Syntakt or Not Syntakt

I use the MD a bit but monomachine has been in the box for a couple of years.

Yep. I was missing its kick : Syntakt !
Sold everything but OT.


The MD is such a nice box. I will probably purchase another one for Christmas.

Sold the Syntakt and got a Digitone again. Happy so far. But i miss the kick sounds of the Syntakt. And the 12 tracks. All in all i really liked the Syntakt. But imo all Elektron boxes are amazing.
I still have a Digitakt and Model:Samples and had an Octatrack and Cycles. What i really like about Elektron: All their devices are great for exploring a lot of musical styles. You just have to find the one(s) that fit(s) you the most. I have the feeling that i might miss my favorite one until i tried them all. And all of the ones i tried are possible repurchases for the future.


I took a little break from Syntakt after playing it almost exclusively through the summer. (To get more out of DT in my semi-modular setup, which, yeah).

Coming back to it after the update, the customizable portamento features and the performance macros (I’ve been using loopback, but the Velocity Mod is also now excellent for humanizing percussion) both add a ton of character and charm to it for me.

I definitely get that other folks don’t gel with it, but I do think it’s a lot deeper than its immediacy lets on, if that makes sense.


Quoting myself here to set the record straight. The Syntakt is growing on me. I still envy some of the lush FM tones of the Digitone, and I’d say the Syntakt desperately needs the voice sharing/stealing and the arp of the Digitone too - but I have to say that the Syntakt is one hell of a fun and versatile little groovebox. I don’t think I’ve ever explored a synth this deeply before. It’s at my side all the time.

I finally took the time to publish one of my jams on it, it’s a crude embryo and a terrible mix and all that, but at least I had fun making it: Synthetic

And yeah, the Syntakt still sounds a bit like Sega Megadrive/Genesis to my ears. But I guess I’m beginning it think that’s quite charming. :blush:



I keep saying the same thing. The bass is just filthy. Kicks are no knock warrants with flash bangs. You’re gonna get rocked.


Didn’t you oriented to that style yourself ? :content:

(I listened before reading this above quote, I heard something gamish style, so thanks to confirm!)

Have you listened to the embedded demos on the catalog of Elektron’s site?

Listen to Moksha and The Enchiridion. They’re very polished and quite good. I find the non-present demos to often be the best.

Get a Rytm MK2 and be happy. That’s where I’m at unless Perkons and LXR02 blow my mind next year.

In my jam you mean? Yeah, I think sounding like a Megadrive is almost inevitable on the Syntakt with its 2-op FM tones. I guess that subconsciously leads you down to those paths? :blush: But as I wrote in the follow-up post, the Syntakt is growing on me and proves to be more versatile than I thought.

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at the moment the ST is 799€ at Thoman … the fact that it has this capability to equalize every sound with the expanded filter-types and the BW filter (just on the digital parts) is great … also the analog section - like a reduced AH is awesome …

i don’t know … maybe or not

what do you think … i’ve already have the AR mk1, samples - compressor - pads - individual outs

but from what i’ve heard soundwise the digital parts can easily outflank the sample-parts from the AR mk1

:content: Not for me ! I totally respect gamish music style, it can be really interesting, with pretty complex harmonically, unusual fm modulations, lofi sound, and the song structure. But I wouldn’t make/listen that kind of music except as a challenge. I never had a game station, nor played on computers. :wink:

And yes, Syntakt is very versatile !


Just to be clear, I didn’t try to make it sound like video game music. I just thought you said you thought it had that sound. I learned that it’s 90s IDM. :blush:

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Probably very influenced by music games then !

Could be. Or just that I’m getting old. :blush:

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I meant if it’s called 90s IDM…
I’m nearly half a century !
But these days I’d like to make dirty punkish music.

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I have RYTM mk1 aswell, and Syntakt, the HH engine sucks on both, but you have the analog Tom, Samples to fill the gap on Rytm, the synth engine on Syntakt is still too limited for my taste. I would continue with Rytm.

Wait a bit ?

Well i didnt and succumbed to the syntakt, but getting an analog heat would have been probably wiser, or an OTO boum. Still the ST is a nice box and i keep it, its practical on the couch.