Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


Before Christmas 2018?

Magic 8 Ball Results


I have posted in other threads that the delay in development is due to Apple and Windows updating the USB drivers in their operating systems. I use OB for my AR and AK and experienced a sharp decrease in bandwidth when I updated to High Sierra. I now have to run each through a separate USB port, even using Overhub.

Obviously, Elektron can’t blame it on another company, but I can and quietly do. I haven’t seen any real aggregate demand for higher USB transfer rate, even from the audio world (typically picky customers), but I have seen plenty of complaints about lack of compatibility due to “updated” versions of software. (I would actually appreciate a real argument for the benefits from someone who is more acquainted with the technology.)

Yet, the “next version” is always pushed out in order to sell more gadgets (and higher priced cables) at the expense of users and other (smaller) companies. The industrial revolution succeeded largely in part to STANDARDIZATION which the digital world seems so willing to ignore.

Addendum: Elektron makes hardware the lasts decades. They are a functional physical asset that will appreciate over time. My computer from 2001 is useless, and the OS is about the same, but MD is still in demand. That is just the nature of the high-end drum machine market and the computer market. The interface between those markets is naturally chaotic, and unfortunately the drum machines lose out to the numbers.



I have been facing the exact same issues when upgrading to High Sierra on my last MacBook Pro! You might have found a part of the answer for such a long delay here.
Although I’m not an expert in USB Bandwidth!
I still have an iMac running with Mountain Lion and this one is still able to stream properly the audio from my AR and A4 Mk1, even though I need to only have those 2 hooked up on USB ports and I can’t add any other type of controller nor Ssd while streaming, it actually works.
However on my High Sierra Mac, from the beginning I can only stream one box at a time otherwise audio is glitchy as hell.
So +1 for the half responsibility from Elektron.

Also when using your hardware or software, rule number 1 is to never do any kind of upgrade before being sure that everything will be stable. At least that’s what I learned for the last 10 yers or so.

I’m not in position of speaking for Mk2 users nor Digiboxes obviously and I haven’t been sold the computer seamless integration thing (which was definitely a bad advert). But I’m still quite confident in Elektron and, at the end of the day (or year maybe), that everything will work fine.

best we can all do is hang on and wish they find their way around this mess.


Im with you guys on this 100%.
Almost got a tempest then found out about their low par handling of things.
The Waldorf Quantum is on tge list, the prophet x absolutely is not.


I understand the desire, but this is never going to happen. Elektron is a company that holds its card to the chest and keeps the customers at (what they think is) a healthy distance. It’s a good strategy for the most part, keeps them safe from getting dragged through the mud over details. We’ve probably all seen companies that take a very different approach; heavy presence on forums, quick and detailed email responses…the folks at strymon and meris come to mind. This accessibility can be quite charming and may help cultivate brand loyalty.

Only, Elektron’s lack of communication is starting to backfire on them and is beginning to relect poorly on the company. I think we all feel bad about this - even those of us whom have never met the likes of Simon and Cenk in person can just tell that they’re solid dudes. Frankly, it’s awkward and uncomfortable to see them squirm because of this situation. Can’t wait till this is behind everyone.

I know he can’t say either way, but no one will ever convince me that Simon wouldn’t say more if he could. But he wants to keep his job, so he can’t.


As the old saying goes
‘You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t’


Now I am torn between believing @Ryan or believing Magic 8-Ball.


Ummmm! Did your 8 BALL have a DREAM?!

I think NOT!


@TonyDS I made a point to watch your video all the way through and I didn’t yawn… I hope others can say the same for my post.

@KOBOL-909 I have no knowledge of Elektron’s capability of anticipating OS updates as I am not in the industry, but I imagine it is pretty difficult to react to arbitrary changes across multiple platforms, especially with a small company. I’d be more like 80/20 in assigning my blame (20 at Elektron, 80 at market forces).

Elektron will deliver. The question isn’t when, but the quality at which they will deliver it at. Given their track record of hardware that lasts decades, I am anticipating that they are developing software that will reliably last through their next line of products with the ability to anticipate OS updates as well.

Forecasting the future isn’t easy, and I imagine that it is difficult to tame the software within the more limited parameters offered to USB1/USB2 by the early generations of USB3 software/hardware. Apparently they “nerfed” parallel USB1/USB2 communications with USB3 drivers. Where USB1/USB2 could send multiple pieces of information in the same message, now it only sends one.

@psyclone001 Yup. The eagle will always peck your liver.


And as the other saying goes, and my grandmothers favourite (bless her soul)
‘You’ve made your bed, now lie in it’


Cypress Hill always said:
“When the shit goes down you better be ready…”


They also said “what goes around comes around”


Indeed. And now this handling will affect Elektron sales as well as word spreads.


Can you elaborate what the big bump is? Latency issues? Sound quality problems? If it’s because of hardware limitations, no amount of software development is going to fix it I’m afraid.

In software development, sometimes it’s good to accept a project is not a success and dedicate resources on something new instead.


There is alot of energy here and i bet it could be put to great use helping!!!

I would love to beta this…we would love to beta to give you the feedback you kneed to make it happen…

I have a complex set up using a Yamaha N12 desk that the audio driver doesnt alow other devises to work along side them. But my access virus has its TI working over 3 usb stereo channels no probs…come on…open up Elektron we want the same thing…!!!

Let us contribute to the expidition of the realisation if the outcome.!!!


Yeah great idea. I’m in


It’s so obvious now. All we need to do is try to mansplain software development a little bit harder to a team with vastly greater skills, experience, and resources than ourselves… and then things would be fixed [snaps fingers] just like that.


Funny I feel like Homer Simpson learning Elekton gear!


“But Jesus looked at them and said, With men it is impossible, but not with Overbridge; for with Overbridge all things are possible.”

Mark 10:27