Superbooth 21

Yeah I am curious if it could possibly go even deeper with what it records, like if it records pattern changes then you could more or less preform a groove box and record knob tweaks and pattern changes, or another cool feature could be if you can launch recorded midi clips via a different sequencer. Retro Kits stuff has a pretty strong history of having really deep feature sets that are customizable but maybe I am hoping for a bit too much.

New expansion card for the Prophet-5




I really hope they support MPE inputs. Right now the MidiRex is literally the only hardware option, and it would be nice to have something a bit more polished and powerful.

Ok color me intrigued by the RK-008. Maybe I’ll be “an operator with my pocket calculator” too


A couple of observations on the design of the RK008.

It looks like they are using a dead front display. This is an inexpensive and stylish way to give the impression of a full matrix graphic panel. These should get more use in product design.

The calculator buttons are a good interface, where you will learn repeated one finger operations and get pretty proficient after a while, eventually using them without even looking.

Who wants to start the thread for this ?

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f&%* … I haven’t expected I will need P5 as well : )
bi-tembrality is a killer update


Done. Been thinking about that every time someone talks about it.

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Just got this email from UDO:


Probably a Super 6 desktop from the looks of it!


Damn, that’s going to be a real danger to my wallet.


Message from Expressive E on how to make appointments to test the Osmose in their “little cabin in the woods”.

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Do you get the Prophet 10 plate as well :slight_smile:

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I got it too. I’m expecting more of modulation pedal. I dont think they have the man power to get a desktop out so quickly.

George is a one man army at UDO. Remember the video office tour he gave Nick Batt. He showed several complete keyboard synths he did for his own entertainment. He obviously has a “warehouse” of ideas and designs, and he seems to like the customer feedback, so he could show an early version of a new product.

He worked for Modal too designing stuff, so he’s got a ton of experience and expertise.

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True, like a prototype. Parts are hard to come by atm though.

You can design around parts, especially when doing onesy, twosies, you can still get sample parts, companies want you to design with their parts so they have those samples, just not volume.

ADDED: Plus UDO already has some stock of parts for building the S6. George could easily take a few parts from stock.

Hardware engineers collect parts. I’ve got boxes of them. George probably does too. Parts for design is not a problem.

I remember when the r4 was launched people asking if they can buy the 10 voice one, but with Prophet 5 badge (for nostalgic reasons)!

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If he did show yow with the Super 6 in that form factor i think you would lose a lot of its functionality appeal though. The layout is pretty neat and compact as it is. Its only a small keyboard compared to others.

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Yeah I was kind of thinking a desktop at first, but looking at the sheet in the image does sort of look like there is a keybed where it notches down. My guess is it will be a slightly more affordable premium synth… if it is a desktop unit though my wallet might be in danger.

Yeah, might be! I also remember George saying at the introduction of the Super 6 that they‘re contemplating a desktop version but that it would be a different synth and/or interface (as the intuitive and player-friendly interface is tough to shrink down to a desktop-sized synth like the Iridium/Kyra).

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