Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


I think the lines are more blurred than you’re making out.

I imagine there’s an awful lot of ‘pro’ gear sitting in hobbyist’s home studios gathering dust while loads of cheaper bits of equipment (without individual outputs and other ‘serious’ features) are being used by creatives to produce music far more often.


i don’t believe the user makes the gear. sorry. agree to disagree.

a professional driver in a nissan sentra doesn’t allow the nissan to compete with a formula 1 machine.


imagine what these creatives could do with better gear!


I like your analogy but For music the analogy isn’t too strong because two different people can pick up the same violin and play it in an entirely different manner. The player often makes the instrument in music.


‘Better’ is subjective though.

If raw power was important in music, everyone would ditch instruments completely and just compose in a DAW.

I see your point, but if you just judge a device by its missing features then you’ll spend forever chasing the perfect bit of gear and not very long actually making music. Sometime it’s good to get a bit of perspective and focus on what a device CAN do rather than what it can’t


they have overaccess with mobile control :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thankfully they didn’t though. The OT is the last piece that should be tied to the OB debacle.


In a world where OB would be released in a timely manner, OT could benefit from it greatly. For example, with some clever coding, you could integrate VST plugins to OT workflow with OB.


I can see the appeal from it in a perfect world, but for the current state of affairs it would only cause issue. Only if they decided to nix the outputs for OB outputs, that is. If it was the same OT (4 outs) plus OB that would be different. Although, there are already many users who sequence VST’s with the OT that resample them with success which is plenty fine, imo.


Got to say, that makes me wonder a bit why have OT in the loop at all… Why not just do everything in DAW?

I was thinking more of having VST effects in OT tracks.


A lot of people prefer the “immediacy” of the OT. In this way they’re just using VST’s as extra sound sources. It is very common for people to use iOS apps as sound sources as well. Cuckoo’s OT MKII video showed him using Komplete Kontrol as a sound source for his OT and the beat sounded incredible (like always, haha.) 5 minutes with some VST’s or a DAW and you can have a lifetime worth of sounds to use in the OT without the computer again.

A good comparison is the Circuit; spending an hour making some patches on the computer can give you weeks worth of fresh jamming material that no longer needs a computer.


Not only that, if we only focused on what’s necessary to make music these days most people would stick with a computer and a mouse. I think evaluating gear as necessary or not is sometimes a futile endeavor.


Most professionals use DAW’s. Some use gear. It’s really what you works for you. Using something like a OT is more tactile for me. Been using computers for music forever. Using OT to trigger Reaktor is like having the most advanced synth in a laptop, being triggered by a drum machine. Best of both worlds. I had Machine (and still use it), but using machine, I still relied mostly on the laptop screen. Using the OT to trigger the computer is a whole different story.


I think Ableton is very ”immediate” and the sequencer in it works great. OT on the other hand is kind of confusing to me. But I guess it’s apples and oranges.


If it works for you and you are using it creatively to get what you need done, keep at it. It’s all about the music anyways


Yeah it’s all just personal preference. I personally prefer Maschine/Ableton for making my tunes, but after owning a DT for a short while I definitely see the appeal of an OT as a standalone.


In the software world, I always got more done in Fruityloops… Used Ableton for a while, but producing in it felt like a spreadsheet. Tried Maschine when it first came out. Still have the MK1 Maschine controller…that never really caught on with me. So, now I just sample the shit out of everything…and at this moment I’m using Ableton triggered by the OT with one track. I’m learning Operator in and out…using Ableton as a FM synth.


Elektron: “Overbridge is on the roof”



Very personal indeed. I’m procrastinating much more with computers !
As I was working with computers as web integrator, at a moment I wanted to record every musical creation with a looper, with later post processing. Then I had Octatrack. :heart_eyes:
Easy file transfer with the CF card.

Me too, 15 years ago. It was fun, creative, and the quickest for VST testing… Random slices, before OT !

Now I’m still not friend with any computer operating system. Maybe I’ll change my mind when my home studio will be ready…:content:


Not at all man…in all honesty I’m trying to open some minds…discuss…point things out…also trying to understand…checkin in on OB… doing research… I’m at work & when I’m bored I play on music forums…

I’m not on a high horse at all. I’m not a fan of horses :o)

I understand why people are upset, which I’ve stated numerous times.

I agree what Elektron did was shady, which I also stated numerous times.

I love how people read between my lines when there is absolutely nothing between my lines.

I think software is absolutely amazing & I think the ultimate set up is hybrid.

& what I don’t understand? Which I’ve made clear? & what I’m actually trying REALLY hard to understand? Is why people buy products that do NOT have a feature that is important to them & then complain on a forum for months & months & months without doing a damn thing about it. Why?

Why do people spend “their hard earned money” (I’ve heard this statement a few times) without doing research? & then complain on a forum for months & months & months & do not do a damn thing about it?


& I get everyone is different. But even if I was in a situation where I wasn’t in the wrong? & I was done wrong? THERE IS ALWAYS A LESSON TO LEARN.

Another thing is, I’m not even that informed, not sure why you think I am. Like I previously stated as well, right when Digitakt came out it took a few minutes of research to know that OB was not included, but will be coming. It’s still coming. Yeah it’s taking time, but again, SH!T happens!! Everyone that REQUIRES OB to use their Elektron product, which does NOT have OB, should realize they took a risk. They took a risk by not researching. They took a risk by buying a piece of gear without a 30 day return (if OB was that important I’m sure you would know it doesn’t have it in the 30 days, return it, get ALL your money back & realize you just had a few weeks to play with a toy you didn’t even pay for).

Reason I post in here? I just might use OB if it has it. So I check out this thread. See comments that make me laugh. See comments that make me frustrated with the human race. & sometimes I can’t keep my mouth shut. I speak my mind.

I like discussing music and I am extremely fascinated by the human mind. A lof of interesting comments in these “where is OB” threads. It’s entertaining. I also like CREATING discussion…I say something extreme? Say something extreme back to me & open MY mind! I LOVE being proved wrong. Seriously. I LOVE being challenged.

So there…that’s why :kissing_heart: