Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


Yeah, I don’t understand the whataboutery regarding Overbridge here. It’s not anything to do with whether you personally consider Overbridge to be important or necessary, or whether one can make music (good or otherwise) without it: it’s about Overbridge being a feature that a lot of people do want, and expected to be able to use when they bought the machine (or soon afterwards).

People have planned setups around it, they’ve sold other gear and spent money on new gear that now doesn’t do what they were expecting. Release windows have been promised and missed and it’s still not resolved. The complaints are valid.


I planned my workflow around OB when I bought an A4 in 2014 (it was ‘nearly ready’ at the time) and it’s not come to fruition. That’s a total ball ache.

I still make music obviously (of a standard good enough to get paid for it) but the Elektrons don’t get used because the results aren’t worth the extra time and effort.
At the moment they’re a fun but severely overpriced toy because they’re not working as advertised so I just jam with them.

Workflow/integration is of huge importance in any creative process, people are fully justified in their irritation about this and it doesn’t mean they lack musical chops, it’s because they were deceived (intentionally or not).


Or maybe that means it’s always a valid argument and is such a serious thing it shouldn’t just be swept under the rug because it always applies, it actually does always apply and shouldn’t be dismissed…

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Elektron gear, access to clean water and food, a car, clothes, etc… I don’t even have a house right now and still consider myself extremely fortunate…

I don’t believe in the economy, consumerism, and the general state of the mainstream world as a whole. This planet needs change… It starts by acknowledging the real issues…

Even if said company says this and doesn’t do it in time, it’s a trivial matter in the state of the world and following a system that is corrupt to begin with…

Many of us just get tired of the fueled with negativity entitled vibes, some of us aren’t saying the complaints aren’t valid, but offering ways to maintain happy and productive and not let your emotions go downhill based on the state of external circumstances. Every external thing is out of ones control, the only thing we have control of is ourselves and our outlook on life. I for one remain happy through all of this because I don’t let external circumstances that are out of my control affect my emotional balance.

In the scope of things even if people straight lost the entire amount of money that the product costs(which wouldn’t happen because they can sell it) it’s still of the most trivial minor problems in the state of the world today… There’s people at Elektron too, they don’t have to be seen in the light of a modern company and therefore allow all manner of entitled demanding to be placed on them, they can be treated as people. The longer we keep this system going and separation of people with emotions and “companies”, the longer we prolong any sort of advancement of the species as a whole towards cooperation and healing…

I try to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. I understand why people feel the way they do and honestly am not judging anyone. We’re brought up in this mess with no guidance and its natural people act the way they do, but at some point it should be contemplated if this really is the best state of affairs for the earth and the human race at large, and hopefully the issues will be seen and at least baby steps can be made to start moving forward, and not simply dismissing the issues and sweeping them under the rug…

Again I’m really not judging anyone, we’re all equals and it’s obvious to me how people can feel the way we do. My wish is for people to be be happy and live long fruitful lives, to respect all other people and help each other, recognize we’re not doing the best we can, and encourage taking at least baby steps towards a more compassionate and non harmful manner of living for us all…


I’ll just add that there are majorly bad corporations out there destroying the planet and milking us all, we should stand together and rise up against them, it’s just Elektron doesn’t seem to fall into that category for me…


“offering ways to maintain happy and productive and not let your emotions go downhill based on the state of external circumstances.”

I’m looking at second hand MPCs right now.



A short term solution that works well is using an audio splitter from Radio Shack to separate all audio eight tracks going into the DAW.


I completely agree with everything you wrote. 1000% percent.

I’m trying hard to be a decent human being. Wherever I can I avoid everything associated with Nestle. I’m vegetarian for years because of moral values. I buy bread at the small bakery across the street and not the mass produced shit at the supermarket. I spend money for sea shepherd and other organizations.

I know I’m lucky but the ways of the world are out of my control.

Am I still allowed to be pissed because of broken promises regarding Overbridge?


Yes you are allowed to feel however you want and I consider myself no better than you as we are all equals here and I completely respect you and everyone else on here…

Thanks for recognizing what I wrote out… I’m not trying to make people feel bad or judge anyone, I just have a personality that’s compelled to say these things…


“The future will be better tomorrow” Dan Quayle


Well your avatar makes way more sense now! Thanks for spreading light.
As for OB, I hope it comes sooner rather than later… my digitone crave grows, but I can only purchase after knowing I can multitrack it (sold a blofeld because of this recently)


I just have a personality that’s compelled to say these things…

This is called virtue signaling, in case you’re curious


Or I just honestly care for us all…


How’s anyone supposed to say anything about bringing goodness to humanity if it will get negated to that…
Maybe I chose the wrong words saying “my personality” it was maybe sort of defense so I don’t get attacked…

People who stand for compassion, peace, and equality, yes equality as in we are all equal, are used to being told to shut up, be silenced, or have their statements picked to shreds to be negated in anyway possible, it doesn’t change our outlook…

So I wish you the best, honestly if I wanted to fit in more or prop myself up, I probably wouldn’t say such things… I speak from my heart…


How’s anyone supposed to say anything about bringing goodness to humanity if it will get negated to that

Well, I’d say one of the biggest tragedies of our world is that both genuinely decent folks but also people with ulterior motives use this same rhetoric- History is riddled with examples.

At the end of the day I guess you just need to know people personally and then you can take their measure based on their actions, not based on what they profess on a drum sampler product support forum.


Right on…
Anyway, carry on folks… :smile:


This ain’t no support forum!
This is my social network :wink:


Spot on !!!


Just spread the love. Haterz gona hate but just ignore them and spread the love…


This thread had reached a level where I can’t tell who is trolling who anymore. All I know is some people have complained about not having overbridge so much that it is hard to take the topic seriously any more. If you can’t make music because you don’t have multitrack best get rid of the device or be willing to wait. Try to use the tools how they currently work, we all want multitrack recording but if you can’t make music without it you probably are taking yourself and your music a bit too seriously. I dunno try to have fun or something.


They even added a compressor to the digitakt so you don’t even have to process your sounds anymore. :joy:

Also, @drcode calling virtue signalling on someone is a form of virtue signalling in itself. :slight_smile: