Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK (multitrack usb mixer)


Yep signature series is BLUE
AND Signature MTK series is GREY

So no multitrack only stereo return with the Blue !!!

Sorry for you they just coming in stock this month so really PAY ATTENTION in europe and germany they announce instock but reality is they haven’t got it YET… but : there’s really few days left to get it … (FACT delivery seem to be mid may)


Thats not the MTK version[/quote]
Sorry, you’re right - their MTK is now out of stock.


Sweetwater had a demo 22MTK for $719, in stock, but it is gone now.

I’ve become so disgusted with Soundcraft and how they have handled this (poor communication, removing threads on Gearslutz) that I’ve turned my gaze elsewhere.

The A&H Qu-Pac and Qu-16 both have 22 inputs, and are a good bit more expensive, but their computer-free 18 track recording direct to USB hard disk, built in expandability, EQ/comp on every channel/group/buss, plus 4 stereo FX processors with dedicated returns more than justify the cost difference. Especially if you know how to shop and seek out the b-stock deals from the usual suspects.

Soundcraft has lost me as a customer with this clumsy product roll out.


I received my Behringer X18 and it’s perfect (this one working). Super happy for the price i probably get an RME Fireface 802 for studio purpose if i’m not happy with USB Recording. But 18 inputs + 4 aux effects stereo, compressor + EQ (4 parametric on each voice) manage with an iPad or iMac is very nice
and for 625 euros i think i can’t have better.

Now i can mix all my stuff and recall mixing presets on a song basis.

Maybe a little bit of latency because of the WIFI parameters but nothing unusable it’s slightly …



Hey Adam Jay, I always put a lot of trust in you opinion, and me too, Soundcraft lost me here. I am leaning towards getting either a qu pac or a presonus studiolive 1602. What are your pros and cons on those?
I run with mac and ableton, but sometimes i prefer jamming completely withoud daw.


Hey Adam Jay, I always put a lot of trust in you opinion, and me too, Soundcraft lost me here. I am leaning towards getting either a qu pac or a presonus studiolive 1602. What are your pros and cons on those?
I run with mac and ableton, but sometimes i prefer jamming completely withoud daw.[/quote]
Lots of discussion here about the Qu PAC


Qu Pac benefits:
-direct record (up to 18 track) to USB drive, computer/DAW free
-multitrack playback from USB drive. Again, computer free. You could record, then go back and mix/master, all without a computer.
-32x32 USB audio interface (no need to use firewire/thunderbolt adapter)
-4 stereo FX units (twice as much as 1602)
-22 analog inputs (16 mono + 3 stereo pairs), before investing in input expansion. Add in the 8 channels for FX returns and that’s 30 channels going to the computer.
-4th EQ band
-shorter compressor release time (100ms vs 150ms in the 16.0.2)
-more outputs, alt / 2trk / many more mix outputs for external FX sends.
-soft keys, can be assigned to EQ kills, FX sends, all sorts of things.

16.0.2 benefits:
-lower price
-faders, more knobs


Overall I’m also disappointed, I’m really sorry to say.

USB latency performance when tracking alongside Overbridge has been kind of rough, but I’m still troubleshooting.

The discrepancy between the USB output volume and the direct monitor output volume is a real pain in the ass, too.

The effects are not very good. Good enough for karaoke, I guess.

I will say the EQ sounds good. But I agree that the pots feel super cheap, like I could pull them off by accident quite easily. On my A&H ZED 12FX, the pots feel military-grade by comparison.

I guess I’ll be getting on the Qu-Pac train as well. Shame, Soundcraft.


This is exactly what I suspected.
I used to have a Zed, and the few times I’ve seen a soundcraft in person it seemed really cheap in comparison.
Yeah I think I’m done window shopping this thing.


Been eyeing the qu’s on and off since they came out, going hot and cold with weather I want to ditch analog for mixing… Then was on the mtk train until I had a quick go of one and the feel really is cheap imo. Not sure I’ve ever felt pots like them, like there held on with sponge or something… Also the encoder to scroll the fx hardly clock and you end up skipping multiple times with ease… Type of thing I’m a bit of a bitch about unfortunately, :frowning: the faders seemed nice tho with a longer throw than I currently have.
kind of defeats the object/pleasure of analog mixing if it doesn’t feel sturdy Tho imo.

How do theses usb 3 spec’d Boxes perform with USB 2 with recording/tracking tho? I have thunderbolt on my older I mac, is it recommended to get a usb 3 adapter to get better performance?

The talk of the fx being worthy of removing outboard for from darren is interesting !! Nice to see I can stil use outboard tho via direct outs then a stereo track. good to have the option of running the directs into an analogue summing box too. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the review. I’m pretty easy going as far as sound quality but excessive USB latency would be unacceptable to anyone, including me.
Took a look at the ZED line but only one aux bus is a deal-breaker for me.


FWIW, it seems like Overbridge (and my stupidity) is the issue as regards latency. I’m coming around to the mixer, just have to be gentle on the pots :neutral_face:


So I feel like i have a dilemma here. I’m currently running my MacBook Pro which only has two sub ports… One would be occupied by this mixer and one for my sync box Roland sbx-1…my question would be. If I wanted to add pets say an external hard drive to use in as well ill have to use a hub. I’m guessing I’m gonna be having some latency issues? Anyone have any idea to get around this?


Do you mean usb ports? If so, I don’t think you’ll have a problem. I have the 22 MTK plugged directly into the back of a Mac Mini, along with 4-port and 7-port USB hubs. I have two 8x8 MIDI interfaces, a 2x2 MIDI interface, a Beatstep, SQ1, Octatrack, iLok, eLicenser, KAOSS Pad 3+, Akai sampler, and an Axoloti all happily sharing my Mac’s USB busses. The latency on the MTK is still not an issue at all.


Could you maybe elaborate a bit? I only have two main ports on my MacBook. I have two pieces that I feel if one of them is put thru a USB port, I’m definitely gonna have some latency issues. My sync box when used in usb and the soundcraft… No space for anything else


When you mean along with, is there anything that involves sync plugged in thru a hub?


What the heck is a “sub port”?

There no “sub port” on a Macbook Pro.


I obviously meant USB


Maybe I’m not making myself clear. I have only two USB PORTS. Two devices that are helping sync my other gear. But not enough space for another port. I feel one of those sync devices will get out of line if I decide to run one of them threw a hub


Sorry, it really wasn’t that obvious to me - but maybe Scot Solida is just quicker on the uptake.

Sounds like he is saying he’s got 2 USB hubs plugged into his Mac Mini’s USB ports, plus a crapload of MIDI gear plugged into them, yet no latency.

Anyway, I have not heard of powered USB hubs adding enough latency to throw MIDI sequences out of sync. Unpowered USB hubs I have heard complaints about.