Soundforce SFC-5 V2

Something to consider for anyone else who can’t afford the Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 4. I had to map the midi the first time I used it, but u-he repro saves it for future use. I appreciate the portability. It also came with a millennium falcon bottle opener!


… or can’t afford a Prophet 6, even.

I’m interested in this myself, since I prefer to use soft synths for poly work as I have $$ invested in CPU power and want to make the most of it. Currently using an NI M32 auto-mapped (Komplete Kontrol) to Repro-5 and others, and while I have some muscle memory built into the mapped encoders, nothing beats pots.

The addition of the 5 user controls at the bottom looks like a plus (3 pots, 2 buttons).
Thanks to these I could probably map this to Arturia OB-Xa V (which also saves the mapping) rather simply.

Are there any mounting holes on the bottom? VESA mounting this above my Pro 2 could really help me fit it in.

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An interview with the developer, and a look forward to future products. Very enlightening, with lots of background about his working with U-He, TAL and (not as much) Arturia :



I did that for a while. The auto mapping with labels is slick, but I didn’t care for all the page navigation.

I think so. It really could be used to control a lot of synths.

This is the back/bottom

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Have you mapped it to any other plugins? If so, have you found some to be more ideal than others?

OB-Xa V seems like it could benefit, and the extra 3 User knobs and 2 User buttons should fill in gaps when adapting it to non-Prophet plugins.

I just ordered mine. Had been meaning to for months but the current Perfect Circuit sale made it too hard to pass up at $204 USD shipped. I’m hoping to map it to Discovery Pro, and OB-Xa V, in addition to Repro-5.

The “recall” feature helped push me over the edge. I have this same feature on my DT-800 programmer. It helps with sound design so much to know that what you see on the physical controller is mirrored on whatever it is controlling. It also works as a sort of clipboard for pasting the physical patch into other memory slots.

I could see it being beneficial for menu based hardware synths that use simple CCs, as well, if a USB-MIDI host were employed.


If this could indeed be mapped to the OB-Xa V, it would pretty much make it an insta buy for me (now that I know of it). Repro and OB-Xa V are the only two VSTs I use basically. Repro 1 and 5 in particular I’ve been using on everything lately.

Please keep us posted, @AdamJay, if nobody else responds before you get yours!

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Have you mapped it to any other plugins?

Yes, I particularly find the envelope controls useful. I mapped it to M-Tron Pro. Here’s the online editor, which shows the the default CCs

extra 3 User knobs and 2 User buttons

6 User knobs and 4 User buttons! Shift + knob is a separate CC!

The “recall” feature helped push me over the edge.

Yeah, the only trick (with Repro at least) is you need to set the patch to INIT first. Otherwise, it will add the values to the patch values that exist. Might be kind of a fun semi-random exercise to recall on an existing patch though. :slight_smile:

I could see it being beneficial for menu based hardware synths that use simple CCs, as well, if a USB-MIDI host were employed.


If this could indeed be mapped to the OB-Xa V, it would pretty much make it an insta buy

I don’t see why not? See the editor with CC values linked above. Good luck!

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Great tips, thanks!
Hopefully mine will arrive before the next weekend.

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Im surprised that the controller uses LEDs to show for instance which oscillator waveform is selected. Are the LED automatically updated when loading a new sound, or when editing another plugin instance ? So there is a bi-directionnaly communication between the controller and the VST ? I did not know that it was possible. But it looks really great

It doesn’t update when another preset is loaded. It does have a recall function that turns an INIT patch into what is displayed on the controller.

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Really enjoying the SFC-5 in tandem with the keystep 37. A few added knobs + aftertouch is a great companion!

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Fills out my lil synth corner. Pro 2 makes an ideal keybed. MKS-70/DT-800 are really just icing on the cake. The Pro 2 + SFC-5 combo can do it all for my needs.


do you know if they’ll be implementing the patch/realtime pickup feature on the sF, that sale was really hard to resist

So in my rather recent experience, this isn’t so bad. It really depends on how much you have mapped. Especially with regard to the mod matrix section. If not starting from INIT, It will update everything you have mapped, but not update anything you don’t. And by update I mean replace existing values.
So it really depends on what is not mapped. FX stay in tact, for me, as I only have the reverb dry/wet mapped to User 3.
Mod destinations stay intact when sending the parity command. As do mod sources, unless they’re mapped.

I’ve been using User 1 and User 2 pots for the mod matrix depth. I might ditch those assignments for more FX assignments.

It does make me wish that FX processors on/off were mappable. That’s a feature I will request.

Everything stated above is regarding use with Repro-5. Arturia plugins are a completely different story. :slight_smile:

Do you mean parity with the plugin? It’s only mono directional in its operation with Repro. You can send all mapped values from the controller to the plugin by double pressing the shift button. It is pretty ideal. Some Roland controllers/programmers have been doing this for 30+ years.

If you mean knob pickup, my guess is no, but that’s a question for Soundforce. He answers questions on IG.


yeah I meant knob pick up… that was a great sale.

I wouldn’t count on it.

my pops says that’s the best advice for everything in life lol
but so far 50/50 is working out

Pretty sure it would have to be on the software/plugin side.
VST waits to change value of parameter until external CC matches the position.

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I see, please update us on how yours works out for you after you settle down with it…

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