Strymon Volante


It’s a shame the OTO gear has reasonably cryptic LEDs (dot position indicator, or more likely left in VU mode)


I have a Marantz coming that I’m going to turn into a DIY delay until the Volante is available for general sale. Magneto is really fun but not directly competing with the Volante. get both :eyes:


I think it will not set the pre set loop length :frowning:


I never said “half the price” - I said you could probably find a decent used synth for $400, or whatever the Volante costs.


What’s your angle here, you don’t think expensive stuff should exist? Or you’re surprised people have different priorities to you?


I’m talking about people unloading their Strymon El Capistan pedals at the whiff of a ‘better’ version… it seems like a hasty move, is all

my “angle” is from reading about people on this forum selling and repurchasing the same piece of gear (typically Elektron boxes) several times over


If people are happy with El Capistan that’s good. It’s great, from what I hear. Likewise if people want to recoup the cost of a Volante and make room in the studio/pedalboard/whatever, that’s up to them. I don’t see an issue either way.

Volante is a different product. Some people will want the extras, some won’t.

Personally, I’m excited about using p-locks or MIDI LFOs from a certain Elektron box to animate the Volante.

Gotta love Strymon for including full-sized MIDI in AND out/thru.




part of that is Strymon immediately saying “it’s El Capistan on steroids.” so people are like “whoa! an even better version of a pedal I love!?! WANT!” and choose to sell their El Cap - which is still fetching $250-ish - to fund it. not everyone has the space/funds to purchase and see if they should hang onto their old pedal or not.

but you’re right, could be a hasty move. Strymons retain their value really well though and it’s a hot pedal at the moment. so even if one decided to sell it and buy the El Cap back, wouldn’t be much loss, if any.


OK…but a 400€ Synth still does Not make a good Tape Delay fx Emulation…that can be Used with other synths. Or guitars.


If some of you are referring to me, I don’t give a rat’s a$$, what you think about my decision to sell my El Cap and buy a Volante. I owned an El Cap from the year it came out (bought it used for a good price) and sold it recently for nearly the same price (and it was the old version with the hard-push buttons). Basically owing it for years was therefore nearly free. The El Cap has been a favorite of mine for a long time but the Volante addresses the issues I had with it and adds features that really appeal to me. Plus, what do you care if people buy something they want or like? I don’t want a $400 synth.


point taken


I like spending money. It’s revenge for doing a well paid boring job I don’t like.


Anyone succeeding in getting Volante to sync to MIDI clock? (in my case Octatrack MkII)


Is the loop length like the Capistan around 20 seconds i think?


Yes! MIDI clock sync isn’t activated by default, so you have to activate it. You have to hold feedback 1 and feedback 4 and turn the Rec Level knob until the ON switch LED is green. (page 11 of the manual here : )


Yeah, I followed the instructions and also confirmed that OT is set to send MIDI clock.



pretty good thus far. feels more hands on to me than the big sky where i mostly used the same 2-3 presets.

I told myself no guitar pedals but had to make an exception, so far so good… and the built in spring reverb sounds great processing the modular.


I ordered one. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but just the way it looks had a lot to do with it. It’s the coolest looking Strymon pedal to date imo.