Superbooth 21

Absolutely ! If they’re not ready to announce quite yet, they certainly are full on in the middle of something. This would be their first post merger product, and there was the talk of cooperative development too. Or maybe things flow the other way and Novation has something.

Product lifecycles are measured in years… I think we might see some changes in distribution and in their parts supply chain, but even there it’s likely more of a finance question. I’d expect to start seeing cross-pollinated products next fall at the earliest.

Product lifecycle isn’t relevant at all. Did you mean product development time ? If so then you are partially correct, it depends on the product and the development team, and their budget. A completely new product might be about 18 months to ship, but you can announce a product 6 months before then. It would be more than 18 months for things more complicated with unknown pieces to research and develop.

But if what is done is pulling together and adapting already working parts from existing products, things can go much faster. That kind of development is really fun and feels like cheating because the hard work is already done, things come together much quicker. It gets called “reuse”, but you would not spot it from the outside if it is done correctly.

Sorry, yes — when most of the companies I work with use lifecycle, they mean the development lifecycle. Professionally, I’m mostly on the software side, but the hardware development timeframes I’ve seen have been more in the 2+ year range. Then again, it may be that most of the folks I know with hardware companies are trying to do weird, novel stuff with small teams.

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I agree, products from both companies that were already in the pipeline before the merger are the most likely, perhaps with a togetherness spin. But from personal experience, there is something about a big show that gets companies to pull rabbits out of hats. I’ve done it myself more than a few times. It’s an exciting time for both Sequential and Novation.

That was the point of my post.

Moving on.

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…with no dout good to see, what once started as a sales show for nerds and a sonic panel for hardcore music tech and business fans only…
…became a dead serious sales show, where even the big brands start to not wanna missing out on anymore…
and even use it for big product announcements and presentations of their next new sonic inventions/products…

good job, mr. schneider…good job…

and if i compare the “good old days” of musik messe and stuff to this super nice event at fez berlin…gosh…worlds apart…great progress from big tech business vibe to subcultural overdrive…


I expect a Sequential announcement any day now. In a video a couple months ago, Dave Smith said that they would be announcing something new in July, or possibly August if there was a little delay.


You sure have a good memory for detail, especially for someone who always has a beer in my hand. I had some vague memory of that too.



Will be an OB-X I think


Dave said they will have also have another one coming at the end of the year. I feel like one of them will be an OB-X, since supposedly Sequential registered for that trademark, and another to be the Prophet 12 follow-up.

In some ways it might make make sense to do the OB-X now, since it will be about a year since the P5 was announced. On the other hand, I expect the P12 follow-up to be kissing cousins with the Pro 3, kind of like the P12 and Pro 2 were, and the Pro 3 was released about a year and half ago, so that could possibly be up first.

Personally, I am rooting for an OB-X very soon. Especially seeing how well they did with the P5. That one knocked my socks off. Seriously, if anyone knows where my socks are…


I remember the last few years a small company doing an all in one hardware daw that can be linked to multiple units.

I wonder if they’re still making it though personally I’d stick with either a laptop/pc daw or electron / other sequence boxes .

Apparently Dreadbox will have 2 polysynths, an 8 (?) voice Abyss and a 6 voice new one. I hope they do, cant wait to hear them.

e: src SYNTH NEWS: new Dreadbox poly Synthesizers (Abyss Mk2 & Nymph) for Superbooth 2021? - YouTube


ohhh so maybe both an Abyss v2 and a poly iteration on the Typhon - ohhhhh yeahhhh
also interested to see if the Korg Drumlogue is any further along…


As someone on the look out for a Poly, this is exciting!


Is that definitely a thing that sequential have stated is coming, or is it just assumed due to the vacant space in the product line?

Not confirmed just a vacant space in their product line up. Keyboardists are asking for a digital synth that covers the same ground

Come to think of it. A Polyfreak from Arturia would be really cool, heck they can keep the keybed if they want to, just up the voice count and add effects…


Just noticed that there’s a description and pics of Stimming’s Instant Mastering Chain on the Superbooth site:

I created a separate topic for it here:


This looks interesting! Interesting to see the price tag of this