Status update on Overbridge [posted May 2018]


But the Volca isn’t even a sampler really…if you can’t actually sample with it. Kind of like the Circuit. It can play what you put into it. But, whatever. Semantics.


It all comes down to doing the best you can with what you have. I saw a kid in Mexico play for an hour…a really good noisy set, with just a Korg Volca and a distortion pedal.



i’ve learnt not to buy anymore Elektron products until at least Overbridge has been released.

from your posts I gather you don’t really care about Overbridge 2, it’s not part of your workflow, maybe! You are hardware and not software, old skool!

so i am curious, why are you posting so much on this forum thread “status update on Overbridge”?

reading your posts on this thread it would appear, and i’m trying to be gentle with this observation, that you are riding a very high horse, tut-tuting at all those that aren’t as informed as you are. just an observation!


True to a degree. But professionals don’t use SK5s for example but sparingly, for effect. The feature set is too limited. I let my kiddo play with mine. When she’s a teenager I’ll buy her an SP404 off craigslist.

Back on topic, I’ve come full circle on Overbridge. At first, as an early DT investor I was annoyed. But look - they are working on it. If at some point Elektron makes an about face and says “hey…it’s just not possible actually” well then there will be hell to pay, and deservedly so. But I think, I mean, look at their products, they are all cutting edge digitally controlled hardware. I believe they have the talent to figure it out. And if not, well, oh well.


Autechre used a Casio SK-1


What time and energy. Literally I post a couple of times as replies to people, then ignore the thread for a week. Still trying to sell my A4MKII, can’t unload it as the market is flooded with used ones at the moment (Wonder why) and I’m keeping my Digitone cause i’m less using it for multitracking and more as a polyphonic fm synth. A4 has been replaced in the studio with a Prophet 6. Modular is still in operation. Life continues on.


Dont bother man.


You’re literally the most frequent poster in both the Overbridge topics, 25 in this one and 110 in the last Overbridge topic, check the first post of each. And your post have been quite lengthy but if that’s not time or effort for you more power to you.


Once this topic has more than 2000 replies we will probably have another “we’re working on it” update and a new topic :slight_smile:


Can’t wait !


This is what I always thought “pro” meant when talking about audio gear. “The most common nominal level for consumer audio equipment is −10 dBV, and the most common nominal level for professional equipment is +4 dBV”
Although ye canny beat a good bit of tape hiss :sunglasses:


If PRO is written, it is not.


Fake it till you make it!


I wonder why they didn’t update the architecture in OT mk2 so that USB would have access to the audio path? Seems like something they could have done quite easily as they have many other devices with this functionality.


It’s not as simple as you might think… would require more code and in turn a new architecture for the entire device.

There isn’t enough space, the new device would not be compatible with the old one. Software would have to be written again from scratch etc…


Is it Tuesday yet?


Otmkii wasn’t really an update, I’d wager a big reason for mkii devices was parts based, old parts like buttons and encoders running out impacting ability to produce more machines and fix ones under warranty, much like what happened with the silver boxes. Ot only got extra buttons to address features that were already available and a firmware update for conditionals.

That’s my thoughts for usb midi not being added to the ot. Ultimately otmki to otmkii wasn’t a true upgrade.


semantics. call it whatever you want. there are distinct quality tiers associated with tools we use to process audio. with a lot of gray area in-between, admittedly. A sampler with multiple outputs, so that each voice or keygroup can be mixed independently of the other is likely in a different tier than one that doesn’t. Again, call the tiers whatever you want. A full-featured sampler, that can compete with the most complete pieces of gear out there should have a way to process its voices/tracks/keygroups independently. my 2cents.


plus 1000

i really don’t “get” OTmk2