Stimming reviews the Model:Samples



I thought for sure he was going to hate on it. Turns out he actually likes it… a lot. I keep going back and forth between this and OP-Z. I know they’re different beasts, but either seems like it could serve a similar purpose for my needs (portable music making).


After my second day with it I’m loving it more and more. It’s living up to the excitement I’ve had since it was announced!! Super fun and powerful! Recommend it. But I also absolutely love the op-z (a little more even). Both incredibly fun and powerful.


No attack envelope is the biggest deal breaker I’ve heard of until now. Still seems pretty sweet, but I use attack to shape sounds all the time.


You can use the LFO setup’s envelope waveform to create a reversed envelope for attack.


If they didn’t include it, but they are well known for creating amazing instruments, don’t you think there must be a very good reason that they didn’t?


Nah man, it’s not like that. I don’t want one myself, but I’m just saying; as well known instrument designers, must be a reason they didn’t include it.


The way I see it, it was among the several omissions made to keep the encoder count on the more manageable/ mobile side. Like. I believe I understand the philosophy, but I’m just not sure I agree with it — especially at this price point. :confused:

To be clear, I wasn’t intending to be spicy. It was moreso meant as a poke.


Haha yeah I agree with you about the reasons; encoders, workflow, intended use, etc. Poke taken as intended, no problem. I’m not lusting over it, Digitakt is much much cooler and takes too much of my time already :grin:


Absolutely. I just. I truly can’t think of anyone I’d feel right about suggesting this to over something like the OP-Z (astronomically greater feature set for only a hundred or so more used/ 200 new.) — and it’s certainly my opinion that everyone would benefit from saving up a little more for the Digitakt or Digitone.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal of the immediacy ‘knobs per function’ affords people who’ve yet to be indoctrinated, and perhaps this was a decision to increase Elektron’s demographic/ reach/ user base, but I’m wary of this creating a bit of a fracture among their user base.

The Elektron brand has long been synonymous with extensive depth and control to those who want it, but with every new line of products, things become more and more surface level. Everyone who picks up M:S will see and use the device in the same way, as what you see is what you get. I think it’s a complete 180 from where they began and it makes me rather sad.


The op-z is 200 more fwiw.


Sorry about that. I could’ve sworn I saw one go for lower, but alas. :sweat_smile:


I don’t really get your comment. There’s always a reason, but there’s still no attack parameter, and I still want that when working with samples.


I actually like this guys review. Hes good.


Nice my wish come true a new review by mr. stimming


Meh… But Stimming is cool :sunglasses:


In UK opz is £100 more new


Came across this while working on an ambient thing based on the wave files in the stock samples - I had a nice sea-like sound going on, but it was pretty jarring without any way to ease in the hit.

As psychicHoney says, you can use the LFO’s envelope, but I was already using the LFO in another aspect of the sound design, so no dice.

I get the impression this is primarily considered a beats-based unit. The trademark claims someone found make me wonder if Model:Beats was a working name for this model - a sampling drum machine perhaps, and then they took it in the ‘Samples’ direction to make it more of a groovebox.

Or maybe the Models: range is designed to be more opinionated - each model having its own sound to it. In that case, the M:S could be the more aggressive sound, for instance?

That aside, I really enjoyed the interview. Fair and well-presented, and good to see a pro talk us through his own usage case and show off some of the live capabilities of the box :smiley:


I use filter env and amp env on my DT all the time for the beat elements.
I bet (second time today) that elektron will bring us next somthing like full futured machines, with similar on hand expirience, and this will be the mk3 series of their “pro” line of machines. Price point ~1700-1800€


Yeah I realised that as I was typing it - guess I’m just trying to put a positive spin on it.

Not sure why the decay knob couldn’t just have a FUNCTION option to do attack - they’ve done the same on other knobs and it doesn’t make much of a difference to the immediacy.