Synthstrom Audible Deluge [inc. Open Source development]

Totally lost interest once I saw that LED screen. IDK maybe they managed to do some really clever things to make the UI clear without more info from the screen.

I find the pads look really strange

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Ok, i wonder that myself, how to manage the samples without screen ?

DELUGE DEMO in Berlin, 22.9. 16 at 20h
Zigrastr 11, Berlin Neukölln

And who is doing the Zürich demo, and when? :slight_smile:

Who is going to be in Berlin on 22.9. ?

Keeping an eye on this. Look interesting (except for the pink).

i’m sorry to say this here, but i just saw an incredible groovebox tonight at the DELUGE demo.

straightforward, clever, creative. Big concept !


what kind of features or so forth make it so interesting?

Are you allowed to disclose any more info, such as how all editing for the FM synth, and sample file management is handled with that LED screen?

among many things this:

overall great sound, phat, not overcompressed, not cold, we listened thorugh an EV PA but it reminded me of
MPC 3000 aesthetics or good drum machines
super intuitiv, fast to learn very fast…
unlimited track length
unlimited tracks
bpm from 10 to 1000s ( in words: several thousands )
alternative tracks that mute each other if wanted
clever way to record sample length
cross pattern editing
deep editing on the synths
as far as i could hear, good fx … that can get quite freaky … donÄt know exactly what he did when playing with
the delays but that was something…
fx, samples, synths and sequencer are like ONE great sound aesthetics
very very freaky shit possible but effortless
can deliver very complex results, like AFX Twin in a box
akku powered
mic for sampling
small speaker
serial batch will have a 8x 16 matrix
piano roll style sequencer, think fruity loops
will be very reasonable priced for what it does

and much much much much more.

most important:
easy to learn, great sound, huge creative potential.

great guys, great communication



Can it sample the internal synth ? I have my presentation on monday, if someone is interested in Ratingen /Düsseldorf , please PM.

so you will find out then …

if you are near Ratingen/GER : go and check it out, it will be a great evening!

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It will be at my home studio, so if someone is interested to join - PM me.

26.9.2016 12:45 near Ratingen Ost.

The price range is known to you ?


yes, the price range is annouced to be between Circuit and Octatrack roughly.

which means, you get a fat, creative synth, fx ,sampler and midi / cv/gate sequencer combi for a few hundred quid

with one of the best interfaces i’ve seen so far … i think the sequencer alone is worth the money


I noticed it’s powered USB but has a Li-ion battery. Am I correct to assume this will be a rechargeable portable unit. I have had and loved the Op-1 and was about to buy another one but would rather have this bc of the sequencer.
so, yeah; is it battery powered portable?
If so I may just have to pre-order!

then again, I’m thinking it doesn’t sample in. (edit, mic only?)

I want a box with some really unique character. An attention to user interface that is fun and encourages creativity when producing solo at home or out with others.

I respect that people who perform for a living need a certain type of screen or input or whatever for their job. As far as features go as a hobbiest though, Im not a big fan of nitpicking. Battery powered is a great one, providing a huge plus as far as interface goes by letting me roam the world with it.

Anyways, really looking forward to checking this out!

Wow. This is looking like possibly a no-brainer. While Elektron were sleeping (ie. Fiddling around with overbridge and niche fx boxes) it seems like these guys might have stepped in with something next level. Interested to know -

Polyphonic sample tracks (chords etc)?
Max sample length
Timestrech options
How many patterns per project

And some other small questions. Guess we’ll find out pretty soon. Potentially pretty excited about this box tho.

Edit - I’d say Teenage Engineering have been sleeping too. This box seems potentially like a cross between and op-1 and an OT. With Circuit elements thrown in too. Which is kind of exactly what I’d expected TE or Elektron to do with an OT2 or an OP-2… But Elektron seems to have forgotten their roots and TE have been focused on the OP-z which doesn’t interest me at all so far. Doesn’t really matter tho. Win win for users as this box seems to offer what I’ve been hoping for and the AH and OP-z offer other options on top. Good times :slight_smile: