Soundpool basics (help!)



After reading the manual a couple of times I still don’t get it: how do I use soundpool?

I really first would like to know how I get sounds in to it
Second I would like to know what’s the benefit in comparison to just loading samples to your project.


Sound locks DOPE, but tell us how pls

The only way to sound lock is the primary benefit of the SoundPool, it’s linked to the project and you have 128 Sounds capacity. Then, when your sound is in the sound pool, you can in the same track use a different sound per step (by sound locking sounds from the sound pool)



The total size of the +Drive is 1 GB. The +Drive Sound library can hold up to 2048 sounds (256 sounds in each bank A-H) that are available to all projects. The +Drive Sound library also contains the samples. You can load up to 64 MB (about 11 minutes) of samples to a project. A sample must be imported to a project, for it to be Sample locked. For more information, please see “11.3.4 SAMP” on page 39.

Sounds can be loaded to a pattern from either the +Drive Sound library or the Sound pool of the active project. The difference between the two is that the +Drive Sound library has the capacity of 4096 Sounds, available to all projects, while a Sound pool is a part of a project and limited to 128 Sounds. The primary benefit of Sounds loaded to the Sound pool is the possibility for them to be Sound locked. This feature is not available for the Sounds in the +Drive Sound library. For more information, please see “10.11.2 SOUND LOCKS” on page 34.

You can change a tracks Sound to another Sound from the Sound pool on any individual sequencer step. These Sound locks are an immensely useful feature for adding variations to a track. Press and hold a note trig and turn the TRACK LEVEL knob to open the Sound pool list. Use the TRACK LEVEL knob to scroll through the list. Select the Sound you want to assign to the note trig and then release the [TRIG] key. The [TRIG] key starts to flash to indicate that it contains a Sound lock. Press and hold the [TRIG] key of the note trig to show the assigned Sound. For more information, please see “9.1 THE +DRIVE SOUND LIBRARY AND THE SOUND POOL” on page 23.


I have no idea how to save sounds to the sound pool. I load a sample. Make changes. It becomes a sound. But how to save that to the sound pool? Anyone?


Took me a while to work it out.
You go to the import/export, manage sounds menu.
Tick a few sounds, press the right arrow for the menu.

You can then use sound locks by holding a trig and selecting a sound with the LEVEL/SOUND BROWSER encoder.


Yeah, I read all of that a couple of times, but I can’t figure out how to actually get a sound in the soundpool. So I would really appreciate it if someone has a step by step explanation.


@DampSquid reply is the way

Copy to …
then Sound pool

P25 9.3 SOUND MANAGER of the last DT operator manual


Oke, cheers, that helped a lot already…

But if I’m in the manage sound menu, it’s all empty. Like:

A:001 ////////
A:002 ////////


On my DT, BANK A has about 60 or 70 factory sounds. I use the following banks for my own sounds.
Not sure why your BANK A would be empty?


O.k so it is quite complicated. Thanks to DampSquid. Just to go into more detail. First make a sound you like (sample plus other settings), then export that sound using the func imp/exp. To save your sound go through the menus in the imp/export section and choose ‘export sound’. Choose an empty slot then hit ‘yes’ then rename your sound. It’s now saved. Exit the export menu and enter the manage sounds menu. Select the sound you want copied to the sound pool and hit the right arrow button. Select ‘copy to’ and hit ‘yes’ then choose sound pool.


@DampSquid I did a factory reset, now the bank A is filled with the default factory sounds.

@Andrew108 Thx, mate. Gonna try that out asap!

So if I understand correctly you have to mangle a sound first, before you can get it in to the soundpool? In general I assumed that I could also fill that sound pool with batches of samples from the sample menu. I think that that is the reason why I couldn’t get my head around it.


Yeah samples are vanilla and ‘sounds’ are samples with effects etc. Sound pool is where all these sounds you’ve made live. First save the sound and then copy to the sound pool then instead of just loading samples to a step you can now load sounds too. It took me awhile to figure it out (just went through it all this morning) but makes a massive difference to the depth of the DT.


The biggest benefit, if I am reading this correctly, is that the inserted sound will now come with its own parameters rather than those allready in the track.


This has always been the case, the sound pool now allows you to p lock sounds.


Now I am confused, do you mean it was allways possible to insert trigs from the sound banks, I thought only the sample slots for the project were available, what would be the point of limited the project sample ram if you have access to 2 thousand plus sounds elsewhere?.


I think what he means is that “Sounds” has always been a thing, but the new feature now is the Sound Pool, and being able to P-lock entire Sounds to steps in the sequencer


i wonder if we need to be able to assign LFO to soundpool list too ?
i’m figuring things out, soundpool is new to me , i rarely used sound browser.
i dont think its obvious how to import and use them , why i need banks , but i’ll plough through , like everyone else on here.

probably most useful if using sample chains, another place to select snare,bass,hihat etc.
good to see it doesnt load any duplicate of the sample used across multiple sounds.


Got a big problem with soundlock, dk if if i’m rhe only one.
So i copy a sound from manage ok, then i put it in a step, and it don’t refer to its proper sample but another one in my list randomly apparently. Even if the sound was previously charged in the project so with its sample in slots.
And it seems to not charge the sample in slots from only copying it to soundpool.
The soundlock so have nothing relative to the sounds apart its sound parameters…
I’m very confused


Yep, this feature will be more useful once we have lots of “sounds” available. I found it really cool to use on my A4.


some interesting notes about soundpool and locking them on trigs.

altering track fx or sound parameters (delay reverb bit reduction etc) only impacts the track sound UNLESS you are altering the value , then it kicks in on all the sounds playing.
the track can show ‘full reverb’ but you’ll only get it from the track sound (e…g bass drum). eve though trig 2,5,8 may be snare .

loading in a project loads in the sound state used in the project , NOT the sound in the current sound pool.
so if you change the sound pool sound and reload an old project , it’ll sound like it used to and not inhertit changes.
good / bad … not sure right now.

you can load the sound sound into your soundpool multiple times.
not sure if this is good or bad.

using LFO on sample slot will also only impact track sound , so your snares/percussion using other sounds will be ok.

TRK all - altering a parameter will only alter track sounds across all tracks

maybe this is all obvious ,its new to me and might be useful for someone else , and a few things may not be quite how i describe.

in general , dig into it thoroughly.