Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


Setting a deadline and blowing past it is what happens in almost every company where (middle) management and marketing don’t (want to) listen to their development team.


So don’t speculate then. Imagining the very worst in a company isn’t helpful.

Dear Elektronaunts, who among you have actual experience shipping cross-platform code that integrates with embedded hardware systems? Who among you have even read the Mythical Man Month?


Exactly. I thought so. Because most of you haven’t, and it shows.


Speculation, yes. Rampant, no. Both things require very different types of specialization.

Sorry, I meant to say “Digitakt”, not “Digitone”.




I’m happy to be patient for OB but agree with many a way to back up samples is now critical regardless of OB. To many hours of painstaking work crafting content to risk losing.


This happens constantly in my proffesion. Sales making deals that are terribly difficult for the technical teams to deliver… Sometimes impossible.


Setting a fixed deadline really doesn’t magically makes things go faster.

They surely could give more details, but I can understand why they don’t. It quickly gets really hard to explain why things didn’t work out when you’re trying to do so to people who haven’t been there themselves.


There are dudes here who would sacrifice their lives to defend Elektron’s reputation. For free, too.
Amazing :grin:


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even if Elektron has a dedicated team for Overbridge, I imagine they have to constantly adapt it to work with the influx of all the new products. There was no way they were hitting this deadline, they are stretched thin. Really sux. All i want is that damn transfer app. OB 2 can wait another 9 months as far as I’m concerned. Sadly for us theres a dependency there for some reason


That’s not an excuse though, is it? If somebody doesn’t deliver marketing or developers or management then somebody isn’t doing their job. Do we blame someone? I don’t think so, but we just want to know the reasons and progress. And we are the ones who are waiting and directly paying the salaries by spending ours. If I miss a deadline then I don’t get paid, simple concept really. If it would be a month, then nobody would complain.

It’s just simple as that and I don’t understand how people can still defend this pattern.

Show us a demo, release a part of OB, just sample transfer part, etc. Even go for a beta release or start with mk1s (which were the first in line…).


Whoa! This is a rough beat- I’m not mad, but more concerned. Last year OS update was promised for December and OB February. Missed both of those promised deadlines.

Again, I’m not mad- and I’m going to be really busy for the next few months- but those are some rough estimates as the DT OS ETA was ~2 months late

I understand an immenet eta was necessary for the time, but if those numbers didn’t mean anything then that’s pretty poor form.

Perhaps it was a useful strategy- who knows


If that’s the actually case, then you really should find another job.

EDIT: To clarify, I strongly feel that people who are employed in a regular job should be paid based on effort, not on result. Missing a deadline is in no way a reason to not pay people their salaries.


I just don’t miss deadlines :slight_smile: Have you ever missed a deadline by a year?

Since you have updated the post I have to chime in: I don’t say that anyone who misses the deadline should be fired! Effort doesn’t always bring results, like results not always mean effort. But if you order a product and it doesn’t have the features which sold it to you, then should I blame myself or the company? A bit of both really I suppose. And I am sure that I would be fired if I would just tell, hey sorry, we are going to be late, date unknown:)


I’m not defending anything. I am merely explaining what I think has happened based on my experience working on software development projects.


it’s a “…we’re going to need a bigger boat” scenario?


Sure. I have to add that it wasn’t a deadline I set myself.


This is pretty bad to be honest.


Then that’s apples and oranges :slight_smile: There are problems when things just don’t happen as they should, but that’s usually something major. DN probably could be called a major ‘project’ through the last year, not counting MK2s, Heat, Drive, etc.

I’m not saying that somebody should actually be fired, I have started to love Elektron for their products but it’s hard to give love when it feels like we are being just being lied to (even if that’s not the case). Some reality check would be good.

I really feel sorry for devs, as they seem to be the ones who are being just given more and more work (new products to support) but in the company I work we don’t market features that are not there and if we do then we deliver unless it’s REALLLLLLLY something bad. What’s so BAD that we don’t yet have OB (or even sample transfer for MK1, etc.) is unclear.


Maybe in 2005. Now everyone understand what Beta is. Hell, even Apple is doing public betas.