Stimming reviews the Model:Samples


It appears he doesn’t really know the Digitakt though. Saving to temp is something from the Digitakt, yet he brings it as if it’s something new. You should compare this review with his Digitakt review. I want to take this review seriously but his lack of basic understanding of the Digitakt makes it really hard. I expected better from him I guess. Disappointing and unfair to the Digitakt haha. Other than that it’s a good demonstration of the M:S.


The way I understood him is that he’s commenting on the ergonomics (?) of this feature. You know, with the YES/NO buttons being so close to each other and everything on the Digitakt, it was easy to make mistakes. Not anymore on the Model:Samples.


Thats his own fault too but its not the same as the part about “Saving to temp” which he brings as something new. Even though thats also on the Digitakt.


Yes, that is so, his review is exelent


Oh yeah, you were refering to this other part. I dunno :man_shrugging:


You misunderstood it. He initially phrased it in a strange way, but he then went on to make it clear that the save and recall shortcuts were too close together, and that it’s been improved on the M:S.


No it’s a separate part in the video (around 19 mins) where he shows saving to temp and reloading that part again. Also there’s an undo for most functions on the Digitakt which he doesn’t seem to realise.


Haha so it seems like we’re all mixing up the parts around 14.00 and 19.00

EDIT: Although I somewhat doubt that he’s not familiar with this feature on the Digitakt.


Yeah, he is showing how ergonomical this is, there is no yes or no buttons, just reload? So you can not save it acedentelly, you can only reload it…
I think it is a fehr point he is making.
Maybe in some dark clubs of Hamburg and Berlin this makes performing smother.


I’ve watched him a couple of times and I think he is very talented at making interesting beats. I really like his sound. I wouldn’t buy a model samples though, I have an OT :wink:


It is a fair point and its not what I was talking about. I was talking about what happens around 19 mins, not what happens around 14 mins.

It’s also a fair point to say that muscle memory will prevent any accidental reloading or saving on the Digitakt. I think he was much more honest in his Digitakt review than this one.




well, he might not actually use the Digitakt much? - he does says he uses two OTs on stage, and he shows the AR when he’s demonstrating the difference in build… so maybe he doesn’t even have one anymore!


I have a TOY BOX. Its my special place. In it are the OP-1 the OP-Z and Woody and a Ww2 tank and a few bits of lego. and now wahey the Samples. Good times.


Yeah, he says that he screwed the reload function up a few times playing live with the DT. And his point is about the ergonomics. I think there are a few moments in this review where the language becomes a problem, a bit clearer when he does the in German and subtitles them.


Wait. How exactly was he somehow less ‘honest’ during this review? :thinking:

That’s a pretty incredible claim to accuse him of, considering both reviews demonstrate the opposite.


What I found most interesting about the review is the reaction to the reverb. I had just assumed it was the same reverb algorithm from the RYTM and DT, but Stimming appears to like the reverb on the M:S much more.

Is the reverb on the M:S indeed a different algorithm from the DT. If so, are the delay and overdrive different as well?


No, it’s all the same (dist probably fine tuned for M:S level scaling though), but since the control of it is different it is perceived as being different. And naturally, the outcome of twisting x parameters on DT and y parameters on M:S will have different outcomes as well.


It is just my opinion, relax :slightly_smiling_face:


With the Digitakt, it was like he was prodding a dead animal with a stick. Now, with the Model:Samples he’s all of the sudden (mostly) on board, even enthusiastic. Sure, he could’'ve grown to appreciate the functionality (of the 'takt, and maybe the DN) since that review, but it does feel like an inconsistent change of heart. The Model:Samples does seem pretty fun / immediate / good for live use… I don’t know Stimming, though. He seems a bit fickle. It was nice to see him express his desire for a true drum synthesizer (from Elektron), like the MD, for instance.