Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


Yeah I guess Elektron have chosen to keep customers frustrated with no proposed ETA, rather than having customers frustrated by not meeting their proposed ETA


I find it funny that these threads get locked. A couple users bickering and you choose to lock the thread for everyone else, so thousands of others cannot participate in a discussion about such an important matter.


Surely even the most ardent of Elektron defenders here can’t argue that before releasing a ton of new ‘Overbridge enabled’ machines, the priority should have been to complete that feature 1st?


If product development worked that way, then yes. But it doesn’t :slight_smile: The Mk2 machines and digitone were probably already years in the making. The release plan has probably been something that was finalized a year earlier. Additionally: it’s not as if a whole team of people is working on one thing at a time.

I’m not saying everything is rolled out in a perferct manner, but it’s simply not as easy as holding off a release to finish another product.


Yeah shutting threads down due to not liking the responses from paid customers about justified issues is a little too ‘big brother’ imo


My guess is that the people working on OB is not the same persons working on hardware units. Sure, there might be overlaps for integration but release of new hardware does not necessary translate to OB taking longer time to develop.


get rid of overbridge, make the hardware more functional straight from the box, keep the price, boom! i’m happier


Of course, and this isn’t what happened.
Some users abused of the free speech offered in this place to throw each other words they shouldn’t have.

I think @avantronica made it extremely clear that users could say anything here as long as everyone stays civil and respectful at each other.
So no personal bickering and we’re good.
And please let’s stay on topic.


Yes we see the flags and user suspended… Clearly not a relation with everyone point of view… it’s just personal bickering and non respect of the guidelines who lead to the lock thing.

+i do think it’s better to lock and unlock… because it’s always easy to slide from disapointment to climbing to insults… And it’s not a shit chat it’s a forum so…

I understood mods personally. without defending anyone or anything. just my personal point of view


Disappointing but not unexpected. Elektron seem to have bitten off more than they can chew.


Shit happens. We can wait. Please stop advertising the machines with Overbridge.


Not everyone feels that way though. I completely get the whole ‘don’t buy hardware if you’re concerned with daw integration’ argument. My 1st Elektron was the Octatrack, at that stage I’d completely ditched the computer, I then got the Rytm when it 1st came out long before Overbridge. I found though that I just wasn’t completing tracks with the hardware only setup. I only actually started to use Ableton when Overbridge came out and found it led to a much more productive workflow.

My main reasons for buying the A4MK2 more so than the sound of it itself was the option of the CV sequencing and being able to record 2 seperate external inputs along with voices from the machine simultaneously through OB. Yes if I had a high end interface with lots of inputs this wouldn’t be a concern but I don’t, the investment of an A4MK2 was to have all that and a poly synth in one.


Yes and the Digitakt only has the one pair of outputs, we need OB just to get multi-outs.


Gotta agree here.

On the DT main page we still see ‘Seamless computer integration with Overbridge’ and ‘Overbridge for Digitakt will be free of charge, and become available in February 2018’.
The Digitakt support page still says ‘The Overbridge software suite will become available for Digitakt in February 2018’. The ARII pages say still say Feb 18 too…and ‘read more’ links on these pages still take you to the news story saying… Feb 18.
We also had NAMM where the subject of OB was very much sidelined, no demo, and whisperings about ‘as soon as it’s ready’.

Fair play that the status update is linked from the main page - but OB for DT has been vapourware as far as the customer is concerned since release, and it doesn’t feel right to me that it should be featured so prominently. The feeling is one of having expectations managed and a lack of honesty about the difficulties in delivering OB as specc’d.

Not fussed on all the OB features here but my choice of DT was based on the availability of the option to stream individual tracks and inputs, and back the machine up.



It’s fine, dont worry about it. I hope you guys are doing alright. You are the best!


This is a joke Elektron, don’t give dates you can’t keep, be honest.

Us Digitakt owners are the runt of the litter, no one paid any attention to it till a couple weeks ago where someone pushed out an OS ‘upgrade’ that took about a week for one person to coble together.

Seriously how long are we expected to wait for a piece gear to work properly? We all have finished music on this machine that we can’t do anything with. SORT IT OUT.

Going to buy an MPC1000, since your tech can’t keep up with a 13 y.o machine.


It is unfortunate but not surprising, I can only imagine the number of “eels to juggle” to get a software working across multiple hardware machines and across multiple operating systems - all of which will themselves have updates which could break something, even with a large team dedicated to development its a big undertaking, and I think the realisation of this is finally hitting home, both with Elektron and customers.

If you are waiting for Overbridge be patient, and try to understand the complexities of delivering a stable multi platform application, I’m sure that Elektron want to deliver a solid product and that nas never been in doubt.


Ahaha… the mpc1000 is only good because of the unofficial firmware :wink:

Also, some of us don’t care about overbridge functionality.

However at this point I’d like to be able to make a full backup of the machine :disappointed_relieved:


And the fact that it has 6 outputs so i can stem out my music! :smile:


ProTip: Analog Rytm has 8 outputs, not counting the main outs :wink: