Syntakt standalone music

I never thought you were, I’m just goofing around waiting for supper.

I’m an OB user by the way.

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The inevitability of drone (for real though, I kinda love this synth for drones).


I’ll pay $100 for the first 909 hi hat Syntakt patch. Don’t care if it takes 6 machines to make, considering the 909 hats were samples of acoustic cymbals, it would be pure wizardry to get that out of the Syntakt, Wizardry that I’d happily be a patron of. :moneybag:



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Too good @.@ …

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Some techno, quickly hashed out on a whim (pick up an axe and play)

Recorded to iPhone with Woodpressor limiter only

Inspired by the 909 hats nostalgia thread


Not sure what genre this is - heres a jam from tonight. I pushed the button on the Syntakt a while ago, but life n shit has meant Ive not really been able to give it any time… its a pretty gratifying box. recorded straight out of the machine. I do miss the master compressor from the Digitakt…


well, I mean, yes, exactly. (cross-posted, sorry hehe)

Syntakt + Amiga 1000 (running Music Mouse by Laurie Spiegel) recorded into S-VHS (nothing against Overbridge)


Love it :heart_eyes:

Not sure sure what genre either, but sounds very industrial!

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You know, I’m actually warming up to them a bit… now I’m not trying to make them sound like a 909 :sweat_smile:

This is awesome, very early Chemical Brothers vibe!

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this is shockingly good - great work.

if you don’t mind me asking ,which machine type is doing the main, low drone that underpins everything ? Looks like it’s not on a DVCO track, so it must be a digital machine ? Gnarly as hell. brilliant stuff.

Yes, Industrial - awesome!

Oh, and what is the first sound of the melodic motif that sounds like someone is hitting a pan (0:05)? Is it SY TOYS?

Edit: And the sound at 0:51, how is that done? Sorry, I actually try to get something like that out of my Syntakt for a while now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! I will take a look at what I did and remind myself :slight_smile: I know the sound at 0:51 is using the LFO set to 2K and max oscillating something-or-other, but I can’t quite remember what…

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Most of the droning digital synths are Bits, I think one of them is a Chords machine, but the first two drones plus the deep drone are all Bits - so that’s the machine which underpins basically the whole thing.

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Cheers. Fantastic stuff.

I turned this pattern into a full (albeit short) track :smiley:



All syntakt - some slight limiting in DAW
Stereo in to DAW via Overbridge


Yep - the first sound is just the toy - and honestly there isn’t too much that’s special going on there, just picking some pitches that work well with the sound, and a small eq boost at around 1k.

The other sound is dual Vco with the lfo at 2k modulating the sync cfg, along with a band pass filter. It’s not a tuneable sound. I’ll happily upload the project file if it’s useful to you.

Oh and everything cranked through the drive with overdrive turned up.

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