Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


The main point of this thread now is to just make sure SOMEBODY posts something every few minutes, so that when Simon can’t sleep at 2 in the morning and checks the page out of curiosity, this thread will always be at the very top, so he knows he has no escape, and this will haunt him.

(BTW, I’m totally just trolling… I barely know who Simon is and just got my DT a week ago and love it, regardless of the software limitations)


This is 100% true


@drcode OM posts a lot and I think anyone who reads here a lot would say that he’s just a nice guy. Don’t really think he’s virtue signalling. Some people are just nice. He’s a bit eccentric but I’ve come to understand that’s because he’s from a different dimension


Alright, alright, I take it back- Apologies @Open_Mike. People here say you’re a pretty cool guy.


Did someone just accept and apologise on Elektronauts? Good lad! I predict the release of overbridge tomorrow morning shortly followed by pigs flying by lunchtime


No connection to the Status of Overbridge here, just move along.

Use a Boss HM-2 pedal. I have no idea how this would sound running any Elektron product through it.

Check out the video in this Gearnews article (Warning – There’s a lot of profanity.) Much of it is in Swedish. This deals specifically with the Göteborg metal sound too,


The difference that OB will make is using the DT to make songs rather than just beats.

It’s amazing but I need it to be productive, nothing I’ve made on the DT has made it on to finished songs as of yet as faffing about recording in limits creativity. (Clock sync/ midi jitter)

The stuff I’ve made on hardware alone is great but lacks the nuance and polish of something finished in a computer daw.

I jus wanna record it in, eq it , work my magic & be happy :v:.


Elektron has only recently gotten into software they’ve never been know for it maybe first groove box ever? Because there are a million other brands you could’ve chose if software was a first & foremost process of your workflow regardless ok they should have it by now they said they would but they don’t so sell it or return value is good both ways go purchase another machine with a software first workflow Ableton is the best sample manipulator in the world you can get a push I think as far as samples go if you are a software guy it’s silly to not have a push with Ableton


Multitracking isn’t a rule records have been made on two track recordings get that mix tighter there ain’t no overbridge ok work it out lol


Painting the frame all white replacing leds waiting on a Arduino in the mail to reprogram the board


Again you’re not able to understand this simple issue. What’s wrong with you?

I own Ableton and Push 2 already and HOW I make music is,again, NOT YOUR business.

I choose my gear based on specs and sound and build quality. So because multitracking wasn’t possible back then one should not be mad over something that was clearly advertised when buying the product? Basically you’re saying that I shouldn’t be mad when I buy me a new big ass curved flat tv but there is no remote control included and the company says"you’ll get your remote soon, meanwhile you can watch movies anyway." Lemme guess: You would say " looool, ppl back then had no remotes, stand up and switch channel on the tv instead lol lol lol".

People had no cars back in time, go with the bike dude. I really can’t hear all these lame arguments anymore.

Did you ever talk to guys who made records in the 80’s or 90’s? I have. And the consensus is that they would have used modern technology back then if it would have been around.

Oh, and I’m whether a software guy (as you think) nor a hardware guy. I’m a hybrid guy.

For the record, so that you get it for once and for all…

Do I think the guys at Elektron are bad people? NO

Do I make music with my Elektrons without OB? YES

You got it finally??? If yes, thank you. If no, do your lol or whatever…




I have to say, this reminds me of when I bought Reaktor. It was the first version they advertised as being vst compatible. I spent a lot of time being upset, trying to get it to work perfectly with fruityloops. It took a few years to really get it running flawlessly, so I just got fed up with it and stopped using it as a vst and just used the internal recorder to make samples…
Not the exact same situation, but OB is a big step in tech for hardware. Jumps in paradim take a lot of time at first. The real bummer thread will probably be when OB is released and it will require the users to have patients until it works to their expectations… If that ever happens. I have my doubts.
No excuses, just boring reality.


