Stylish modern design home studio/music room pics?

So, my wife and I want to turn the front part of our loft into a music room, sort of a combination listening/living room/project studio, rather than a traditional music studio. Some place we can sit and chill and listen to records, or I can practice/play instruments and record.

I’m really into design, particularly mid-century modern and Bauhaus/industrial design, as well as Scandinavian design (particularly the stuff from the 50s and 60s).

We don’t have loads of space to work with, and I really need some inspiration. I’m wondering if people could post any stylish studio pics they might have come across on the web.

One thing we are considering is maybe a Dieter Rams-style wall system (below). The other pic is one of my favorites I’ve come across, but I don’t have that much space to work with, unfortunately. I have pretty much all the gear, I just need some design inspiration to help with layout.


Flying Lotus is getting there, but not quite there. Still more of a studio than a chill out space.

EDIT: When I say he’s getting there, I mean not exactly the style I’m envisioning for my place, not that his space isn’t amazing looking.

These are in the right style, but not enough gear.


I was hoping to reply here soonish, but seems that our new housing project has another delay of xx months, hopefully in another 6-12 months!

But exactly my idea, plus it has to be toddler friendly at the same time! Extra challenges.


Congrats! I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

We bought a place here in Tokyo about a year and a half ago, but we haven’t gotten around to getting this room sorted out yet. Time, money, etc etc.

The reason we are kicking it into high gear now is that I happened to get an amazing deal on some nice studio monitors yesterday (Dynaudio BM6As for like $400), but I literately have no room on my desk, so it’s time to actually get the room settled once and for all.

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How much square meter do we talk about?

Ikea always have great ideas.

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Snapshots from my own rigs, over time.


I’m looking for ideas here man, not judgment.


I guess what I need to see examples of the most is shelving/layout examples.

I’m struggling a bit with layout and how to make best use of the vertical axis as well as the horizontal.

I guess I don’t know enough about options for getting stuff up off the desk. That’s why I would like to see visual examples of people that have done it well.

A few interesting compositions.


Dude just go here, look at the photos of the various systems for inspiration then fill in the zero obligation planning form and they will send you designs within 48 hours.

Approved by Dieter Rams. Your welcome :pray:


Thanks. I’ve always loved those shelving systems.

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forwarding to the partner :drum:

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Tokyo living, so not very big (the room is under 15m2), which is why planning is essential to make the most of the space.

A couple things to consider if you are looking at pictures for inspiration. These examples are a bit false in practice. Notice the lack of cables in most of them. Also some show the gear in an unused state, in these instances it ignores practicality.

If there is anything useful from looking at other setups its to take note of something you either are not doing now or wouldn’t think to do yourself.

My instinctual advice would be to set all your gear up that will be used in order to have a firm idea of footprint. Keep in mind ease of use as that should be a primary concern, in my opinion.

After that, try to keep everything on the outside perimeter of the room to preserve the feeling of having some open space.


That’s what I’m getting at.

Great thread. I’m in a similar situation; my partner and I bought a great mid-century modern house a couple of years ago, and while she’s been getting really into acquiring similar-era furniture for the rest of the house, my studio remains utilitarian and IKEA-based. I find it very difficult to figure out how I’d want everything to be laid out, let alone what would look good in that space… so I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread for some ideas.

Yeah, this is a good one. I’ve tried a few setups with tables in the middle of the room but things just get really cramped.


For reference my current setup. The room is open, so a bit non-conventional. Anyway, just considering my options.

When I designed my place, I looked at 1000s of photos and drawings and researched lots of different architectural and design styles (to pin down what I like). Since I’m not a trained architect or designer, I found that I have trouble picturing things in 3D space without visual references, plus I have limited knowledge of what’s out there, hence the desire to see photos. Also, Elektron seems to attract people that like good design, so I thought I’d ask.


I agree!