Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


Haha I’m a big boy and I can do it myself, it’s not that difficult to run MIDI and audio cables all over the place. BUT if you’ve used OB before you’ll understand how easy it is (was) to edit or select sounds from a HUGE library using the GUI rather than cycling through them one by one in a menu.

No need to go over the other benefits it gave the original units ad nauseam but Overbridge has been promised since 2014 and here we are.


i’m using it as we speak


to much trolls here :wink: :smiley:


instead of waiting for OB, i just bought a rack sampler that has 8 outs. I was really hoping 2018 was the year I could pare down from needing 16 analog audio inputs to just 8 analog and 8 off DT via OB, but there is always 2019. I think that’s where we are headed, boys and girls. Don’t expect OB before 2019.


Good job


Alternative process:

  • buy 8 digitakts and a 16 inputs soundcard
  • only use one soundtrack by digi
  • ???
  • congrats, you can now track 8 tracks at the same time! Thx Elektron!


You’d only really need 4 with hard panning


True dat! With your solution, it’s Overbridge becoming free all over again!


I agree, bad on Elektron for using misleading advertising to sell their products (like a lot of other companies out there who’s sole purpose is to make money), but now that it is well known that the Digitakt does not have OB & no one knows when or if it will have it, a few suggestions off the top of my head:

  1. Sell your Digitakt - Right now they’re going for around $625 used on ebay. Buy something else…then you don’t have to worry anymore or be sad or frustrated or whatever no OB makes you feel. If it gets OB some day, buy it again.

  2. Try getting the most out of your Digitakt - Experiment & try new things. Play with different workflows.

  3. Box it up & store it; hope that it will be able to use OB 1 day.

  4. Make a “before OB beat tape” practice playing your beats live, record the main outs & master the track as a whole instead of per track. Gain skill & knowledge.

  5. Clean up your sounds before instead of after - Make your beat, dump 1 track at a time into your DAW, do whatever you want to the sound, dump it back into the Digitakt either as 1 shots or as a loop, once done, record the main outs of your full beat.

  6. Buy another piece of gear to go with the Digitakt that will allow you to get what you want out of your Digitakt.

  7. Try learning a lesson from this - Make sure whatever you buy has what you want. If it doesn’t have it, but will have it later? Wait until it has it. Do research. Don’t trust a company who’s sole purpose is to make money off of you. Wait to buy something until it’s been out for a little while, so you can get feedback from actual users.

If I bought a Digitakt & OB was very important to me I would try to get the most out of my purchase. Even if you end up selling it & lose $75.00. Try to get $75.00 out of it. Use it to process TONS of sounds, make loops on it, record as much material from it as you can & try to learn from the situation.


Situation is bad as it is. But to give the digitakt users a bit to work with in the meanwhile. I want to share a tip, work the other way around. Prepare your samples or better a hole Track in your DAW bounce it to audio use it in the machine.

Advantage get your sound straight away free the shaping tools and fx from dt to transform your sound to create tension not primarily for sound design.
Recreate your Track for live presentation elektrons are made for that right. Or get something completely different with the same sounds…this in the end much more efficient and leads to better results and mainly makes your studio really portable👍

prime example to work in that way, with oktas but this the big brother from digitakt.

I think a bit different about the elektrons with soundgeneration by their own mean like the A4, please elektron…


I agree with all this, especially #7. If you buy gear, especially from Elektron and similar smaller companies, they will treat like beta testers. It’s quite ludicrous but it is normal practice somehow these days. I now stick with a minimum 1 year waiting period before buying new stuff (OT2 was exception due to same OS as OT1 so I felt more comfy…still waited 6 months though).
Still a few months before I’d consider a Digitone and with the way they’ve handled OB and AR1 updates, probably much longer.
If we all stopped buying glaringly unfinished products, things might change…but don’t hold your breathe.


Yea, in no way am I being passive aggressive or anything, I understand why people are frustrated or mad about the lack of OB. I’m also a trusting person & it’s upsetting that something likes this makes it hard to trust… I’ve learned a long time ago to be careful who you trust, it sucks, but it is what it is. To me my morals & doing what’s right is WAAAAYYY more important than money.

& it’s good to vent, but get it off your chest, then start trouble shooting & move on. You can’t change what is, you can only control how you deal with it. Whenever we’re wronged we want whoever wronged us to pay, but this can make you feel helpless sometimes, especially when there is only so much you can do about it. It’s frustrating…also thinking about how much OB would make the Digitakt better for you would be frustrating…so take the next steps & stop being frustrated! This is a 4 year thread with over 2,000 posts of frustration!


Hear hear!


I’m ok if they ditch overbridge & go back to just hardware focus could be nice more buttons more ins & outs maybe even DIY kits would be tite


Yea, I would prefer additional analog outs over OB.
I DO think it’s cool that they have a way now to combine their hardware with software & do see why it’s wanted by the customers, but with all new ideas comes complications. Once OB is available for the Digitakt, just like it did on the Analog Heat, ect., the next threads will be about the glitches & pops & bugs & & & &.

What I’ve found odd when it comes to forums…the products that provide the MOST features & make you work less? Have the MOST complaints. This is just my observation. Over in the sp forums I can’t remember the last time I heard a complaint. This is hardware that doesn’t even have a screen…you chop by ear…no software…extremely limited sequencer (mines only a 1 track sequencer, a few have 4 tracks). Weekly there are 10 or more people in the arena making battle beats, everyone discusses music, shares tips & tricks & has fun. Then I go check out the Native Instruments forum (I bought an Mk3 about 7 months ago), where the products they offer are filled with every feature you can imagine…& thread after thread of complaints. I’m pretty sure I know the reason for this, but I’ll stop trolling this thread, that wasn’t my intention, just wanted to provide some suggestions…then I got bored at work :o)

Good luck everyone, I hope OB comes soon for you guys, but in the mean time, try to have fun making music!!! That’s what it’s about!!! Even if it’s not with your Digitakt… I admit tho, the Digitakt might be my next purchase. MIGHT go OT (1st gen), haven’t decided which one yet.


Affects your werkflow.


Well it affects my workflow too, so his use of our is ok. :rofl:


Overbridge coming out during moogfest, on a coffee mug :slight_smile:



100% Digitakt a mono 16bit groovebox has the most OB complaints hands down I bet