SOPHIE interview


How about the first EP? Pretty much straight bangers to my ears. What’s not to like?


Yeah, it’s all flame. Child-like hell is actually a compliment.


Me or the other guy? Cause I’m a huge fan.


lol my bad! :fire: indeed!


Ha! All good. I actually posted my fav track way up at the top of this thread. I was saying “a song a child would make, but in hell” (which is how that other guy described it) was something I’d be interested in. One of the top sound designers around, no question.


More SOPHIE, now on Arte :



Yeah, and spotted a cutie OT MK2 in a few of the frames!


No MnM though…


Has everyone checked out SOPHIE’s sample pack up on Splice yet?

There’s some really great sounding samples in there :star_struck:

Perfect sampler food for all of SOPHIE’s sounds.

SOPHIE Sample Pack on Splice


Oooof, some nasty sounds there! :coffin:

Inspiring stuff, as I’ve been going down the path of creating sounds like SOPHIE and OPN.


I read OPN claim he likes when synths have randomization cause he’s “not a very good synthesist”. I expect a bit of self-deprecation in there.


Most of OPN’s sound design happens with audio. He renders to waveform and does most of the work there.


Makes sense, especially when thinking about that piano/harpsichord/guitar hybrid sound he often uses in his later work, from “R Plus Seven” and onward.


Yeah he basically composes midi, renders instances out of Omnisphere and randomized settings on other vsts then comps them out. I mean, that’s dumbing it down a bit but it’s not far off. I think his approach is more of a curator in a sense.

But back on topic. Interesting Sophie doesn’t seem to be using the Monomachine anymore. I saw an analog Rytm and an Octatrack? Was that an Analog Heat on top of one of the full sized synths in the back?


Just saw this pop up on my recommendations and came here to post it.

She’s using Serum (of course) and I see a Rytm, an OTMk1 (I think?) and an Ableton Push.

But has been pointed out…No MnM. At least not in the shots. Maybe she’s retired it? Or maybe it’s just not immediately set up. Who knows.

Interesting philosophy. What would a mountain-sized piano sound like, indeed, Sophie?


Saw her fiddling with Massive, too.


i think the box you were referring to as the analog heat is a mackie big knob.

Its inspiring she can get all that from that sparse room (though of course there might have been some post production somewhere).


Probably just her laptop


All you need is software and a space to mix, really.


Reminding me i must be doing something wrong :wink: