Strange issue when changing parts

Hi guys! I just received my to mk2. Loving it so far and trying tolerant following Cenk video tutorial.
I noticed that whenever I switch parts an fx happen, something like a warping sound , sometimes more like a stutter fx. Im not sure if its supposed to be like that or not. Id like a seamless transition between the parts but so far I couldn’t understand how to do it.

Also having few issue with freezing and weird sounds once in a while. Maybe some faults in the fw?


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different delay-time-settings


different FX on parts (therefore the parts and other good stuff)

this is how i can imagine it - and don’t forget to use the option ‘silence tracks’

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thanks for the reply! I tried with a new project, no fx on tracks an master. I have part one with thru machines, part 2 with the flex machines using the recorded buffer from part 1 thru. still hearing this weird morphing fx. And having big problem in keeping the volume consistent. Part 2 with the sampled material is way more loud…

just one moment

could you exactly give an explanation on what you are doing? Could it be that part 2 is using a different setting on flex-machines under RATE (pitch vs beat) and TSTR (on/off)?


Master-track volume on part2 is different from part1? track-levels are different between parts?

and if i remember right, samples are always recorded +10db from factual input-level (zero + 10db), so sample-levels on part2 might be also different from part1

or do you have some scenes (A or B) active on part1 which are not active on a new part

i’d like to reconstruct your problem (although it might be possible that MkII’s firmware is different from MkI in some terms)

i forgot, when you use samples (the recorded ones) it can be the case, that a short ‘sound-lag’ can appear because of loading pre-recorded sounds into part2 flex-engines

hey man thanks for your help. I figured out how to balance volumes now. I took a video of what happens when I with parts, so you can hear the problem.

So on part one I have 3 thru machines with recording trigger, all set to 16 step.
part 2 are 3 flex machines that use the part 1 sampled stuff. The weird thing happen mostly when I switch from part 2 (flex machines) to part 1 (thru).

are the record-trigs one-shot or ongoing on part1?

Do you know what your scenes are doing? You may want to mute them or at least one of them with the fader all the way over, because when you switch part your also switching scenes…

When you switch parts all sorts of stuff can happen, especially if your not doing it from quantized pattern switch and just switching in the middle of a pattern.
You will hear the results of every parameter that is different changing and affecting already playing audio tails on each track until a new trig kicks in and plays straight with the new parts settings…
It’s not always just going to work smooth, but has potential to be exploited to vast degrees…

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Even your recorder setups will change so you may want to have exactly the same settings if switching between parts that record and ones that don’t especially if done in the middle of a pattern, to retain continuity…

Linking a part to another pattern often yields much smoother results by using a pattern switch and you have global and per track options to silence tracks on the switch…

If really wanting to switch parts mid pattern, it may be wise to copy the first part and make changes to it when creating the second part, so that parameters don’t jump back to default values and only the ones you want change, allowing a smoother transition…


hi ! thanks for all your help guys, really appreciated.
So the recorder trigs are one shot, and at the moment of that video i dient use any fx or particular settings. also on the master track there is nothing going on. Scenes are empty and all fx are disabled.
not that the slow tape fx is bad, sometime is kinda intreresting, but id ove to control that.
If i change the part mid pattern i thought it was quantized and the change happens when the patter starts again, is that wrong?
If you watch cenk video his transitions are perfectly smooth and he doesnt change patterns. Tried to reach out to him , lets hope he’ll shed some light!

