Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


I certainly hope they don’t abandon OB, now more than ever.


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That’s a bit of a worrying status update here. But let’s rejoice for Elektron offering 5 full sound packs to every Digitakt owner ! (shhh… I’m trying an inception here) :smiley:


Exactly. Obviously I’m speculating, but what I imagine is that designers conceived a four-output entry-level box, with a price point around $800. Then money people started spitballing, and suggested let’s make it a stereo box for $699, which will be fine for many users…but then upsell a $79 software package to get closer to that original price point, and we’ll offer them all eight outs over USB. They voted, the higher-ups thought it was a great idea, and the developers gave a lot of shaky smiles and forehead-sweat. And here we are.


… or go to a bank to fund a project in the development phase like companies do it since forever. i don’t know what’s up with that modern trend of abusing your customers wallet for that.


that the support ticket i send im really disgusted.

hey elektron
i bought my digitakt last summer. Overbridge was clearly advertised as available before the end of the year. Was one of the charac that sell it to me.
You failed to deliver it before the end of the year. You promised it again for february. You failed again. Now you don’t give any date, but you promise. I imagine i should trust you. again. In the same time, you were at namm and deliver i dont know how many new units good for you !

I feel like victim of false advertising. Repetitive lies.

Could i send you back my digitakt and lid and have my cash back??


When it arrives, it’ll be really fantastic. Till then, it’s just a case of being old skool and doing it one by one.

I am really looking forward to its arrival btw.




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One positive thing in all of this is that with this version of Overbridge, Elektron at least seems to make sure it is done, stable, and well-tested before they release it.

Overbridge for the Mk1s always felt a bit unstable and unreliable, especially the initial releases.

It seems that they decided to do a full rewrite to make sure they have a solid and stable foundation for future development. That kind of thing takes time, but can make planning for new versions, additional features, and work needed for new OS releases much more reliable.

Once it’s done, it might actually “just work” this time.


I guess Elektron put too much meat on the table during just one year. DT, all the MK2 versions, DN…
Now, the developement team is overwhelmed by fixes to apply to those machines and the new OVB.
A bit too greedy :frowning:

Hope OVB will be available for ALL ovb-enabled machines at the same time.


Maybe we will get the ultimate surprise gift and they’ll OB-enable the OT2 :smiley:

I can dream can’t I…


So no ETA now?
That’s a worry


That would be :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I agree it’s even more concerning that they did not follow up with a new ETA. That implies an issue has occurred in development that can’t be quantified to provide a new deadline. I have a bad feeling Elektron may have to pull out on some OB features that have been previously advertised.


My concern is wether or not OB will be working with logic x… I’m really considering leaving Elektron… Who I love, btw…


I know it’s it a bit OFF-Topic but on updates, upgrades, ETA & Planning… I’m just out of the MPC Live and the Pioneer SP-16… because i have a feeling to be taken for a fooled customers who wait for (like) for years to get what’s promised and plan so… And i came back to Elektron because I prefer the workflow and what’s gives me… because I’m so happy when I see new functionalities added when it’s not planned I like a kid when it’s happen (of course there’s not the only one to add & make their product or software better in time)

Of course I’m like all of you a bit disappointed but I also agree with people who thinks better it comes when they are happy of the results (certainly based on a lot of things and expectations of it must be high with all machines they have now as OB-enabled or Compatible at some point)

I understand also the DT users to get separated audio, OB is clearly the only Bridge to that without the pain to get everything as takes after takes (but it’s also the case with the OT except you can divide by half the time to get your multitrack)

Anyway how do everyone does things before USB streams, Virus Total Control we have to find ways to get it done before so… I’m share emotionally on those things… I understand everyone. I also have a lot of problems recently so I think I’m more able to relativize things.

But guys it’s was a pain with Akai & Pioneer recently too… So if things are same for every company I guess I prefer to stick with those who make me dream a bit and gives a solid workflow and powerful gears. Because you can keep it for years, you usually surprised to find new way to use it in the time… that’s not something happened with every gear at least to me.


I actually think they don’t give another ETA as to prevent the risk from having to disappoint users again (and themselves). And I would totally understand it if that was the case.


I can wait a little longer but if this is going to take months then what is stated on the Elektron site is false advertising. I know a lot of people don’t care about OB but a lot have got used to it being part of their workflow and for someone who bought a MK2 machine recently and expected to fit it in to that workflow then it is a blow.