Syncing problem Ableton/RYTM


I connected RYTM main output to soundcard through mixer and recorded each track muting the other ones.
RYTM was slaved and recieved clock and transport through USB. Every track was recorded playing RYTM in song mode. When I launched recording on Ableton armed channel RYTM started playing (start recording on scene launch).
When i checked the results in Ableton I noticed the begging of the tracks were a little bit skewed ( I thought it was because of latency) so I manually align them changing the starting point of everyones (using Ableton markers at the beginning of the beat wave). In this way I obtained track synching.
What I noticed is that some of the recorded stems gradually lose synching during the playback (this is evident after several minutes). Even if I try to warp the tracks using “Beats” I can obtain tracks synching.
Does anyone know if Ableton performs autowarping during recording? If RYTM tempo is slaved to Ableton I supposed to have tracks fully synched after align starting points. An I missing something?
Which is the way to record RYTM tracks one after another in Ableton and having them synched at the end of the process?

Thank u guys


usb midi, and especially abletons clock is not very good, this is well doceumented and talked about on the forum. if you have a MIDI OUT on your soundcard you should be fine though


Or just use the hardware as midi master. The clock is way tighter and with less jitter.


Hardware as master and see here :

Also ensure you have followed the Ableton latency lesson to set the sound card latency value correctly


I tried to use the Rytm as master, but somehow Ableton won’t start the song when i start on Rytm. That’s why i ended up making Ableton master.


Ensure EXT is enabled in Ableton and that you have Sync enabled on the MIDI config tab for the Rytms incoming MIDI port


There is clock and there is transport, check send on rythm for both.
O e is tempo information, the other sequencer start, pause stop info.

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Thank everyone. I will try first to use midi output from soundcard for clock and transport transfering. Eventualy I will try to use only transport transfering just to be sure every track will start the same time.



i got Ableton as master with ONLY usb MIDI to beatstep pro,
this gives
MIDI CC, MIDI clock to DT, than through to AR1, than through to OT1,

aswell from beatstep clock to modular system and every VCC/trigger

everything recorded with plenty of multitracks back to DAW through a stage mixer with direct outs …

works perfectly!
every track does have the same latency gap and i don‘t have any clippings or timing glitches on START/RECORD

i thought about switching from DAW as master clock, but wouldn‘t this cause a glitch or clip on record start if the audio signal starts before DAW gets transportation triggered? :thinking:


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