Standalone Maschine+

Sorry mate, what is PS?

Have you guys tried to load any custom or non factory kontakt patches on the M+?

PS : Patchstorage !

I did try but ended failing miserably because I was trying to port crypted NI ensemble like Kinetic Metal…

I will investigate soon, but some had success apparently !

PS, yes :). It tried to upload some free kontakt patches in the past but didn’t manage to, but that was before the hidden update so I’m hopefull that it will work now

I just made a reaaaaally nice discovery today ! :star_struck:


Since I did note receive any reply from patchstorage, here is what I have for now :

Enjoy !

UPDATED ! With lastest contribution from @apeirophobe.


This seems to be the only file sharing service my work doesn’t block so I created an account :slight_smile:.
I have uploaded the M+ified boscomac suite here:


Do you mind if I copy your Mega disclaimer?

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Made to share, go on !


@apeirophobe @KaOsphere Thanks!

Probably doesn’t make sense to have more than one file share. Feel free to take what I post to Mega onto your own account. I will upload more tonight or tomorrow.

Parameter locks of hardware synths:

Have you guys tried to do parameter locks of a hardware synth using the M+ Macros? When tried to do so, i couldnt. If i would press and hold a step in the step sequencer and twist a macro knob, it would change the macro knob value, but not lock that change to that step. I tried both standalone and controller mode and had the same result.

I did manage to find a fix to this problem:
. Press and hold the step and then press “CHANNELmidi” button;
. Using the 4d encoder navigate to “Macros”- clicking right;
. Twist the macro you want to parameter lock. Now it should work. If not try to repet the process.

I think the key here is to use 4d encoder instead of pressing the knob button directly.

A bit clumsy but it works. Do you guys know any other way to do this?


Just added Ensemble to a usb stick and they work great and I dont even own reaktor 6. I’m amazed.


Updated list !

Did not mange to get GRIP to work yet, if anyone wanna try…:slight_smile:


Where do you dump the .ens on the sd card, cheers

Create a reaktor folder in native instruments/user content, drop in here.

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Cheers, thank you, do any .ens work or just some, is there some special conversion, sorry for daft questions😄 I’m just new to the maschine way of working, liking it so far.

See post 2020 in this topic for details…:grin:


Cheers, nice one for info,appreciate it, really enjoy using the maschine at the moment, seem quite fast to use, just wish it had mid cc specs so could be controlled from other sequencers etc.

How are you all handling using and browsing your own personal sample library? The lack of subfolders is a huge problem for me. Has anyone from NI said anything about file management/user sample content?

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