Speculation: Any new Digitakt updates on the horizon?

I’m completely new to elektron so I would like if someone in the know has any thoughts.
Is it likely we will see any more OS updates for digitakt?
It would be awesome to be able to trade a sample track for a live input track for example.

With NAMM on the horizon, what is your thoughts on the likelyhood we’d see something like OS update over say, a new elektron product?
Do elektron usually keep their products alive for years or is digitakt likely at the end of its active development? I already see it as a timeless instrument but wondering if we are ever likely to see OS updates based on elektron track record?

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There probably will be more updates, we probably won’t get aux thru on any tracks.
There are some threads about these topics floating around already.
It is all conjecture, so it won’t do much to help.


Thanks for the reply!
Ya complete speculation for sure.
Just interested if at least there might be SOME update potential based on other elektron product histories.

I’m hoping for class-compliant audio over USB. That way I can record it onto an iPad.


If it gets a Mk2 version, the physical side of things could be improved. Just look at the previous Mk2 versions of OT, AR and A4 for examples. On the software side of things (even if a Mk2 arrives) it will have to be backwards compatible. Again look at the recent product launches for evidence of this. However, aside from very low CPU additions, we’ve been told that the DT is pretty much maxed out and nothing radical can be implemented. Why they didn’t boost the internal power (like the similarly priced DN) in the first place is beyond me (aside from lower cost of production, of course). But that’s the way it is for now :slightly_smiling_face:


There will most likely be new updates but some Elektron-people mention several time on the forum that the Digitakt CPU was pretty tight, meaning that it would be hard to implement some huge new stuff. :confused:


We pretty much know that we won’t get more effects per track, no extra filter per track, etc, because the CPU won’t be enough for 8 more filters for example. But anything that is not CPU intensive is possible.

Next update is very likely to include class-compliant USB audio, I think.

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Me too. Even given the issues they’ve had implementing it with the Model:Samples.

My concern is that O***bridge might be getting in the way.

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…since the takt is using “only” one dsp, yes, it is indeed pretty much maxed out in it’s overall capabilties…

we will see one or two further updates on little workflow things and i personally hope for a little twist on the control all function, that the model:samples already does…control all for chance…so that u can twiddle the conditional trigs, once in control all mode only in percentage for trigs to actually happening or not…
and once that’s implemented, there’s really not much more left to whish for…

i agree, the option to let one track be a realtime input through would be nice in first place, but what would u do then with this?
there’s nothing i could think of, that would make this a truu advantage…
u can already monitor the inputs in realtime while running…but that’s about it…
so, some master page might come, where u can level mix the inputs, like in the tone…

but it’s not an ot…where the realtime input aproaches are endless…the takt just don’t offer those further options…ok adding reverb and delay to the live input…would also work…probably…if there is a masterpage…at some point…

all in all, u can count on ur elektron gear…it will always do what’s promised and beyond… they’re famous for trying to make everything possible what u could think of…but only within the options of what really can be done…aslong it run still all fine…

and the takt has not much headroom left to do so…
i also see no need to give the takt a mk2 rerun…it’s a perfect one shot sampler/tracker the way it is…
and wait til u realize how much the sequencer actually can do for real…all elektron sequencers are an instrument of their own, no matter in which machine concept they do their job…parameterlocking options are an endless terrain, where u even after years in use still be surprisded sometimes…have fun and work with whats right in front of u…

and if u ask for more…race ur game and enter the octatrack planet…there u get sampling like photoshop for ur ears…

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Obvious reason would be to use a synth both for sampling and performance w/o having to reconfigure your wires(tho, using OB helps to alleviate this shortcoming)


…ok, but is realtime sampling and let it run, really intresting, since there are no recording trigs and whatsoever like in the ot?..and even if so, what would u do with it then…?

apart from the fact, that there is no headroom left for any realtime processing…
takt is no ot and never will be…

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Not for real time sampling, just for convenience.

Say you have a synth. And you want to create a whole drum kit from that synth, you could easily plug that into the DT and sample the different patches from it, but if you wanted to use that same synth as a lead twiddling the knobs and what not for a recording, you’d have to unplug it from the DT and put it somewhere else.

As someone that prefers the DT, I’m fine with it not being an OT

So on the DT you can monitor inputs for sampling only?
Using an aux send from a mixer for sampling would solve that problem I guess?

I mean, you COULD pass the audio through normally- but there’s no sound control so you’d have to balance everything out with the incoming audio.

Sure there are ways around this using other gear or equipment, but less is always more convenient

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…feel it the same way…

boing bumm tschak…


Digitakt inputs are summed to mono, not just when sampling, but…always. Which means you can’t use the DT inputs as a pass through for anything you want in stereo. Plus, there’s no gain control. It’s a very strange and simple omission, which is why people keep asking about it.


Via overbridge you can monitor them individually I believe


This is true. I’ve used my DT as my audio interface and it works great. Each input on its own track in Ableton, panning, gain-staging, added effects, and then monitored back out through the DT. You need the computer of course, but it sounds great.


Exactly, so the point I’m making is that DT is not doing any hardware summing of the input seemingly? So it should be possible to route each channel through DT without OB, given a software update.

being able to use the inputs passed through some kind of gain control and the master effects/seems like the most valuable possible update really… makes a slimmed down “no laptop” live set up really, really easy. Especially with the MIDI sequencer doing program change per step…


I’m guessing that’s a lot trickier than it sounds.