Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


Every synth company beside korg, Roland, and Yamaha are niche.


Thats fine. And done in a constructive way, can contribute to the forum. And for you, I can see you would have every reason to be upset due to the unique way you’re using the DT.


I thought so too in the beginning - until I started having problems: lag, crackles, noise, buggy display in OB control panel and even several bsod crashes with clear reference to OB driver (it seems to mess with kernel somehow). Only way to fix the situation was to stop using OB and buy a separate audio interface. I now have Steinberg UR22mk2 and it works perfectly.


make me lol thank,


You’re welcome, But unfortunately it’s true. Of course the perspective of someone who uses electronic instruments would be different cause they would be inundated in that culture. But to think any company that produces electronic instruments falls outside a very specific niche market is not accurate.


If I mentioned Elektron to anyone outside of the very small synth enthusiast community then I’d be met with blank stares. They’re hardly a household name!

The vast majority of musicians - even the majority of producers/keyboardists - will never own an Elektron product. They’re not a Fender or a Korg. I’d call that pretty niche.

I doubt their sales figures are THAT impressive. I agree with the post who said it’s a miracle Elektron can exist at all, let alone produce some of the best products on the market.


What I find most annoying of all is that Overbridge is still listed as a feature of the DT and DN on their product webpages, continuing to falsely advertise to new, unsuspecting buyers.



The best place to ‘bitch’ about it is to your consumer rights representative.

To express dissapointment and dissatisfaction, then by all means use this forum.

And as a fellow user of the forum, I find it very boring to see the same people, stating the same things over and over, without bringing anything positive to the place.

Write to elektrons ceo, consult your rights as a consumer, return the damn thing, just stop using the forum as your personal cry blanket.


Probably because a good number of people couldn’t care less about using OB.


I really don’t think I am, and this is not just some random thread. I agree with you that when people are spamming discontent it’s annoying, but this is a thread where there was made an announcement, just now, about delays to functionality. Did you expect people to be happy when you opened this thread?


I find it weird that people keep saying they don’t care about OB. I cant really be bothered to get involved in the whole whether elektron is in the wrong or not thing but overbridge is super sweet imo. The ability to stream all your tracks is infinitely useful, tracking in multiple runs sucks dick quite frankly. It’s the one thing that would make me want a digitakt


All I really need is to record eight tracks from DT into my DAW plus back up samples. It might be that Elektron are giving (well not yet anyway) more than people actually want.


If it weren’t for OB, I wouldn’t have purchased the DT- wouldn’t even have considered it


i would not have bought it with only 2 out without the overbridge promise. That’s what it sell it to me …


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I feel this way too, like maybe Overbridge as a whole is a solution without a problem. I imagine they did a study before they started pitching it, but who knows?


Seems like a lot of this could have been avoided by simply putting a couple more 1/4s on the back. 4 is all I really need.


Agreed, but it is a timing/priorities issue. Finish development on old OS code so you can release the product, or start working with the new code with no potential to release it. They are likely a small team and these two options are mutually exclusive. If the change is two years out, you’re going to work with what you have now. This is exactly what they did with OB - and people started having issues when the updates came out.

They have to fund the software development by selling hardware - you can’t really fault them for doing it in the order they’ve chosen. Otherwise they might have become financially insolvent.


No more words left for this :pensive:
i thought we reached the peak of that whole MK1/MK2, DT, DN OB disaster,
but it just starts …

after this i‘m not expecting anything else from elektron!

that‘s why it‘s called deadline and not aliveline


I think they’ve created a rod for their own backs. Its taken up too much time and resources and has caused, and will cause, a lot of future ill will. They have to keep working on it because of OS updates and so on. I’d honestly rather they drop it and focus on firmware updates, new products.
Most of us buy hardware so that we don’t have to look at a computer screen. Just give us 8 tracks in so we can record and save sounds. I mean you can automate so much using Reaktor and midi plus the midiloop functionality on the DT.
The more I think of it the crazier OB seems.