STROM for iPad


yep, clear!
I can do that, however personally haven’t found this necessary so far. When I need to do what you want, I just push the encoder and do a big rotation to min or max and sufficiently beyond, which will also keep tweaking the other tracks’ values. Then, when all tracks are at min or max, dial back to the value that you want - now all tracks should have the same value.

But yeah I’ll keep the option in mind for the next update!


Ah OK, I didn’t know you could do that.

Thx for the tip!

And thx to take my comment into account.

I think for filters at least, it might be good not to have to go max or min to align values, because it could lead to extreme frequencies (e.g. when there’s a lot of resonance)


I just found a grains ipad sampler which would compliment strom and the ar well. It’s gesture related like strom.


Hey there. Just wanted to stop by and ask how the new version of SDS drop is doing? Hope I didn’t already miss the wifi update?


no you haven’t missed it… tbh I got severely sidetracked! But back on it. Quite soon. :slight_smile:


thank you!


Nicee…thats great, wish you luck! :+1:


I had STROM tell me there was a global AR issue today, something wasn’t working right and it asked me if I wanted to fix it. I thought if I ticked yes the issue won’t be solved, and i will have fiddle around until I find the error. But holy shit, I clicked yes and it fixed the issue like some sort of god enigma machine.
Amazing software. Thank you void.


haha yes, it will just make shure that midi channel/device settings in GLOBALS are set up correctly for the control-all feature :sunglasses:


I’ve just started using it and I love it. Realized I don’t even have to make individual chops. That’s nice.
One thing, I think I read about why but forgot; I can’t record in on the iPad cck and I can’t connect midi/transfer files on my itrack dock. No worries,…

Seriously, I love the app though


Hey @void, does Strom work with studiomux since the update allowing custom midi interfaces? Hoping that it will let me pass the USB midi to the Rytm via my Macbook just by having studiomux open in the background.

I’ve got my iPad connected to the Macbook, using studiomux to record synth apps in Ableton and routing an editor to my Alpha Juno. Rytm is also connected to the Macbook for Overbridge and clock from Ableton.



haven’t tried this but can do later…


Hello @void,

It’s me again, with my crazy requests.

I wondered if by any chance it would be possible to add a “clear track(s)” button in Strom. I feel you might ask “what for?” and I might reply “because it would pair well with the Euclidian pattern generator”

Indeed, with such a feature, it would be possible to quickly erase several chosen tracks (with the per-track option you introduced lately) and generate random patterns very often on these tracks only (e.g. at every single cycle), while at the same time keeping a couple of ‘fundamental’ tracks untouched (e.g. the kick track or a long sounding drone).

As it is now, the AR itself only offers the option to erase either a full pattern or single tracks, one by one, which is quite tedious if you consider the situation described above.

Well, this is just an idea

I don’t have a clue how feasible/difficult it is to implement at the technical level



yeah gotcha.

how to delete tracks:

put the density/amount slider to the minimum position, generate a Euclid sequence - done! :zap: This will generate an “empty” Euclidean sequence.

make sure ADD is disabled - if ADD is on, no deletion will be performed.


Wow! Excellent!
You implemented this function before I even asked. Are you a psychic? It’s scary…
Thanks in any case
Have a good day!

(And I’m not sure what ADD is)


perform the Euclid thing only additively.
with add disabled, the selected range of steps is cleared before adding new trips.

with ADD enabled, you can mix different Euclid rhythms with each other.


oOok, I didn’t know about that either! That’s really useful.
I definitely need to spend more time trying out the things whose purpose I don’t know


Strom is amazing, great work! Love the randomize and pattern generator, haven’t even got to the sampling stuff yet.

Got it working with studiomux, just opening the app and server routes the midi thru the computer.

The only problem is that all the midi inputs/outputs show up as “Unknown Manufacturer - Unknown name” in Strom, so have to try about 100 combinations to find the right in and out port lol. The names do show up in the other apps I use with Studiomux.

The wireless connection with SDS Drop sounds great, but don’t really want to spend another £20 just for that if Elektron are about to drop a sample manager for Digitakt.


cool! yeah gotta check the MIDI endpoint name stuff…


Void what are chances of you adding: grains, transwave and granular functions to STROM? And time stretch
That would be cool, don’t know how much work it would be but I’d happily support it with an in app purchase