Speakers for Elektron Model Samples

Hey guys
Im a real beginner using machines like the ones from elektron. I just used te op-1 and op-z until now. I need some speakers that I can easily connect to the model samples. But I can’t find any. I don’t want that expensive ones because I just want to play the music to myself in the beginning. Can you maybe help and give me some advice. Thanks a lot. PS:
I use beats studio 3 headphones as headphones option with an adapter but I also want to play it loud.

It depends what you call expensive. Eg I got myself a pair of Focal Alpha 50 a few years ago, and while cheap they were around 200€ the unit.

Depends also what you want to do exactly: producing tracks (maybe not right now, but in a close future) or just have fun.

Cheapest solution that goes with portability might be some kind of Bluetooth speaker. Just make sure there is no latency and an audio connection.


Krk rokit 6 :wink::partying_face:

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Yes, post a list of your wants and needs. Recommendations will follow accordingly. Most important: budget.

Good cheap monitors: JBL LSR305

Good portable speaker: Minirigs. Don’t bother with big brand name bluetooth speakers, they’re mostly rubbish.


mostly but Bose Soundlink mini 2 is a bomb.
Absolutely not comparable to the newer Bose solutions which are crammed too much.

if you hide the speaker and turn it up, peoples eyes will blow when they feel the bass response. -realtalk :drooling_face:

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I thougt maybe a speaker for just home use on a fix spot on my desk. With connection cables that fit in the main L/R out on the elektron. If possible on the lower price side. I don’t really want a Bluetooth speaker

Budget? -150$€£ ?

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That fits

Definitely go for the JBLs if you can afford them.

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Or cave in and wait, avoiding buying twice.

Genelec 8010’s for example … and you will be good for years.

Does it make sense to buy on Rokit 6?

Yes, I think so. I still have a pair. Many people start with them too. If you are in berlin you can take your model samples and test them out.

Pm me if so.

If you take your MS to a gear shop you might just be able to give it a spin too.

I got the iLouds and they work fine and not too expensive

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