SOPHIE interview


Yeah same. I like how it has a (slight or not so slight) sinister edge to it as well, especially stuff like SOPHIE and GFOTY. I’ve been producing stuff like that in a duo over the past few months and it’s so much fun… we’re about to drop our first EP this weekend actually.


Absolutely! It’s acerbic. Even when the songs appear to be declarations of love, there is usually a dark, sarcastic subtext.

EP sounds interesting! Do you have a link?


mandatory post whenever GFOTY is mentioned


I’ll be sure to tag you when it’s released. It’s coinciding with our appearance at Square Sounds Melbourne so we’re keeping it under wraps until then :smiley:


As promised, the EP has been released:

… as well as footage from our performance, which was basically just the whole EP:

Teledildonix live at Square Sounds Melbourne 2018

I don’t know all the stuff happening with PC music but it seems heavily based on the parody of bimbo themes using good production chops


Holy Aubergines! This needs more Likes, mate!

I had 5 minutes free before I had to leave the house. Started watching the video. Missed my bus. Don’t care.

A frankly unbelievable amount of work must have gone in to the videos, stage show, post editing - let alone the tracks themselves - all of which are absolute bangers!

That last track with the cheeky Sophie-style cuts is superb. The Foster’s Cold as Ice reworking is another favourite. They’re all great though. I laughed out loud several times. One of my dogs got concerned and came over to check I was ok. It was that good.

I think you’ve really nailed the PC Music aesthetic in places but you’ve made your own spin on it with the gabba and breaks and the smartphone ‘vibes’.

Can’t say enough good things about it. “Well Done” to all concerned. I’m off to buy the album.


Thanks so much for the nice words :smiley:
Really means a lot, because we put a lot of work into it, and it’s nice to see that people are enjoying it. The audience response was incredible!


good lord what a ton of work you must have put into this! really impressive results. you ought to start a thread in our music, more people need to see and hear it.

congrats on a hilarious and high-quality set!


I second this. It’s extremely entertaining. In fact, I’m going to do it for you, while you’re asleep.

Hope you don’t mind.


New album out. Production is phenomenal.


Tried to give it a go. Enjoyed track 1 then everything went to shit. I’m clearly not the target audience for this - gave up after 5 tracks as it was just too dreadful.


Yeah I mean the music still has a tendency to veer off into silly…but the level of production craft is undeniable imo.


So happy with this album. Sophie is next level.


It definitely comes across as a labor of love. The best distillation of her vision yet.


faceshopping will break my car speakers for sure


It slams.


Did Sophie just release a new album or something? There has been a bunch of these how do I make Sophie sound x,y, or z threads lately.

How to make some sounds from sophie - get higher

She put out an album a couple months back…If something like THIS is the Monomachine then I might as well quit life:

So it could be that some folks are hearing this and going back to her older stuff.

Or you’re like me and you recently bought a monomachine and you really, really want to know how she gets those sounds.


she dropped “the oil of every pearls insides”