Status Update on Overbridge [posted February 2018]


Can you produce death metal with Elektrons :thinking:


Ok just a recap on the current Overbridge situation as announced by Elektron.
Think I got the gist of it
Simon says they are thinking of scrapping Overbridge, but Cenk says no even though the project will take infinity time :joy:


how is open_mike’s comment in anyway an ‘SJW’ comment?

open_mike provided statistical information regarding the economic reality for a group of folks.

which if i were to read into it a bit more, i think what they’re trying to get at is that y’all are a bunch of spoiled entitled brats that can’t show a shred of restraint when considering the over abundance of high quality electronic gear that y’all can afford, but still manage to produce shit music, all while having enough time to vent your frustrations on the company run forum.

Having Overbridge compatibility today versus in a few months is likely not going to make you a better musician. Figure out a work around till then?


Mate you are so wrong
My music is going to sound so sik and phat when OB is released


Wow! You live with that inside you?


No one is saying thier music isn’t shit…they just would like to produce more shit with more efficacy…or defficacy if i were a smart arse…


I tried OB on my AR (MKI oc) and AH and must say: it’s nice

but to be able to put together shitty music, I do not rely on that.

with or without.

I mostly try not to be rude but all this whinery about broken promises sucks so much. just return/get rid of the units and move on or learn these darn things an rock. or don’t. or do. or whatever. But do not waste your time complaining about it over and over /stop rant mode

OB works. That’s a fact. Just not for the new boxes yet. I am confident that Elektron is going to get it working for you, maybe not until 21st of May as @Ryan states, but they will get it done.

So get yourself out of your whinery and start making great music - you can multritrack the shiut out of it later and t´do all of this vst flickery you obviously need bc you did not learn to adapt to the options you have at hand. /stop rant again darn it.

pls do not feel offended, take a time out to think about this.

ok, out.


have you thought about a career in PR? i believe Elektron currently have a vacancy. :stuck_out_tongue:


they got more than just PR vacancy :woman_farmer:


It’s called negative association. Whenever I look at my Elektron gear, I’m reminded of my frustrations and it hinders my ability to create.


All I know is one person better have a top fkn seller after this shit comes out if not this is hilarious


comment 5000k over-bridge is released elektron waiting now for hot records


that sounds utterly defeatist. if you get frustrated and dissuaded to create from just looking at a your gear, then you’re probably into music for the wrong reasons; liking the idea of being a musician more than actually working with what you have to create.


That’s wild my OT inspired me to cut open my old apc40 today modify it to control the OT instead of trashing it …its only alive because of my elektron gear


Not at all. I just make music elsewhere. On my modular and my computer.


What did you do to it?



All I wanted to say (English isn’t my native language so it’s not that easy for me to express exactly what I mean) is, that the “first world problems” argument can be applied anytime you’re concerned over something. Therefore it’s just not a valid argument.

Am I not allowed to be frustrated over something only because I was lucky enough to be born in a western country?


Dude, you’re absolutely don’t get. Again, it’s not about that your music will be the hot shit only because you use Overbridge.

It’s just the fact that Overbridge speeds up my workflow, therefore I chose Elektron gear. If my music is hot or not is absolutely irrelevant and none of your business.

I use the Digitone on a daily basis. I like the box but i’ll really love it as soon as I’m able to stream all tracks individually and process them inside my DAW in real-time. It’s just a workflow thing,what’s so hard to understand?


Exactly. These apologist arguments are just ridicules. To me at least, statements made by the likes of Massornament are very offensive. Assuming a whole bunch of things about people who want Overbridge and their ability to make music. I wonder if these people in general accept more than a year of delay on advertised functionality for the products they buy.