STROM for iPad


Hey thanks a bunch for compiling that PDF!

ok glad the clock issue works for you with DIN. Possible that I can’t do much about it if it doesn’t work with USB. Strom just has to send sysex data, and if it’s weirdly merged with realtime bytes in another device downstream… I just have no control over that.

your issue with track shifting - I’m trying to reproduce it here, but it works for me with both examples you posted.

How do your pattern scale settings look? If pattern scale is in advanced mode and you have tracks which have different lengths, the results of shifting can be counterintuitive!


Is this of any use?
I’m trying to make it go with the iconnect audio 4+.
Happy also to take this up in pm.


hmm… what does the continuous connection test one page back say?

this test does a lot of requests and receives a ton of sysex from the Rytm, it sometimes even fails with the direct USB connection.

Not sure if there has been a successful iConnect connection reported so far… Unfortunately not much I can do about this!

Do any of the STROM functions work with that setup?


I want to help with this but just haven’t found the time yet. The Iconnects are pretty complex and the user needs to know how to configure its port routing correctly, and must have the latest firmware. I know the 4+ in and out and once my labs dusted off again and fired up I’ll let you know…;


Hi - this may have been asked before but I’ve scrolled down a lot if the thread and can’t find anything on this or via search…how do I get my sample material onto the iPad so I can access the material via Strom? I’ve tried importing the music into iTunes and then looking for it via LOAD in Strom, but there is nothing there…?

Is there no way of having a separate user file that you can just drag and drop the music to via iTunes - like the VLC app works.

Sorry in advance if I’m being stupid here :smiley:


Ridiculously great app by the way!!! I’m going to rate it on iTunes right now :slight_smile:


Ok - so I have it working with iCloud, but this is silly as I don’t really use cloud storage due to the amount of sample material I have, it would be too slow/expensive. Surely there is a way to file share on iPad - I have tried numerous ways via iTunes but the files just don’t show up in Strom.

Someone please help :slight_smile:


Audioshare app or record into strom from the line in or aum/audiobus.


Cool, thanks for the tip!


@void hi! Its Robot303 from seq…de :sunglasses:

Do you think its possible to programm an ios app which combines the gist of “strom”, a mobile adaption of overbrigde and a mixer layout?


Well, i meant a version for the Digitakt. Now my post was moved. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, newbie to the RYTM here. I’m running into an issue, but it seems like it should be something simple I’m missing. When using Strom via Wifi thru SDS, the Kit generator works fine but the pattern generator doesn’t. Literally nothing happens when I hit the Euclidean Pattern Button. Am I doing something wrong ? Any insight is appreciated, Thanks !


my ipad mini is completely dead and irreparable ! dropped too many times.

is there a way to use storm on the iphone?

And if i buy a cheap second hand ipad, which ipad versions will provide stability and longevity for Storm?


Just bought the RYTM upgrade for Strom. I don’t know why I waited so long.

Being able to chop up songs from my music library and send samples to the rytm - no DAW, no mouse, no C6 - is thrilling.


Strom is asking me to purchase, I already own a lisense. It won’t let me restore purchase either.


hm. first time I’ve heard of that - may be a glitch on Apple’s side.

try: log out of App Store, log back in, restore purchase.
if that doesn’t work: delete app and re download, then restore purchase.


I’ll try tomorrow cheers


Still cannot get Strom to restore my purchase


ok. Can you confirm you followed the suggestions above? Restart, re-install, log out of App Store?

can you verify that the Apple ID you are using now is the same that you used to originally purchase the app?

what iOS version are you using? If it’s an old version, can you try and upgrade?


Do you happen to have an Apple developer account yourself, and possibly used your Apple ID in the sandbox development environment? This can mess things up with the App Store, it has done that for me in the past.

Tbh I’m just making wild guesses here - purchase processing is handled by Apple, not by me. If you can’t restore the purchase, it means that the Apple server tells STROM that there was no previous purchase from the currently logged in Apple ID, and that’s the extent of information I’ll receive.

please follow the instructions here rigorously:
especially double check that you have the IAP listed in your purchases. Hope that’ll sort it out… cheers!


It is unlocked again now thanks


Hello @void,

I’m a big fan of the crtl-all parameter of Strom. I use it a lot. It fills a huge gap in the features of the AR.

While using it, however, I was a bit frustrated that you can only use it to change the relative values of parameters, e.g. if you change the filter shape of several tracks, you don’t end up with the same shape on all the tracks if these were not originally set to the same shape.

Do you think it would be possible to include an option in the settings enabling to chose between relative and absolute parameter control for the ctrl-all function?

With absolute value control, it would be easier to set all the controlled tracks to the same value (e.g. filter shape in my example) simultaneously, no matter their original parameter value.

(I don’t know if this is clear)