Standalone Maschine+

There are two levels of subfolders actually. Just don’t name top level folder : samples. :rofl:

I was told, when they were answering a ticket for me, that this would not be something that would be an easy fix and it would probably stay with the 2 folder restriction. I gave up trying to get it work with a large sample library.

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Thank you. I returned it earlier today. The build quality is superb but the file management is nonsense.


I just thought, how do you type on a maschine+? Like naming samples or whatever. Just curious how they approached it

Man I can’t believe VHS Degradation Suite works standalone, such an amazing audio effects processor. Would love that on my MPC. :smiley:


You use the Rotary dial to select you characters and Press down to confirm the selection. Works very well.

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I’m presuming maschine plus can’t be controlled via midi cc( ie filter cutoff), I cant understand why this as been left off, would love to automate thru another sequencer, do any one think this will happen.

Yep that for me is the number one reason I stepped away from maschine+, as soon as that pennny dropped I realised it wasn’t really a contender for the mpcs, they might well have awesome integrated libraries and nice hardware but if you can’t freely use your own materials easily on it then why the heck would you buy into it…


Yep.I had a problem even importing my sample library lol.Sounds great tho…

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@monk_1 I have ended up with an MPC One and couldn’t be happier (well, I could if my audio interface worked lol).

Maschine+ had too many misses on things that are most important to me.


Within the software, you can assign macros and set up specific cc’s to control them from external hardware. Only downside is that you don’t have a menu on the hardware to setup this so a computer is mandatory. When done, unplug and enjoy ! :star_struck:

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There are two levels of subfolders in user/sounds category, It seems not so bad if you organize a bit.
And you have the tag system…
I am very critical to NI in general and their way of handling things but this is does not look like a deal breaker to me…


Considering getting one soon, so how many of you use it as an OT companion? I imagine I’d use Maschine+ as a sounds source (all those synth, Reaktor, presets with some tweakability) for the OT to let it do its Octatrack Magic. As a bonus I’d be able to record longer OT sessions back to the Maschine+ kinda session mode. Perhaps polish / arrange songs on M+ eventually? Is this a viable approach?

Don’t get it twisted I’m not an n.i. hater I still have a maschine that’s sees plenty of use, but I’d rather spend time being creative than organising gbs of samples and tagging them, in maschine on pc it’s not such a problem because of the enhanced file browsing but come on, 2 levels is pretty dire in this day and age and even the most organised person isn’t going to want to go though 100s of gbs of folders carefully making sure that things are only two layers deep… and for that reason I’m out…


I don’t get it twisted, you said :

" that for me is the number one reason I stepped away from maschine+"

I just tried to nuance that because I don’t see it as a reason to step away…

No offense intended.

Sorry dude I wasnt trying to come across aggressive, it’s all opinion at the end of the day, what one person finds acceptable another will not, I think I’m just tired of the length of time itsy taken n.i. to get this far and most probably nothing will sway me back into sinking any more money into their eco system, if you look at it objectively though its hard not to admit that Akai have pretty much crushed them with their standalone game and I don’t really see n.i. catching up any time soon…

Just another perspective … my MPC One has been relegated to a midi router since the M+ arrived. I’ve been using it on and off since Jan 2020 but just can’t gel with the MPC workflow at all. I don’t use a ton of samples on either and I’m mostly just sequencing external gear and resampling that. I find sequencing/sequence editing on the MPC to be horrendous! Also, much prefer the instruments (Reaktor!) and FX on the M+. It’s far from perfect (limited automation editing and basic plugin UI) but for me at least, maybe the most perfect standalone box to date.


that’s what I do, but I need intuitive muting/soloing and mute recording, time signature changes, and tempo changes , and midi merge, easy midi transposing etc…

how is the maschine in these regards these days, it’s been a minute since I used one but I’m still waiting on them to come out with a maschine mini , that’s something I’d be willing to check out for sure

Yeah there’s no denying that the n.i. library is fantastic sounding and very well organised that’s the main reason I keep my maschine around, zero fuss and production ready sounds… it’s all personal perspective at the end of the day much like the Mac/pc debate, basically a snake eating its own tail with everyone praising the benefits of their chosen platform…


Maybe someone here can help me. I’m using my Launchpad Pro as my main sequencer for all my external gear. In maschine plus (latest update with midi in fix) I go to the midi channel for a specific group, let’s say for example group 1 which is FM8 and I set the midi channel to midi channel 1 and to the proper midi settings. On my Launchpad I go to a sequencer track and assign that to midi channel 1. Easy. Problem is,though I can trigger sound from the Launchpad, it’s only triggering sounds in “pad mode” on the maschine and not “keyboard mode”. This happening regardless if I manually switch the maschine to keyboard mode (or chord mode).

So I can’t actually play the FM8 properly, it just triggers a single sound that is on that 1 single pad in pad mode. When I change the maschine plus to keyboard mode manually, my external Launchpad doesn’t follow and continues to trigger sounds from pad mode. It’s cool for sequencing drums, since those are spread out in pad mode and I can trigger all of them. But so far I can’t find out how to trigger anything from an external sequencer on keyboard mode or chord mode on the maschine.