Standalone Maschine+

Have you tried setting up the MIDI input on the Sound level as opposed to the Group level? It should be set up on the pad containing FM8, not the Group.

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@handed you made my weekend! that fixed it, I did notice there was another sub menu if you hit right in the sound menu! thank you so much

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Awesome, happy to help, enjoy!

I’ve been in withdrawal, hanging out to use my M+ but I had to send it in for a warranty issue. Got a replacement unit coming in the next few days, can’t wait.

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I+lll eco this, specially regarding the fx and workflow of akai. That was the deal breaker for me to give up on the mpc and force and to buy the M+. Its still not perfect, it has some annoying stuff but by now i am really adapted to it and find a fluid and fun workflow. And i do use it mainly for sampling, i barely use its instruments, only fx.

Me! :slight_smile: I just got an octatrack recently to solve a problem: How to transition between projects in a live setting? I was searching for a looper to do that. Boss rc family, build a custom looper on a zoia, blackbox, pioneer sp 16 … but they all failed for one reason or another. And then i decided to give it another go at a octatrack, mainly for this porpouse and i couldn´t be happier. If you are a octatrack user you know how much fun it is to live mangle that thing, and how easy is to live loop. On the other hand, it is also quite challenging to finish projects in it, at least the ones with a more traditional song structure. This 2 complement each other perfectly.

Untill now i have been using the octrack mainly as a looper live mangler. I run in freely (no midi sync), just set the same tempo on the octatrack and beatmatch. I set 2 flex tracks on the octatrack (i use track 1 and 4 for this), and i have a stereo aux on my mixer (xone D4) to send stuff to the Octa and i have the octa in another channel of the mixer. With this i can always see the levels on the mixer and match then and at any point i can cross fade between what i am listening to: Maschine or Octatrack; more traditional filter sweeps, mutes, fx in and outs etc, or more octamadness. Since you are most definitely a more experienced octatrack user than i am i´m sure you are seing the possibilities here. Then when i want to switch between songs, just loop the octatrack and remove the record trigger and easy peasy.

Next steps:

  • Dedicate 1 part and 4 patterns on the Octa to each maschine song. This way i can prepare nice sampled parts, sample mangle, basic structures on the octa so that i have more fun live possibilities.
  • I sample my hardware instruments slice and use it on the Maschine. I will also sample, resample on the Octatrack and feed it to the maschine and sequence there.
  • Using the headphone out on the maschine as a send to another channel of the mixer, so that i can send it to the octa. This way i can mangle individual instruments of my maschine project, instead of only the master out.
  • Creative midi Sequence of the m+ by the Octa and record those sequences.

Main Issue:

  • If the M+ sync is slaved to the octa, there are some audio glitches, at least in some of the projects - i dont have the latest firmware on my M+, though. So i don´t sync it using midi, only matching bpms and this is actually awesome. More flexible and i feel that i have much better control over what i am playing, and stop it whenever i want to.

Midi in CC control:

  • My xone 4d has a 8 channel strips of controller, so it makes it perfect to controll the M+. I built a template on a computer where each of the M+ groups - i only use 8 per project - has a filter, aux 1 and 2 controlled by the X4D. Really nice for simple and fun live use.

So M+ and Octa?

KILLER COMBO! :sunglasses:


Some days ago NI released FW 0.1.9 to solve a MIDI In issue and a Mod mentioned that they are working on a clock master issue:


Once I got the muscle memory down to figure out how to jump here and there and place clips, etc, it was way more fun and musical than using a DAW, in my opinion.


Update on Maschine+ in my setup.

  1. Successfully connected it to RME Fireface UCX I for multichannel i/o over USB.
  2. Later, unplugged RME and uccessfully connected Maschine+ to Tascam Model 24 for multichannel i/o over USB.
  3. Successfully loaded both synths AND effects made in Reaktor and used them in Maschine+. DOPE.

Hey folks, what’s the state of the box rn? I saw it goes for quite less that it sold initially, is it due to some shortcomings in terms of reliability etc? I saw that there has been a couple of updates already so I’m curious how would you evaluate it. I watched few tutorials to see how tedious the step recording is (since Im not really a finger drummer) and it looks like there’s nothing like “hold step and adjust” paradigm, rather you need to work it through editing events and such with the help of the cursor knob and some clever commands… is that still the case? how alien it would be to common digitakt folks in terms of sequencing/editing? Thanks a lot!

I like the step editing — it’s a little fiddly to figure out, but once you get muscle memory for it, it goes quite quickly. It’s nice having a full-on piano roll to work with.

