SubZero ControlPad64

Anyone using one of these ? Feature-wise its similar to Launchpad X (velocity sensitive pads), same size too, but it has the benefit of minijacks for midi (+Din breakout cable) AND price is more like launchpad mini.

The downside is that SubZero is the house brand of Gear4Music, and I’ve seen negative feedback (build quality) on other subzero products.

EDIT: I’ve also seen this branded as “WORLDE ORCA PAD64”

Those oval buttons hurt my brain :confused:


Alright, looks like I might find myself taking one for team.

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please report back with haste :slight_smile:

where will you be purchasing from?

They’re only sold by Gear4Music (when branded ‘SubZero’). I can’t remember where I saw the ‘Worlde’ version.

It’s not going to be an immediate purchase, but it’s one of the things I’m considering getting because I’m not very happy with the response of the M:C pads.

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i’d probably go novation … theyre on sale right now and they get broad support in lots of apps/daw’s out of the box.

and if you need support to do stuff its likely there are a lot more users of novation than the gear4music product.


Get the novation. Their stuff is solid. Excellent customer support. Always loads of updates.

Buy cheap = buy twice.


The main appeal is not the cheapness, but the direct midi support (without USB) in a smaller package than novation can offer.

But I’m also considering LaunchKey Mini Mk3 for the same reason (midi via mini-jack)

for the life of me I cannot understand why there is no novation launchpad mini with din out for using with hardware stand alone… MISSED opportunity!

especially with their new slim form factor they would fly off the shelf!

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I bought a SubZero Hum destroyer and it had this extra feature where it not only didn’t work it actually added more hum… literally a you had one job moment… worst piece of garbage I ever bought and I will never ever give that brand my money again…

My two cents: stay away