Standalone Maschine+

Generic sound generators are also great fun on the M +.

Something like

Then you have constantly changing midi patterns that control a sound generator.

Great fun for sampling.

By the way, … here was half-baked information.

The user “vinylstyle” posted a more elegant method in the NI forum.

I confirmed it is possible to remap parameters using the machine software. After remapping the parameters, you have to save the preset from machine and then open the preset in Reaktor. Then save the preset within Reaktor to an embedded slot. Then save the Reaktor .ens file back to the original Reaktor plugin .ens file on the machine + and rescan the library. Now when loading that preset, it will have the custom mappings.

Very helpful :slight_smile:

This is of course more elegant but still in need of improvement. but i’m not sure anymore whether these improvements should apply more to Reaktor or more to Maschine

NI definitely has to make improvements here, because for me the use of Reaktor ensembles is the unique selling point of Maschine +

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Dropping by to say the new polysynth is pretty good. Together with Raum it sounds fantastic


Yes strange, maybe because i renamed the .ens afterwards, here is the working.ens directly from the M+ SD card:

edit: had upload problems, so new weshare Link.


As a proof of concept, I made a little jam on the m+ totally standalone. I wanted to test what is achievable in a live situation.
I used the summit thru m+ in for one simple saw synth patch and playing notes directly on the summit to some of maschine synths. Cpu is at 65% topping at 72…Tons of pads could be largely optimized though.
All in all, I find this thing is quite powerful !

Not so great music but if you want to have a listen :

[EDIT] : I made a video of the jam :


Got the Monark Filter to work on M+!
sounds really good (but i would avoid using fm and feedback! =ear destroying self-resonating noise danger)
Monark FIlter M.ens (8.9 MB)

Is it working for anyone?
would be interesting to know if ensembles are sharable at all.


It works great, thanks! I really wish there was a better place to share these.


I totally disagree. Awesome deep textures. Nice dramatic touch. Considering it’s just

a little jam


Please keep jamming like this!

@Morn, @lech, hey thanks guys ! Tbh, I just only hear the problems and what could be improved but glad you liked it. :blush:

@flexibel I’ll test and report back.

All in all, after one week and a half of use, I would be pretty confident to do 1 or 2 hours liveset with m+, a wavestate and a summit or osmose when NI will have taken care of midi in din bug !

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I found out what I needed to do to get Reaktor 6 ensembles working on Maschine+, when I was only able to get Reaktor 5 ensembles working before.

There was a Reaktor update hidden away in Settings - Library - Show - Updates. I just needed to manually install the update from there, so that the M+ Reaktor version matched my desktop Reaktor version.

For some reason I didn’t think to do this after recently doing a full factory reset. I guess I thought internal software updates would happen automatically with the recent OS update, but in this case I had to do it manually.

I also deleted and reinstalled Reaktor on my Mac in Native Access before resetting the M+, just in case it was a licensing issue causing problems. There is a small chance this is also part of the solution.

Hope this info helps others.

A big thanks to those I’ve been in touch with about this. It’s a huge relief to get it working.

@AriHaf @KaOsphere @flexibel @apeirophobe


Hey, thanks for this, I just found that I had a kontakt & a reaktor update here !

:+1: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

I can now finally use reaktor 6 to customize ensembles, great step forward !


Confirmed working ! :+1:

I just ported VHS 1…One kick synth and the effect in a new project…52% cpu ! :rofl:


Could you share your VHS Port?
Im on the Roland Space Echo, its working but couldn’t get the right Parameters on the first Page…


Roland space echo M.ens (4.7 MB)


There is a reaktor category on patchstorage, maybe we could centralize everything there ? Or create a maschine reaktor category ? I gonna open an account there to see how it works…

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Dude, this worked for me. I can now open reaktor fx with no problem huhu! Thanx buddy

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It would be gold to have a M+ category there right? But i guess only the administrators can create that?

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Here’s a few more I have been enjoying. However, my 2 favs at the moment (Monovoks and Gimmick) are too large to upload. I’ll try to find another way to share. (4.0 MB) (740.1 KB)
142_MS-20_FPP_3D (1.9 MB) (275.9 KB)
Parasite (771.6 KB)
The (1.4 MB)


There is a reaktor category on ps. I’ll upload all the patches I have there tomorrow.

[EDIT] I’m waiting for a reply from PS regarding licences for reaktor ensembles. Before uploading anything[/EDIT]