphony step sequencing mono and poly parts.
MIDI out+IN and CV gates.



Looks really interesting, probably has a battle on its hands vs circuit though due to price vs performance ratio.

please, God, let this have more thanthe usual & incredible stupid & limiting 4bars.
If you have a really good day, please make it at least 24 bars (for those who know…)

ps looks like a have to delay my OT purchase…


Looks quite nice, it will be interesting to see how easy it is to edit the synth engines.

Wow. This definitely looks interesting. Is there any pricing information out yet? It all still seems pretty preliminary.

I’ve been staring lustily at used Yamaha DX200 boxes lately. I’m very interested in modern FM groovebox (Monomachine fits most of my needs, but now has me wanting even more).

Nothing wrong with that at all, they are nifty little things.

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More info has been released. Deluge is a Sequencer, Synthesizer & Sampler.

  • Piano-roll-style sequencing on 128 full RGB pads (16×8) with scrolling and zooming.
  • Internal synthesizer engine (subtractive and FM).
  • Plays samples from SD card (up to 32GB SDHC).
  • Sequencing, limited only by available RAM (many thousands of notes).
  • Polyphony limited only by CPU. Typically around 48 synth voices or 64 unaffected sample voices may play.
  • 64MB of sample ram – work with up to 12 minutes (if mono) of CD-quality samples at once.
  • Live adjustment of synth and effect parameters with two endless-turn encoders with LED level-meters. Easy buttons to select the functions these control.
  • Advanced syncing capabilities. Weird time signatures supported. Adjustable swing.
  • Dedicated volume and tempo knobs.
  • LFOs and envelopes on each synth / sample. Highly customizable patching matrix.
  • Synthesizer engine features LPF / HPF, arpeggiator, portamento, oscillator sync, ring modulation, unison detune, and more. Four basic waveforms, or select any WAV file from the SD card.
  • FX including delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, bitcrushing, sidechain effect, live stutter, and more.
  • Keyboard mode, where the pads become a live instrument on a 2D grid.
  • Internal speaker, rechargeable Li-ion battery, and microphone
  • Mic and line inputs.
  • Two ¼” line outputs, and 3.5mm headphone output.
  • 2x CV outputs. 0 – 10V, individually configurable to 1, 1.2, 0.26 or 0.32 volts per octave, or to hertz per volt.
  • 4x gate / trigger outputs individually configurable to v-trig or s-trig, with shared voltage switchable between 5V and 12V. Trigger clock output configurable, up to 192 PPQN.
  • Trigger clock input, also with adjustable PPQN.
  • MIDI input and output via hardware connectors or USB.
  • Powered via USB or 9 – 12V centre-negative (pedal-style) power supply (500mA) (not included).
  • User-upgradeable firmware
  • Dimensions: 305mm x 208mm x 46mm (12 x 8.2 x 1.8 inches).

Pricing to be released later, pre-orders start 25 October.

Keeping an eye on this…

Does it sample onboard or only read from card? Seems like with mic/line-ins it samples? If so thjs is looking pretty amazing. Very cool even if it doesn’t.

Looks nice, but would look even nicer if it had like 10-ish extra knobs to control synth, sample and FX parameters.

Still, I might be interested!


If someone likes to join please message me, the designer will do a showcase at my home in Ratingen/ near Düsseldorf.

It will be probably during the day, because he has so many appointments during his Europe tour no more evening dates will be available. Exact date /time has to be fixed yet.

I can host 2 more people, as my studio is small.


im assuming you will be filming or streaming this? im very interested to see this thing in action

No sorry - no camera and filming allowed.

Only stereo outs, Why???!!! Other than that it looks dope.

Any scoop on whether this box actually samples?

From what i read about the box, you can sample the microphone and line in, and you can re sample the internal sound engine, and you can use the samples as wav table for the syntheses engine. If it also could work as vocoder is not yet clear to me, but that would be a nice bonus.

> Synthesizer engine features LPF / HPF, arpeggiator, portamento, oscillator sync, ring modulation, unison detune, and more. Four basic waveforms, or select any WAV file from the SD card.
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bummer… i guess they arent interested in selling very many of these?

Why ? Because of the missing outputs ? If you could resample to the internal card … thats like a lot of output…

I think it’s based on the hush marketing that he said that

I think there will be something upcomming soon, as far as i understood the device is now shown to the public. We will see how ready it is for the market. From feature perspective and tactile impression from the picutures it looks very good. Lets see what it will deliver.

Maybe they still need something to polish it. (Ideas, sound design etc.)

If someone wants to join in Ratingen /Düsseldorf on 26.9. 12:45 send me a PN for details.