Superbooth 2019 - who is going?


The law came into effect on 1 May 2018. You need a license now to rent out on Airbnb. Bad for Hosts but was kind of needed in Berlin, there were entire apartment blocks owned by professional Airbnb operators, thus indirectly driving up rent.

So in other words: be kind to your Berlin based friends for that when Superbooth comes around, you can crash at theirs like in the old days :stuck_out_tongue:


What are you looking for?


Good food, record shops, museums


Berlin is still the bomb, don’t buy the gentrification talk. Things change always and so has this city over the last 30 years, and obviously there’s siginficant capitalist pressure on global cities, but Berlin at least is still alive and breathing.

Another good one to visit in Germany is Leipzig.


I will just visit Germany then. Not gonna make it to super booth but I’m sure there will be fun to be had in the big city and small towns.


A well-meant law is the one side. The other side is the need to enforce the law, especially with an understaffed administration.

Berlin is perfect for food and culture and worth a trip. The city is still alive - but not for long with that “Things alaways change” mentality.


lol, ok bro. If you think you can maintain a city the way it was at a particular point in time when you felt super comfortable and understood in it, fair enough. But look out of the window right now (as I am onto Sonnenallee), and the there’s not a patch of green left…winter…seasons…life.

You know, I moved to NYC in the late 90s, lived in brooklyn and the lower east side for a few years. Then came back in 2008 and complained about how everything’s been gentrified in the neighbourhoods I loved. Then I’m in Munich and I meet a guy who lived in NYC in the 80s and I tell him how I lived there in the 90s and the parts of town I lived in and he’s like “those neighbourhoods were dead by then, all gentrified.” Go figure.


I’d love to go to something like superbooth but It’d just end up being a longer, more annoying version of when I go to my local music shop and piss people off making filters self oscillate and asking questions like “do you think this sounds warmer than it used to?”
Think I’ll leave it to the people in “the trade”.


haha :grin:, you could try to save the event by performing a spectacular show with one of the devices


The word spectacular is very misplaced.
Though I have often been accused of causing a spectacle…


Weddings are also gentrified! :joy:


u just need a licence if youre planing to rent out whole apartments, though…


Remembered the deadline for early bird tickets!

Just ordered 2. Yea! First Superbooth for me.


I am going


Not recently, but everyone who can mix two records, knows how to start Ableton, did a couple of filter sweeps on an analog Synth moved to Berlin to become the next techno superstar.
Most of 'em end up underpaid in start ups, serving coffee at bars or working at McDonald’s and snorting Ketamin on weekends at Jerkhain and all the other “underground” venues. Berlin is dead basically.
The airport will never open and the senate is a catastrophe.
I’ll leave this craphole as soon as my son finishes his 3rd grade.


I will be there, my first Superbooth :slight_smile:
Tickets for 2 days, hope to get a DIY Workshop… i`m very looking forward it! Having fun.







I forgot “gets tattooed from chin to feet within 1 year”…

… And these prices for Superbooth are insane…


Are you done?


I like the idea