It’s very different than Electron sequencing (which I’ve only done on the Octatrack), and more like a DAW with a roll editor using the jog wheel (you can connect an external controller and enter notes that way to get started, too, which is what I usually do.)

I like mine, although I admit it hasn’t gotten a lot of use lately. Maybe over the winter break from graduate school. I’ve been focused on other gear and a work project at present.

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Thanks for the reply. I was also wondering about the whole “preset player” side of things - have they managed to open it up a bit so the user can create own sounds on the unit?

I don’t think this is possible (at least nobody knew on the NI forum) but thought I would ask here anyway. It’s easy enough to p-lock on Maschine but is it possible to copy the p-locked parameters/automation when copying and pasting a step?

As you can use any plugin, sound, whatever on the unit I don’t see why it would be labelled as a preset player…

You just can’t soundesign on the unit when unplugged from the computer…( Which is not entirely true since you have tons of parameters assignable and useable in standalone )

So let’s say, you can’t, as easily as you would like, sound design when unplugged…

Of course, you cannot use 3rd party vst but autosampling softwares let you achieve miracles !

Some syths will have a limited set of exposed parameters but plug, tweak, create, save, unplug and PLAY with your creation.

It has its pros and cons, for sure but if you embrace the unit I don’t see why you couldn’t get personal with its output !

It seems, tons of comments on forums are from some people, not satisfied with M+ because they are expecting this to be the box doing all form of know synthesis with unlimited cpu, voices, sampler,looper, midi generative random probabilistic sequencing along plocks and complete all analog fx,mastering suite, working on batteries lasting 30 days, for 200 bucks but not manufactured in china and only with ethically sourced components to create masterpieces on the couch… Am I exagerating a bit ? :rofl: :sweat_smile:

They should probably go for a 4k Waldorf Quantum and see which boxes it ticks… :innocent:

Regarding workflow, I’m using it like that :

  • Sketching ideas standalone
  • Plug in, adds computer power, synths whatever ( using mainly physical controller since it’s really fast )
  • Play a bit with it standalone, sketch arrangement
  • Finish naming and editing things in controller mode
  • Play standalone.

I am sorry but tons of people are not satisfied because it is a POS.

The build is poor. The software is exteremely buggy. The CPU is underpowered for what it comes with (kontakt stuff).
I had two Maschine + units. Both with the same issues. (Pad issues, encoder issues, software issues).
For people still in doubt: This thing is not recommended in anyway. Stay away from it

I can’t agree with you because that is not my experience with the unit I have.

Any opinion is always welcome though.

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It’s not an opinion.
As much as I like the Maschine mk3 / Plus workflow, I had two bad Pluses in a row. And a MK3 with similar issues.
I strongly advice against it because these 3 units gave me haedaches and I lost hundreds of euro’s. I also had tinitus for a week because of it (ear damage)

Wow thats bad.Hope your ears get better.What exactly hurt your ears?

I understand but since I don’t have the same problems, hard to categorize this as absolute truth for anyone buying the M+.
User experience differs here, call it opinion, point of view, whatever…But I respect your “let’s say pov and user experience”.
It is needed so that anyone could grasp the ins and outs before commiting.

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The software made a louuud noise (distorted feedback kind of a broken noise) and I was wearing headphones.
This was the PC software (not the Plus).
However, since there is jitter on the Plus encoders, and when this gets worse and when you’re in the mixer window, and the encoder jitter results in applying gain automatically, you might end up with ear damage too.

Again, if it didnt have issues, it would have been a dream machine (Plus).
I have used Maschine MK1, Maschine Studio, Komplete Kontrol S1, Maschine MK3, Maschine Plus (2x) and ALL of them had soft to severe encoder jitter (different houses, different wall sockets, different computers: macbook pro, mac mini, macbook air, mac pro). The Plus also crashed (unit froze) 2x in under 30 minutes (with stock Kontakt patches on the card) and gave errors when updating over wifi after that. The last Plus was my final Native Instruments hardware product. Never will I buy anything from them again.

It’s funny since my absolute favorite synthesizer of all times is FM8, which is made by the same company.

Oh and yes, the tinitus went away after about a week :slight_smile:

The build quality and reliability this company comes out with is an embarrassment and just a night and day difference with for example Elektron. I used Octatrack MK1 (2x), OT mk2, A4 MK2, Digitone, Model Samples and Digitakt. No issues. All of them perfectly working. No crashing, no jitter, nothing… (admittedly, I don’t use Overbridge). I only have a Digitakt left though :wink: Great little sampler!

i know from someone involved in the maschine firmware development,

stability and performance/dsp (!) optimizations are coming next year.