Syntakt clock to Pamela

Hey, quick question.

I’ve got an Elektron Syntakt and Pamela news workout. I don’t really have control over the modular system. It doesn’t clock. I want to have full control over the entire system witk Syntakt (master or Pamela’s). Please let me know what the settings of Syntakt should be. I’ve been trying for 1 week already. Any advice will be helpful and much appreciated.


Hey @Bucurash and welcome!

It might be that you need to change something on Pam rather than Syntakt - what’s currently your issue though? Are you not able to get it to clock at all?

What are you using as a MIDI interface? By default you’ll want a 24ppq clock, but Pam can support other resolutions. You can have Pam start from the clock signal alone, which requires changing a setting on Pam (if that’s your issue).

On Syntakt you just need to make sure that it’s sending MIDI clock and transport, under the sync settings.

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Syntakt Master :
MIDI CONFIG > SYNC > Check Transport and Clock SEND

Syntakt Slave :
MIDI CONFIG > SYNC > Check Transport and Clock RECEIVE

Edit : ah no midi, DIN SYNC !

Or ask David


I used DIN SYNC from Digitakt/Digitone with one of these adapters (I’m assuming Syntakt has the same functionality): ALM - ALM-UT001 Din-Sync Adapter Cable


Ah, wonder if OP has that adapter and is trying to use it for MIDI.

I remember when I first got a Pam I wondered if that might be possible before I realised they are wired differently.

If so Elektron got you covered as @LaughingAnimal points out as you can output DIN24 - if you need MIDI too you can even use the THRU port as a dedicated DIN24 out :exploding_head:


I use this. Works without a hitch.

I use one of those dinsync dongles mentioned above. Simply set Syntakt midi out or thru to dinsync and plug it in. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t take up room in your rack and works perfectly.


My bad, just to be clear and not buy something unnecessary are you talking about the adapter cable or the mmMidi? Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input!

Appreciate man! LOL

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I don’t have a midi interface. Yeah, I can’t clock it. I thought that I need to midi out syntakt into Pams clk in. Do I need a midi interface though, as mentioned in the replies the “mmMidi”? Thanks for your reply!

If you’re going straight out of the Syntakt then you just need to use the DIN24 option, and a DIN24 adapter, Pam doesn’t have a MIDI input


Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate! Will let you know how it goes!

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The adapter cable👍

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Okay, thank you very much!


I tried both midi out & thru from syntakt to Pams, but still doesn’t clock. Do i need to plug the inputs of the cable differently?

I did as ALM states -> Clock & Run input. But still doesn’t clock… ?

Syntack is midi thru clock & transport receive and… nothing. For sure I’m doing something wrong. Are there any other settings I should do in pams or elektron?

a better Q here, sorry for the other one

You need Syntakt Sending not receiving.

And you need the THRU port (if that’s what you’re plugged into) set to DIN24

You have to change the setting on Syntakt midi out or thru port to Din24. I know this is all confusing at first, but you’ll get there!