Synth as master keyboard. Suggestions?

Hello fellow Nauts!
Im looking for a synth that can double down as a master keyboard. I really want to learn to play the keys and ive narrowed it down to a couple of synths that Im looking into.
Now i want to hear your opinion and experience regarding choosing a synth that worked for as a master keyboard.
What ive narrowed it down to this.

UDO Super 6
Really exciting synth, sound lovely. And a odd piece…really like having odd synths.

Moog Matriarch
The analog structure is awesome and the modularity would be great with the eurorack.

Vermona 14
A collectors piece, sounds freaking awesome. Would probably make money of it if i sold it down the line.

Sequential Pro 3
Seem really awesome, loads of modulation and a pretty good sequencer

Any other options i should look at?
Really like to hear your opinion!

Kind Regards / Fleuw

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Nothing to add but Digitone Keys


Only thing i miss on the Digitone Keys is midi arp. But who knows, maybe it is a feature coming laters

I’m not the biggest fan of the synth, but you would be remiss for overlooking the Hydra and its polyphonic aftertouch. Quite a few synths and plenty of programs support poly AT, but Hydra is the only synth/keyboard I can think of (currently in production) which uses it, and it uses it pretty superbly.


The ASM Hydrasynth Keys —because of it having poly-aftertouch and MPE along with it’s very solid build, and all the controls. They just added MIDI CC output (or NRPN) at your choice. It’s cheap enough to consider as just a controller.

ADDED: chm_jacques beat me to the post, so I guess this is a second.

ADDED: Eventually the Expresive E Osmose, should be an option too with PA and MPE, but we’ll see how that works out.


Been down a similar route.

DSI Prophet 6 perhaps


I use a Digitone Keys as my main controller now, it works really well. especially with multiple configurable slots in the MIDI Ext mode, it’s designed to work as a controller, and the keys are great, I love it. However, if @Fleuw is looking to learn to play keys I’m not sure I’d recommend it, only 37 keys isn’t really enough imo.


What are your preferences for the keyboard:

  • number of keys (minimum and maximum)?
  • size of keys?
  • action (wighted, non-weighted etc)?
  • budget?

What are your requirements for the synth:

  • mono or poly?
  • multitimbral?

I know it’s not what you asked, but I recently got a Novation 61 key SL mk3 midi keyboard
To get into playing the keyboard and It’s got a great feel, aftertouch, great arp and sequencer and light guide to help remember scales and you can swap between synths and everything in studio with one press of a button, I really like it and have improved my playing a lot already
I recommend it, but it’s not a synth… also think more keys the better when learning …
The new Roland A 88 key midi keyboard looks good also has proper weighted keys…


Bigger keyboard then my keystep is my prefrence.
No minikeys.
Hmm probably semi weighted or weighted.
Synth dosnt need to be polyphonic as i gonna use my Modor NF-1 with the keys.
No need for multitimbral

Something like that :grin:

My own choice went for a master keyboard that isn’t a synth.

  1. You need to be able to switch to different midi channels in a blink
  2. You need enough keys (and rather good quality) to have pleasure playing with it
  3. Velocity and aftertouch are a must IMO. Poly aftertouch and MPE might be interesting as well, yours to see
  4. Extra functionalities like sequencing and arp are cool to have. Parameter lock is even better

I preferred to have a solid midi controller than a synth that wouldn’t get all these features.
Keystep is ok for live, but at home I use the SL61 mk3.

I’ve always preferred desktop synths anyway ^^
Too many keyboards and you quickly run out of space!

One rig to control all!


I’m really happy with the SL mk3 such a good keyboard!


If you are looking playable master keyboard, dont look anything less than 5 octaves, full sized, velocity sensitivite keys.


Why not?

Im leaning towards vermona14…dont know why but i am😁

What do you mean by this? Give us a bit more direction on what your ambitions are and it’ll help hone recommendations. Think about style / genre, whether you want to learn properly and utilise a full playing surface and full degree of sensitivity etc… or if you just want to stick some stickers on a few keys to use an arpeggiator and some synth sounds without really understanding chords and scales. Neither is right or wrong, but without more info, it’s just gonna be a list of people’s favourite keyboards, which can be found repeated many times across the internet.

It feelsLike i loose if Just buy a Midikeyboard as A controller. Im in the line for Cirklon this year.
So i want a synth that could use the keys for playing keys and record the midi data from the that synth and save

Want to learn to play as an instrument

Novation SL MK3. Midi Channel switching and good keys. That mod wheel makes a difference when using Diva, Dune 3, Kyra

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Techno, suomisaundi and abstract pieces