Soundforce SFC-5 V2

Something to consider for anyone else who can’t afford the Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 4. I had to map the midi the first time I used it, but u-he repro saves it for future use. I appreciate the portability. It also came with a millennium falcon bottle opener!


… or can’t afford a Prophet 6, even.

I’m interested in this myself, since I prefer to use soft synths for poly work as I have $$ invested in CPU power and want to make the most of it. Currently using an NI M32 auto-mapped (Komplete Kontrol) to Repro-5 and others, and while I have some muscle memory built into the mapped encoders, nothing beats pots.

The addition of the 5 user controls at the bottom looks like a plus (3 pots, 2 buttons).
Thanks to these I could probably map this to Arturia OB-Xa V (which also saves the mapping) rather simply.

Are there any mounting holes on the bottom? VESA mounting this above my Pro 2 could really help me fit it in.

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An interview with the developer, and a look forward to future products. Very enlightening, with lots of background about his working with U-He, TAL and (not as much) Arturia :

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I did that for a while. The auto mapping with labels is slick, but I didn’t care for all the page navigation.

I think so. It really could be used to control a lot of synths.

This is the back/bottom

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