When you manually change part it just does it right then.
In each bank of 16 patterns you have 4 parts to work with. By selecting a pattern and then loading a part, the pattern become linked to the part. So all patterns are linked to a part, the last one that was loaded to that pattern. When you switch patterns linked to different parts, they both switch at the same time on pattern switch…

I’m thinking your getting some sort of audio effect from some parameters switching, but maybe not…
As a test you could create a pattern with a few flex tracks simply playing some samples dry, edit pages default.
Save its part, copy the part, load another part, paste the part.
Now you have two of the same parts, make a small change on the second one like amp settings or something, save it. (something like amp attack/release, but not rate/pitch/fx)
Now run your pattern and switch parts mid pattern, all you should hear are the results of the different amp settings, and no weird artifacts… This can help you verify that the artifacts are from certain settings and not an OT part switch issue in general…


There is definitely pattern switching in cenk’s latest OT video!!

thanks! i will definitely try this

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So Cenk confirmed me that this is an expected behaviour of the machine. i find it happen in his video at some point to, so nothing to be worried of. I just need to make tighter chages or use different patterns.

ow lets hope the freezes and crashes are going to be solved soon with fw. yesterday it freezes 5 times in 2 hours…

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I have ran into exactly the same issue as you have - based on the same tutorial. I am on a MK1 machine.
Posted here: (Video) Octatrack MK2 resampling the Roland TB03 & TR09

Would you be able to share more details about how / why this is expected behaviour?
I was under the impression that the switch should be (able to be) seamless.

Have not had a chance to try out the advice from @Open_Mike, but will do so later today.
I still wonder if anyone actually has it working “seamlessly” using the Part approach… and/or whether the behaviour is universally reproducible.

i dont know the technical details, but when you switch parts on the same pattern there is a kind of morphing , so you need to change it with tight timing. i just did as suggested: just link the scene 2 to pattern 2, in this way the transition will be seamless and quantized.
In the other way (the one on cenk video) wi have to expect that something weird can happen). if you watch his performance video you will see that happen few times.

You can copy the entire pattern and then load a different part to it. Then you can use pattern change to quantize the part shift. If there’s 4 parts you can make 4 copies and load a different part to each one…

Seemless part switches are possible but they must be programmed in a way that works mid pattern or used on pattern change. Some could make artifacts on pattern change too but it’s because of certain changes or fx happening to playing audio, my first two posts try to explain that more… It’s all about what changes are made from one to the next, the audio is always a result of those changes and not an error…
There’s start silent options for tracks which can eliminate this on pattern change, but note that it can be planned to do cool things and doesn’t have to be avoided, it can be utilized…

It’s not a fault of the OT it’s just the results of a drastic switch of parameters that affect the audio in real time, with a sequencer running that is also changing the parameters to complicate things…

Thank you, @Open_Mike and @fredweb.
The two pattern approach is the way to go, I can get the seamless switching via that route.
And @Open_Mike, you are right. The artifacts of switching parts can indeed be used in a positive way! :slight_smile:
Thanks again!


Hi guys,
I’m new to octatrack (mk2), so maybe I’m doing something wrong…
I’m trying to create the same mr dataline realtime mangling model, but I’m stopped at this problem:

On part 1, I have THRU machine which can on arm command record pattern of live feed via oneshot trig, on part 2 FLEX machine for mangling.
This works ok, on part 1 I hear live input, I record pattern of live input, I switch to part2 FLEX and everything looks good. But if I’ll lock any trigger for any slice, when I return to part 1 THRU, this slice lock will interpret in THRU machine as lock on input volume (with variable around -50 value), so I can’t hear live input.

It’s interesting, that both FLEX’s slice and THRU’s volume are in the same track parameter SRC menu, at the same data entry spot-they are just changing on display when changing machines with part command. Even when I change trig lock for retrig in FLEX, the change will mirror in THRU’s volume for INCD input. When I change lock value for volume in THRU, it reflects in other slice number in FLEX.

I tried new project, making trigs before dealing with parts, or after it, it’s the same.
Am I missing something?

In that video Cenk has the same “problem” you mention. You can see him clear our the locked trigs from the part with the FLEX machine after switching back to the THRU. Like the artifacts with switching a part mid-pattern, this can be considered part of the “happy glitchy accidents” that not only he embraces, but seem to be part of the inherent character to the Elektron machines.

If you want a clear set of trigs when switching between live vs playing back a buffer, use two different patterns, or two separate tracks with a crossfader selecting which one is active.