Syntakt clock to Pamela

Hi there,
I use pam’s new workout to clock both modular and digitakt, with the use of the midi expander, this can clock both midi and din sync

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Hey, thank you for your input and how do i need to connect the the entire thing specifically? The DIN sync inputs should go to clock and run in the Pam’s ofcourse, but what about the Pexe 1 outputs and syntakts? Thnaks

Trust me, I tried both ways and it didn’t really work and I can’t explain to myself what am I doing wrong…

There’s not a great deal to get wrong, so let’s troubleshoot:

On the Syntakt set your ‘THRU PORT FUNC’ to DIN24, and your SYNC behaviour to CLOCK SEND and TRANSPORT SEND, plug in a MIDI cable to your THRU port and your ALM Din splitter/adapter onto that cable - now plug the clock part of your ALM cable into anything in your rack that can give you immediate visual feedback. Maybe a mult or something else with an LED.

Hit play on your Syntakt. Is the LED (or whatever) blinking (it might just look ON as the clock will be rapid)?

If that all works as intended, but Pam isn’t doing anything, then the issue is there - there are only a few options that you can fiddle with on Pam, the PPQ rate and the Run behaviour - experiment with the latter.

The Pam expanders are for getting MIDI/Clock out of Pam, so would only be helpful if you wanted to clock/transport in the opposite direction.

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Gosh!!! Fixed it! It wasn’t set to din24 :expressionless: But hey!!!Thnak you so so so much for your input! I appreciate a LOT! Big hugs form my side! >:D< <3


Awesome!! I knew you could do it!!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

For future readers, a cheaper option for this, would be the LADIK M-221 midi to clock synchroniser. I use this to free up the Pam’s for other modulation duties.
Its a nice and cheap way to clock, and have clock divisions, and start/stop/reset from the DT to the modular world.