Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


I’ve pretty much stayed out of this debate as I don’t exactly have a need for OB. It’d be nice for sure but I’m good without it. I would love the promised transfer appand DualVCO for my AR though.

Operative word being subjective I. I don’t pretend to understand those people’s frustrations who bought it with OB being a key decision maker. In the begining I might have questioned why people didn’t look into OB status more thoroughly if it was one of the key deciding factors- that it was never really stable - but Elektron did give deadlines, so I can understand too the faith that was put in them and how utterly frustrating and disappointing it must be.

And I think the company feels the same if not more these things. It must be tough for them knowing they let their customers down so badly. It’s not an attempt to assuage your negative feelings towards, just something maybe to consider.

BUT In attempt to assuage your concerns, let me just say that Elektron has a more or less unblemished record of delivering on promises, and beyond. I can’t think of any promises they haven’t eventually fulfilled, and most of them came with (amazing) bonuses. (But anyone correct me if Im wrong).

So, keeping that in mind, consider the possibility that the coming OB is as rock solid as say RME products. It would be absolutely glorious and, imo, worth the wait. As in comparison, OB1 was a buggy mess.

And I personally think it had better damn well be. Otherwise the company is in serious trouble. Massive loss of faith in their base. Even the smallest bugs will be pounced on (and rightly so imo) And I think they know it.

I am not trying to tell anyone how to feel. I am only highlighting these things so that they might help in easing some nerves.


I agree with the rest of your post, but not this.

If OB gets canned (which seems unlikely but possible) all my elektrons still work.
Perhaps they will start to work even better if development resources refocus on enhancing the hardware only.

elektron’s problem is they marketed OB too well. People who didn’t ‘need’ it before it was announced and promoted, suddenly ‘realised’ it was critical for them.

Still, if it gets canned, I will miss some of what it promised, but I’ll still get a lot of use out of the hardware as is and I’d expect alternative firmware then to be developed to address the shortcomings of a non-OB world.


You might be right. But imo and pure speculation Elektron is trying to position itself to new customers and OB is critical in this. Not saying they would go bankrupt, only that what I see as their future game plan would have to be discarded. And that would spell trouble.

And anyway I personally, who doesn’t use OB, am still reluctant to buy any Elektron products in the future until this whole ordeal is sussed, mainly to see if remaining faithful to them is a wise decision. I barely consider DSI products due to the Tempest debacle for example.


Maybe they should have a kickstarter


OB1 was too weak.


Really? That’s crazy. I would have thought you’d have to do some crazy mod for separate outs, how does it separate the strings from one output? Don’t the channels bleed into each other?


It uses the GK pickup, which sends each string separately, it’s physically divided. It also means the pedal can change tunings on the fly, ans allows for guitar modelling including acoustic/banjo simulation, the usual synth stuff, and also polyphonic distortion which is super majestic! It’s an amazing pedal.


I previously decided not to buy Digitone until OB for Digitakt is released… I have now decided not to buy Digitone at all.


I previously decided not to buy Digitone until OB for Digitakt is released… I have now bought a Digitone.



Same. But now I’ve sold my AR MKII and will be selling my A4MKII shortly. Enough of these used models flood the market and they will lose money in new sales.


If unhzppy overbridge. People could just stop buying elektron…


Is that your strategy… to sell before your instruments drop in value (already too late) or to sell in the hope that if enough people also sell their instruments, they will drop in value even more?

Either way, that’s a lot of energy to be spending on something you’re not playing. Hope you find something that works for you.


This sucks


if only Elektron would stop selling overbridge for Elektron DT.


I agree. It sucks.

I saw your setup in the other thread. I love the layout. I assume your workflow is predominantly software. How are you using your A4 MKii right now, Midi from Ableton and audio into the Focusrite, or something similar? I feel like there could be a way to get most of the way to homebrew OB with your setup.

I only ask because recently I’ve found myself dreading setting up an Ableton project with all of the individuals channels from my Elektron gear. I’ve grown quite comfortable mixing nearly everything in the actual hardware and the idea of using my mouse to move faders doesn’t sound appealing. It’s a little different since you have Push though. My laptop has just been a recording device and an oscilloscope for a few months now.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal of VSTs on individuals tracks and waiting for OB sucks, but I’d like to think the Elektron community could help you optimize what you have while you wait for OB (or to sample before you sell).


I’m doing the same thing i did last year when i sold my a4 and ar mki and buying more euro. Think I would have learned my lesson…


Store DJ Australia has removed all the “W/Overbridge” from the description of ALL Elektron products on thier website…

I think that is a good move…


It’s good because it’s honest, unfortunately.


just my 2 cents, but until they don´t havee over bridge, they won´t make an octatrack with it…


i hope overbridge can make octatracks. that would be a cool easter egg