Standalone Audio Interface + Octatrack

Hi there!

Any suggestion for a good standalone audio interface to go with the Octatrack? Also, add other Elektron gear like Digitakt and Digitone as well

How much other gear do you have or plan to have? Any mics and/or guitars? If you only want to connect the Octatrack and already own a Digitakt or Digitone, the cheapest option would be to use their inputs.

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I would like to add few other synths+guitars and mics

Beringher x 18 or xr18

MOTU UltraLite Mk3 or Mk4


Apogee Quartet

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With a small budget > focusrite scarlett 18i20 (+ behringer ada8200)

I’m very happy with a steinberg UR44

you get a dsp mixer with it (with some drive/crunch and reverb plugins) and it has midi in and output. can’t complain!

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What do you mean stand alone?

Using the soundcard without a computer?

That’s correct…Without routing the interface to a computer

Why not a mixer?

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So mixer or interface? Interface implies the need for a computer unless your talking about a portable recorder/interface like a Lynx Aurora or Zoom F8

I use the Behringer XR18.

Standalone, lots of inputs and outputs. You can route four outputs to the OT´s inputs and decide what´s going to the OT, specially useful if you use it with a DAW.

I don´t mix with it but you can do it with a computer, smartphone/tablet or with their controllers.

Hmm…Any good recommendations?

SPL crimson v3

You can use it as monitor controller and usb audio interface and it will also work standalone

If you need more than 2 inputs, the tascam us16x08 and us20x20 work standalone.

I remember that also the old motu’s used to work standalone, but I am not too sure about the new ones as they have a web app that work as a mixer and need a computer

My advice would be to get a mixer like a mackie 12 vlz04 and a cheap 2 in 2 out interface like a Komplete audio6 mk2

It will not work standalone though

RME all the way.

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But you cannot use it standalone

You need a computer for the soundcard to work

yes it does work standalone. I do it all the time.

You can save the settings in a snapshot. It will work without any computer device connected.