Sound Manager question

I have a question for the Sound Manager.
I select track / pad 7 (MT 7), then I will seek a different sound.
Function + mute / sound and go to the SOUND MANAGER.
There I find ONLY kick drums and snare drums, no other sounds?

Whether I’m in Drive + pool, or in the current Soundpool!
The manual states:

Sounds in the Drive + sound library are organized into 16 banks, ranging from A to P. Each database can contain container 256 sounds. Use the [TRIG] keys to view only sounds located in a specific bank

Where can I find the other banks (A to P)? I am perplexed?

I too am wondering where the other sounds are. I’ve found the other samples under project, but browsing through the sound manager I only find kick and snare sounds. Even browsing through the other sound banks returns nothing.

Same issue

Maybe if it’s like the A4 structures you have the +drive banks A to P, A and B are factory samples, so you need to upload samples to find the according banks C to P if empty, the machine doesn’t show up.

And you have the sound pool of the active project that’s not the same, and sample must be uploaded in the great location to be find…

Sounds can be loaded to a kit from either the +Drive Sound library or the Sound pool of the active project. The
+Drive Sound library has the capacity of 4096 Sounds, available to all projects. The Sound pool is a part of a
project and limited to 128 Sounds. The major benefit of Sounds loaded to the Sound pool is the possibility for
them to be Sound locked. This feature is not available for the Sounds in the +Drive Sound library. Read more

about Sound locking on page 39.

ALSO, they solved some bugs with the update on A4, as they only put the user manual in the download section. I’m pretty sure they’ll correct some bugs in the first firmware update.


One thing I noticed in the past with the A4 and I think its the same with the AR is that when its sometimes flashed (Elektron must have been mass flashing) it doesn’t always recall the factory library correctly etc, I reckon its a bug/glitch of some sort, on the AR try a factory reset if you haven’t tried already, when I did this everything in the library appeared…or wherever it was supposed to be in the machine, I’m sure it must have been the sound manager…I had all the banks A-P and a ton of sounds and sound tags show up…I have since formatted the drive for everything, btw there must also be a protected section/partition in the +drive/maybe even from a separate ROM (probably not) as there is still a “factory folder” with some samples in it, I guess for the factory reset so it still keeps a small pool of samples onboard but whether it still recalls all the names, folders.tags etc I don’t know at this point and personally don’t need them, I reckon Elektron will probably upload the factory library/pack/sysex data etc at some point if indeed that it is wiped from the drive when you do a full format since there is the option to get rid of sound presets, samples and so on and you may want them back at some point.(unless of course you have about one hour with C6 to dump the lot as a backup (-;

Before I perform a factory reset, I write to the electron support.

Seems to me an important question!
Also, you could try what I wrote the times.
Select a track (ONLY 5-12), then go into the Sound Manager (whether or Soundpool + Drive Pool!) And if you are see only the snare drum and kick drum sounds, it’s like me!
It is also not possible to hear the snares and kicks before (the same also in the + Drive Pool).
I think the option is not implemented yet! Or?
If all other AR users have the same problems, it is a Unique.
Therefore, it is important that you try out…“Motion”
Is there a list of Elektron, which is listed exactly what does not work, as described in the instructions?

I am also having this problem. Kicks and snares are the only available sounds. There are no other available sounds for tracks 5-12. I have done a factory reset a few times yesterday as well. I hope it’s just something that I’m missing… Love the machine though.

OS 1.01 online check it :wink:

Even after update, no soup. It isn’t a crisis, more like feeling like I’m missing something. I’ve cycled through the different banks in the +drive and everything…

Got the same issue, just get BD + snare…
1.01 didn’t do anything for me, is this a random issue solvable by factory reset or should we just wait for the next update?

With OS 1.00 I only had kick and snare Sounds.With OS 1.01 I only had kick and snare SOUNDS. To get any other Sounds (like percussion, claps, hats, etc) I had to save the individual sounds myself from either the factory kits or kits I made myself. I don’t quite understand why they wouldn’t include other factory Sounds. That would be like buying an A4 and only getting basses and leads - no pads, fx or drums.

Update: I just opened a support ticket for this. I’ll update the thread if I hear back from Elektron support.

I think the tracks are “machine specific”
Track 1-4 can handle all machines… From 5-12 it differs depending on what the track was intended for!

In short: all tracks can’t handle all machines!

You’re misunderstanding the problem.

We know that certain sounds can only load into certain slots. What some of us have encountered is that we try to load any sounds in track 5 through 12 there are NO factory sounds available in any banks A-P. For example, if try to load a Closed Hi-Hat Sound into Track 9 I should be able to browse for other Closed Hi-Hats, correct? I can’t. There aren’t any Closed Hi-Hats in the factory bank (A). The only Closed Hi-Hats I see are ones I’ve named and saved myself. Do you see any Closed Hi-Hats in the factory bank (A)? My factory bank of Sounds (viewed in Sound Manager or Sound Browser) consisted of 16 Kicks and 16 Snares. That’s it.

What I heard from Elektron support today is that the only factory sounds in the AR are the kicks and snares.(!) So the lack of other sounds isn’t a bug. It’s a feature. Elektron support said they’ll be releasing more sounds later.

I’m glad I at least understand now that there isn’t a problem with the factory bank. It’s a shame that they didn’t include more sounds but it’s really not so hard to make new sounds or even save sounds from some of the demo kits.

I’m fine with it being what it is. I was more concerned I had broken something! :joy:

The sounds that can be sound locked have to be collected from the sound manager drive and copied to your sound pool, then they will show as available in the menu to sound lock