Stand-alone rig? OT + ST + DN

I have an OT and a Syntakt that I’m loving. Now I also have a DN on the way. While I’ve often loaded the OT with samples or recorded external synths Im thinking to just have a standalone setup with these 3 machines. Assuming I don’t want to load preexisting samples in the OT but instead focus on the ST and DN sounds, think the OT might be purposeless in this setup? Can it be used as a live processor for the other two? How might you set things up for maximum fun?!

Input, effect, record, mangle, repeat :slight_smile:

… run the stereo outputs from each machine into inputs AB and CD, Set up a thru machine for each of them (I find that OT track 1 and 5 make sense for this purpose)

Learn about record buffers and scenes and the transition trick and watch some Cenk / @Dataline tutorials… endless fun.


Checkout EZBOT’s use of OT as a performance mixer. I really dig how he uses the OT in a context that would fit your new rig.


Yes, this is a great resource. He’s been killing it lately.

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I’ve made a very simple template for the Octatrack to work with the DN and ST, and am loving the possibilities so far.

I can play either box live via a Thru machine, then have a pair of Flex machines set up to record a 64 beat loop of either input. Scenes crossfade between the live or looped version of either machine, and I still have three tracks left on the OT for samples. If I’m methodical with projects then the arranger on the Octatrack works a treat. I create a project with the same name on each device, and only ever use banks A-H.

I’m only just scratching the surface of what this combo can do, but feel like I’m sorted for a good while. Will watch this thread with interest as I’m keen to see what others make of the alternative trinity…

I’m thinking of a similar rig and have been testing with M:C, OT, and DN. I think it is a great combo since you can do live looping and sample effects of live synthesized audio. Here is a song I just finished last night with it.

best use of OT I have seen

OT + drum machine + 1-2synths is the perfect balance of creativity & complexity for me.
I tried out all kinds of different and much more complex setups before arriving at this! Almost unlimited sounds are possible and yet core functions understood and muscle memory developed.

I use OT, Rytm and Virus Ti just now, but instead of the Virus I can swap in DSI Evolver, 303 & vocals (fun and shouty), double dreadboxes, 2ch of modular, or anything else really.

The OT setup is always the same with flex tracks, thru tracks, a looper and master track. I don’t need a mixer or tons of wires, and if live gigs ever did materialise, the entire thing would take 5 mins to setup and take down.

The EZBOT videos have been a massive help in getting comfortable with this. Much of the technical stuff gets out of the way and lets me spend time on what I really need instead of gear, which is practice at writing and performance!

Fully agree
Using OT, DT, DN and a DB-01 and this is all I can manage. Which is a lot to be honest.

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Do you use the same template that Surco keeps mentioning? Is this posted somewhere?

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I think it is on his Patreon.
Though he has quite a few YT tutorials where he shows most of the tricks/fx/scenes he is using in his template.

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Haven’t yet, but might sign up for the Patreaon to do so.
Although, probably better for me personally to learn how the fx are built, and then customise to taste. Still it would be nice to support EZBOT, his content is very helpful

Exactly right! Who knows what I was thinking with a tiny desk crammed with stuff I didn’t understand. Now I have a desk with 3 boxes - that I still don’t understand fully, but certainly more than I did :slight_smile:

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That is what I did in the end. I am using a delay looper, the daft punk effect, HPF, LPF as well as live sampling/mangling DT and DN inputs and his compressor trick.
All these tutorials are online.

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