I have high expectations for Overbridge in the long run and I am willing to be patient. I use the MKi version and it worked flawlessly until I upgraded to High Sierra and the USB drivers no longer communicated properly. I know Elektron is capable of delivering because I’ve experienced it pre-High Sierra.

Elektron is writing their own drivers. I can’t remember exactly what company/where I heard it but I know companies pay others to develop drivers. I am not knowledgable enough to say anything about contract software development, but I also know that a lot of companies used to make their own power supplies until they started buying cheaper ones and just throwing them in the box. This is a mentality that exists outside the hardware/software divide.

I’m glad they are keeping this one at home, even if it takes time. Waiting sucks, but hard decisions like that are why I will pay more for their hardware.


That sounds really interesting. I am looking forward to Elektron getting someone to do pr. Maybe some background on the difficulties, or even what making a product like OB entails. Maybe if people knew more about how the sausage is made, they could empathize with Elektron’s situation. Just out of curiosity, @Highways, did your OB enabled boxes sync solidly with your DAW before the drivers became unusable? I’m on Win10, but I am just curious how well OB worked in the past.


The only problem I had with OB when I got my AR around mid-late 2016 was that the latency on my other hardware through my soundcard was so high in comparison that I had to adjust the channel delays in my DAW to compensate.

I have an early 2011 Macbook pro, but I can’t recall my OS when I initially got the AR. I had a hard drive failure and let it sit for awhile but once I fixed it and updated to High Sierra things were not the same.

It would sync perfectly to all of my VSTs with high bandwidth and I can’t remember any of the artifacts I hear now. I strongly suspect that USB3/Thunderbolt driver updates are what killed it.


Hey, they are just trolling you at this point. They get what you mean, they understand.
But there is an “in group” that adore elektron and they will just dilute this conversation by pretending to not understand and talk on random tangents.


They are not new to it, they have OB released for other hardware which works. They have experiance so that point doesn’t really sit well.

I do have ableton & push 2 which I love making music on, the digitakt was a new addition last October & I didn’t realise I’d be waiting over 7-8 months (and longer) for features promised. I bought the digitakt to enhance my music not to have to sit there recording each channel separately for 5 or 6 patterns a time. It’s not efficient no matter how you look at it.

I love my box but it needs to up it’s game!


Fanboys conspiracy? :smile:

This conversation is supposed to be about a status update in February, no ?

What else to say ?
Once again I totally understand pissed off people needing / wanting Overbridge.

It’s not perfect, and they said they want to lower latency, (and increase track number?). I hope it will be less than 5ms…


I’ve pretty much stayed out of this debate as I don’t exactly have a need for OB. It’d be nice for sure but I’m good without it. I would love the promised transfer appand DualVCO for my AR though.

Operative word being subjective I. I don’t pretend to understand those people’s frustrations who bought it with OB being a key decision maker. In the begining I might have questioned why people didn’t look into OB status more thoroughly if it was one of the key deciding factors- that it was never really stable - but Elektron did give deadlines, so I can understand too the faith that was put in them and how utterly frustrating and disappointing it must be.

And I think the company feels the same if not more these things. It must be tough for them knowing they let their customers down so badly. It’s not an attempt to assuage your negative feelings towards, just something maybe to consider.

BUT In attempt to assuage your concerns, let me just say that Elektron has a more or less unblemished record of delivering on promises, and beyond. I can’t think of any promises they haven’t eventually fulfilled, and most of them came with (amazing) bonuses. (But anyone correct me if Im wrong).

So, keeping that in mind, consider the possibility that the coming OB is as rock solid as say RME products. It would be absolutely glorious and, imo, worth the wait. As in comparison, OB1 was a buggy mess.

And I personally think it had better damn well be. Otherwise the company is in serious trouble. Massive loss of faith in their base. Even the smallest bugs will be pounced on (and rightly so imo) And I think they know it.

I am not trying to tell anyone how to feel. I am only highlighting these things so that they might help in easing some nerves.