Superbooth 2019 - who is going?


Since early bird tickets are available until 31st Dec 2018 I am curious to know who else is going to Superbooth 2019 - FEZ Berlin?

Let’s collect some names, maybe have dinner together and share some thoughts on each others music projects?

Looking forward to read a long list of people attending the event. Haha :joy:

Cheers, Thomas


I’m thinking avout getting an early bird ticket, so put me on the list.


I’ll be there every day on the Analogue Solutions stand answering questions, demoing gear and being an all round helpful chappy!


I would … but that‘s too much money they are asking for (+ travel costs etc.) I‘d rather buy a new synth :blush:


If you go for one day it’s just 26€. But yeah, if you live far away from Berlin travel is gonna be expensive.


is just me or is the accommodation prize in Berlin doubled in last 6 months? Just checking the prizes in Kreutzberg from Airbnb. I used to have two bedroom flat for EDIT actually 45-55 EUR per night in that area. Now there are only few options available, most of them way out of my budget.


Kreutzberg is too gentrified by now, maybe try Wedding or some other area.


good tip, thnx


wedding is gentrified too and has less to offer


Entire Berlin is gentrified. :pensive:


Aw man. Is Munich Gentrified ? Thinking about doing a couple days there on my next vacation to Europe.


What is Gentrified? Haven’t heard that phrase before? :slight_smile:


Munich is the definition of gentrification. It means that ordinary people once could afford to live where it is now extremely expensive.


I’d love to go for a day or 2, the ticket price is ok for me, but I’d have to pay for a plane ticket and a hotel, probably too much just to hang around synth stuff :slight_smile:
Would love to attend DIY workshops though.


New laws prohibit most airbnb operations & rentals (in order to free up flats for living), so supply is going to be limited and expensive :slight_smile:


Munich‘s not „gentrified“, Munich always belonged to the Gentry in first place…go there and enjoy yourself, it‘s a nice town to visit :wink:


It is, even though Munich was never for the poor, now even those with a normal to good income are displaced. Gentrification is displacement.


Saypi where is a good German town to go to that is not Gentrified ?


Munich is post-gentrified. its so sold out to investors that even middle class people struggle :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I did not know that. Is it something that happened recently?