Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


You should send this in a mail to Elektron directly so they don’t miss it. “hey guys, if it’s hardware related, software won’t fix it!”. I’m sure they
didn’t think of that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry mate, couldn’t resist.

I think Elektron should give all frustrated customers free ice cream every day until it comes out to rectify the situation. Pizza too.


Obviously some have escaped the collective. Alert the hive. Digitone them.
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Good point about timing. Some of us ordered DT in April 2017. Also to the sell and move on people. If i’d sell it at this point it would be with the biggest loss ever. One year unused… the market is flooded with these things in Norway


Well, they obviously haven’t thought about everything seeing as the project has been a failure so far.

Some hardware issues can actually be helped with clever workarounds in software side, but in many cases it won’t work and is not worth the time and effort.

One interesting option would be to release OB in its current state as open source and let the community try to help solve the issues with it.


Overbridge is tied to the boxes’ OS, so that’s a no go for them. Also, Open source tend to make developpement much slower, for various reasons, so that wouldn’t actually help at all.


Sorry 4 all,
but this is honestly how it feels to me!


I don’t get it?


They’re a niche synth company having software coding troubles and not the best pr…
Comparing them to the global axis of evil seems a stretch… :joy::joy:
I keep saying just putting gas in your car is supportting extremely worse things than buying a DT… :smile:
Nobody seems to care about that…


Going to my ouija board to find the release date then


Really? I’ve seen like four on Finn in the last six months. Would love a cheap second DT :smiley:


Not sure what makes you think open source makes development shorter, especially when discussing OB. It’s closed source and see where that has got us?


I know someone doesn’t need to be a furniture maker to be an armchair expert on a topic they have little knowledge of, but which active open source projects have you ever contributed to?


Not sure how my experience is related to the discussion, are you trying to somehow undermine my comments validity? But if you must know, personally I don’t contribute to open source projects. I only code closed source because I do it for my employer and I choose to spend my free time for doing other things than coding. But naturally I use plenty of open source software and I think I know what it means (and I can always look it up on wikipedia if I forget).


I snagged one of them for a sweet sweet price. Seems like a few people are dropping them due to lack of overbridge support.


There are some talented people on this board for sure, but to say that they’d get it finished quicker than a dedicated team of paid full-time professionals is pretty ludicrous.


well at the least free sound packs right? Also since I bought both an A4 MK2 and an OT MK2, the A4 MK2 still has zero OB support, why not give me free OT sample packs and A4 MK2 sample packs at no charge for the lack of OB support in the A4 MK2? Elektron should at least make good on this from a customer service perspective as they really dropped the ball BIG TIME!


Sorry but Elektron needs to fess up and not continue selling false advertising!


You should definitely ask Elektron for free sample packs for your A4mk2


Try looking at that picture with these subtitles:

Clinton: “Overbridge!”
Bush: “:slight_smile:

Dunno if this is was OP meant but it works for me!


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